Glade of Ninjas.

The Glade of Ninjas (忍びの里 Shinobi no Sato?, "Shinobi Village") is a village of ninjas hidden in Japan.

Description[edit | edit source]

The glade of ninjas is a village where both young people are trained at a ripe age in the style of "Ninjutsu" as well as sell their services. They are described as a "well known ninja village" in Rolento and Ibuki's story mode in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Lower rank ninjas presumably tend to not be able to choose their assignments. This is shown when Ibuki wasn't able to refuse her elder's orders to help Rolento locate Pandora, as well as extend her working contract with him without her knowing about it prior. Further evidence is shown in Ibuki's character story in Street Fighter V where a contract for Ibuki to work for Karin was set up without Ibuki knowing about it.

It is possible that the female youth of the village are allowed more social interaction, as shown with Ibuki and Sarai both attending a public learning institution and Yuta never seen outside of the village. This is likely due to Kunochi training differing from male Shinobi as the former emphasizes more on traditional feminine skills, such as the social skills required for espionage and deception against the other gender.

Tanuki[edit | edit source]

Tanuki are very prominent around the area of the Glade of Ninjas. They appear to be functionally equivalent to "attack dogs" in that a good amount are used by the glade themselves to set up attacking, this is evident in both Don-Chan knowing Ninjutsu, and Yuta using Raccoons when he was rescuing Ibuki to help him attack the hostile ninjas.

Tanuki do not appear to be strictly as working animals, as Don-Chan is more of a pet for Ibuki rather than an attack animal. It should be noted that Don-Chan was among the first raccoons behind Yuta when he performed his ambush, It is not known if Don-Chan being close to Ibuki is due to the elders being more lenient with Ibuki (as shown in Street Fighter: Legends) or if it is for protection/conract related reasons.

Contracts[edit | edit source]

One of the services offered to seemingly the general public offered by the glade are service contracts. From what is known so far the services they offer are assassination, infiltration, scouting, and personal protection. Two such individuals who are known to have used the services of the glade include Rolento and Karin.

In the main series[edit | edit source]

Ibuki arriving to the Glade of Ninjas.

The only time the Glade of Ninjas had any real direct significance in the story was in 2nd impact where Ibuki was tasked by the leaders of the glade to recover the "G Files". It is not currently known as to why she was tasked to acquire these files, It is possible that it was for the Glade to keep tabs on the Secret Society, but it was also possible that Ibuki was used as a means to accomplish a contract for a third party.

In Super Street Fighter IV, the Glade's underwhelming choices for training led to Ibuki sneaking away, leading to her own participation in the fighting event. A similar occurrence happens in spin off game Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix

Ibuki is shown to be returning to the Glade of Ninjas twice during her story mode in Street Fighter V, the second time even showing the entrance. It is said Karin established contact to hire Ibuki without Ibuki knowing during said story mode this them being the reason Ibuki works for Karin during A Shadow Falls.

Known Members[edit | edit source]

Ibuki[edit | edit source]

Main article: Ibuki

Sarai Kurosawa[edit | edit source]

Main article: Sarai

Enjo[edit | edit source]

Enjo is a member of Ibuki's clan and a resident of the Glade of Ninjas. He dresses like an archetypical ninja. In Ibuki's comic he is implied to have defected from another ninja clan and stole the infant Ibuki then proceeded to start the Glade of Ninjas itself, but this is not confirmed or denied to be canon.

Genda[edit | edit source]

Genda, full name Kenichi Genda, is a young man who lives in the Glade of Ninjas. He can be recognized by his shaved head. He is equipped with a claw.

Raion[edit | edit source]

Raion, full name Daisuke Raion, is a ninja who lives in the Glade of Ninjas. Being big and muscular, the carpenter look suits him quite well.

Sanjou[edit | edit source]

Sanjou, full name Masayuki Sanjou, is a tall ninja who lives in the Glade of Ninjas. He is usually dressed like a scholar. In the Super Street Fighter comic he is shown to be a friend of Guy. Sanjou is shown to be a teacher to Ibuki and Yuta in the comic.

Yuta Homura[edit | edit source]

Yuta Homura (焔悠鉈 Homura Yūta?) is a member of the Glade of Ninjas. He wears a cloth on his head and is about the same age as Ibuki, training with her and Sarai. He is a hot-blooded and gets emotional quite easily. He is good at taijutsu, but his ninjutsu is extremely weak. He is also very good at beat 'em up games, being apparently able to clear a game with Mack the Knife with a single coin.

Yuta leads the "Raccoon Air Ambush" to rescue Ibuki in Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki and her friends when they are all trapped in the net set up by the Geki clan. He then proceeds to free Ibuki and Sarai from the net while they are still trapped.

Seemingly the village elders are more strict with him compared to Ibuki as Ibuki is allowed to go to a normal high school and eat "outside food", as well as have a much bigger wardrobe than anyone else in the village while Yuta does not get any of the same benefits.

He occasionally appears before fights of Ibuki's in Street Fighter III.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Ibuki's Glade of Ninjas stage in New Generation, in the pre-transition round one stage if Ibuki herself is a combatant and is defeated the background ninjas come to check on her condition.
  • Ibuki's hidden nostalgia outfit might be a tribute to Yuta, as her top is modified and looks very similar to yuta's top (though modified a bit for Ibuki's body shape).
  • An interesting bit of Rolento and Ibuki's story mode in SFXT is that among the reasons he hired Ibuki from the Glade of Ninjas fighting is not listed. The reasons stated by the narrator states more fit the traditional feminine kuniochi role, which may further explain why only Ibuki and Sarai are allowed to go to a public school.
    • This might also explain why Rolento insist on having her on his army while most other fighters do not think highly of Ibuki's fighting skills, as the Kunoichi teachings offered by the Glade of Ninjas do not have as high an emphasis on direct combat on it's female youth compared to male. Kunoichi's usually kill with the element of surprise.
      • The narrator in Rolento's prologue doesn't state he needs Ibuki's fighting ability, but rather her "skills".

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