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An example of a visual glitch.

A glitch is a programming error in which lines of coding get mixed up and cause weird things to happen in-game. More often than not, a glitch can cause a game freeze or crash. One notable example of a glitch was the Golden Stance.

Guile's Invisible ThrowEdit

In Street Fighter II, if the player is able to time a grab in the middle of a backwards-forward charge Fierce and Roundhouse attack, Guile becomes capable of throwing opponents even if the target is not in range of grabbing. When the actual toss animation is executed, the target will act as thrown.

Handcuff GlitchEdit

In early arcade versions of Street Fighter II, Guile could freeze the target in front of him using the throw command, and hold them there until they are thrown again. This was removed in later versions.

Rose's Time FreezeEdit

In Street Fighter Alpha 2, Rose must throw a Soul Spark or reflect a projectile. Using the Aura Soul Spark at the right time will effectively freeze time in the game. Timing is vital, as the Aura Soul Spark must be executed just as the opponent is hit by the projectile; once it does hit, however, the player is free to do whatever they want to the opponent. If the player no longer wants time frozen, they must simply use another Super Combo.

CPS1 Chains Edit

In the original World Warrior combos were initially a glitch in by themselves that were not intended by the developers. CPS1 Chains were specific combos that allowed Rapid Cancelable light kicks to be canceled into stronger punch attacks.

Kara Cancel Edit

In Street Fighter III a glitch allowed characters to cancel certain startups of attacks into others (with Ken probably being the most notable user). This was later purposely implemented in later games.

Minor GlitchesEdit

Akuma's SeizureEdit

Akuma must first throw a Zanku Hadoken and Seth must use the Lightning Kick while Akuma is coming down. This will cause Akuma to assume the position that he would take as if he were on the receiving end of said attack for a second before falling back to the ground as normal.

Machinegun Slide Edit

The Machinegun Slide is a glitch that occurs with Dudley in Super Street Fighter IV.

Street Fighter X Tekken PC Port Edit

The Street Fighter X Tekken PC port has a number of glitches exclusive to that version.

DLC Glitch Edit

On the character select screen, hovering over DLC characters such as Sakura or Bryan can cause the game to "fail to retrieve data". It is currently unknown how to fix.

Spectator Glitch Edit

When on an endless lobby that has more than two rounds a match, after the first round the people spectating the ongoing fight desync. Spectators see the game speed up and slow down significantly. The game runs normally after the battle ends..

Endless Lobby team glitch Edit

If two players teamed together inside of an endless lobby in the PC version, the battles would always freeze and kick the players out of the room. The only fix was for players to form the team outside of the endless lobby.

Fixed Glitches Edit

Due to patches and updates of modern consoles, some glitches that appear in early releases of games can be fixed completely.

Tobizaru damage glitch. Edit

In early Super Street Fighter IV Ibuki's Tobizaru air throw would do less damage (or none at all) if it was performed too close to the ground. This has since been fixed via patch update.

Omega Tobizaru Glitch Edit

In Street Fighter IV's Omega mode Ibuki's air throw used too close to the ground would cause the user to become frozen when landing. The only fix is the opponent hitting Ibuki out of the air.

Street Fighter V Tobizaru Invincibility Glitch Edit

When Ibuki debuted in Street Fighter V her air throw Tobizaru had a glitch that she can have abnormally high levels of invincibility if used in certain times in her jump arc and it does not connect.

Rolento's Stinger freeze glitch Edit

In an update to Street Fighter X Tekken if two Rolento players' stingers make contact with each other the game would freeze and need to be restarted. This has since been fixed. Rolento's Stinger could make contact with projectiles or the other non projectile Hitbox throwables Ibuki's Kunai and Cody's Knife and no negative outcomes in terms of gameplay experience would occur.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite her relatively late introduction to the series Ibuki's Tobizaru air throw has had to date the most glitches associated with it than any other attack in the franchise.
    • All of the glitches associated with it have been in mainstream games, her air throw worked as intended in all of her non canon appearances.
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