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Rufus using Glory Kick.

Glory Kick is one of Rufus's Unique Attacks.

Frame DataEdit

Frame Data USFIV (Latest Update)
Startup 21
Active 2
Recovery 12
Advantage Hit +3 Block 0

Street Fighter X Tekken Version 2013
Startup 21
Active 2
Recovery 12
Advantage Hit +3 Block -1

Description Edit

Glory Kick moves Rufus forward in a rolling motion, At the end of the attack Rufus does a kick that hits low.

Tactics Edit

Street Fighter IV series Edit


Rufus hits Ibuki's feet with Glory Kick

Glory Kick is usually not a good attack, even with it's mobility, Rufus benefits from jumping forward and using Falcon Kick at ranges that he can not be countered a lot more. Furthermore it only does 50 damage, Rufus has some long range normals that include his medium kick, that does 70 damage, similar range. and has a far faster startup. While this attack is +3 on hit, Rufus can not fully capitalize on that since he does not have any 3 frame attacks. Usage of this attack is recommended on frailer "squishy" characters such as Ibuki when they do not have meter. As they have to guess what Rufus will do next.

Usage of this attack against Grapplers is very iil-advised. This is even more true if they have their supers active, as they can punish 0 on block with their instant supers.However 1 frame super grabs such as Yoroitosh can be avoided. Reckless usage of this attack can easily lead to Rufus being neutral Jumped for high damage.

Street Fighter X Tekken Edit


Glory Kick in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Despite being a unique attack, Glory Kick doesn't get the benefit of automatically putting a hit airborne opponent in a Juggle state. This attack on average becomes less desirable in terms of usage due to the same attacks existing that have similar or more range with faster startup combined with the addition of Cross Rush.

One of the few usages of this attack is a trade of sorts, letting go of damage for some positioning, as it can be used as an alternate to Snake Strike or Sweep in his EX Galactic Tornado combos to leave him in front of his opponent that needs to quickrise. This tactic is recommended against frailer characters with weak defenses such as Xiaoyu.



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