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Glow Heads is a term that started being used in the streets of Metro City during Final Fight: Streetwise, referring to users of a new street drug known as "glow". Users of the drug have glowing yellow eyes and become stronger, but they also become more aggressive, appearing as enemies.

While in the Bijou Hotel, Kyle witnesses some glow junkies for the first time and they give him trouble. They later appear again as part of the Blue Ballers, in the glow factory, and when the Glow Heads riot in the city.




Four Glow Head enemies

They first appear in three forms. The weaker type (orange shirt) acts like a zombie, walking slowly and grabbing Kyle, rubbing him while rocking him back and forth. The other two types (black jacket and blue shirt) act like normal thugs, and all three are able to use Bats. Later, the orange type will also act like the others while still keeping his own moves. After being defeated, they all utter a vile screech instead of a common scream of pain.

Besides the common three versions, near the end of the game there will appear a fourth type, an enemy wearing an orange shirt without sleeves. In the glow factory he will be a common enemy with basic attacks, but during the riot he will become muscular, apparently having a large dose of glow. This big enemy attacks by charging at Kyle and rolling. Due to his size, he can't be grabbed and won't flinch against most attacks. After being defeated, he utters a low growl.

These enemies have the same names of common male Pedestrians.

Blue BallersEdit

Main article: Blue Ballers
Some members of the Blue Ballers appear under the effect of the drug. They are more muscular and tough, not flinching against most attacks. They will suicide while hold grenades. If unarmed, they will attack Kyle with a spinning claw attack or use a grab move where they choke Kyle and violently wrench him back and forth. If Kyle is defeated with this move, The Blue Baller will tear out his heart, killing him.


During the riot of Glow Heads, two muscular enemy types appear, one being a Pedestrian and the other a masked thug. These masked thugs hold a knife in each hand and attack in three ways:

  • Strike with both hands at the same time.
  • A wide slice followed by another slice.
  • Five quick stabs followed by a stab with both hands, knocking Kyle down.

Like the Pedestrian muscular enemy, they can't be grabbed, won't flinch against most attacks and utter a low growl after being defeated. They have the same names of the common masked thugs.



A rat under the effects of glow

Rats with glowing eyes appear in minigames and during the battle against Stiff Death. They are harmless to Kyle, but Stiff Death can eat them to recover his health.


  • Bitey
  • Circus
  • Cutey
  • Dirty Dave
  • Fufu
  • Glowy
  • Harry
  • Little Squeaky
  • Mr. Scurry
  • Precious
  • Rattso

Four Horsemen of the ApocalypseEdit

Father Bella (and Dr. Chang) used large doses of glow to mutate people into his Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, who appear as bosses: War (Nicky Wissell), Famine (Blades), Pestilence, and Death (Stiff Death and Cody Death).

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