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Go Hibiki from Udon comics.

Go Hibiki (ゴウ・火引 Hibiki Go)[citation needed] is a character in the Street Fighter series, and the father of Dan Hibiki.


Go appears in the Street Fighter Legends comics by UDON, where he uses a karate style with visual similarities to that of Dan. In the comics, Go appears completely normal, without the long nose or red skin, looking like an elderly and more competent version of Dan.

It is also revealed that he was killed defending his dojo from Sagat and his henchmen. A Shadaloo goon was sent to the Hibiki Go Dojo to collect a 10,000 Hong Kong Dollar bribery fee for Shadaloo. According to the goon, the Hibiki Go Dojo was in Shadaloo country, and this required payment. Go Hibiki refused to pay the bribe, and defeated the goon convincingly in a fight.

Sagat came to avenge his defeated comrade, and fought Go; during the fight, Go takes out Sagat's eye, and Sagat subsequently beat him to death.

Other Appearances

Pocket Fighter

Go appears in Pocket Fighter as a cameo in several of Dan's attacks. His appearance is similar to Dan's; however, he has a green karate gi, red skin, a halo (due to being dead) and a very long nose. Several of Dan's Mighty Combos involve Go; one has Dan swinging him like a hammer, using his nose as the handle, while another has Go launching a freezing energy beam from his nose. Go even uses Akuma's Shun Goku Satsu, with the kanji of "Father" (父) appearing on his back instead.

Street Fighter IV series

In Street Fighter IV, Dan has a picture of Go hanging on the wall in his dojo, but the face is obscured by a glare of sunlight on the glass.

In Super Street Fighter IV, Go's Tengu Mask and green gi are worn in Dan's 3rd alternate costume set, albeit with the mask off to the side of his head rather than over his face.





  • Go Hibiki is possibly a parody (much like Dan) of the King of Fighters character, Mr. Karate. His appearance in Pocket Fighter gives him a long nose reminiscent of Mr. Karate, who wears a Tengu Mask. Mr. Karate is the father of Ryo Sakazaki, of whom Dan is a parody.
  • Although the move Go Hibiki used to take Sagat's eye looks remarkably similar to a Dankukyaku, the dojo's name and introduction in the comic indicate the Saikyo-style of karate did not yet exist, at the least not as it is currently known.
  • Go's facial features are similar to that of Tekken's Heihachi Mishima.

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