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Ibuki hitting her opponent with Gogasha's final hit.

Gogasha is one of Ibuki's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

All appearances Arcade-Button-MKick>Arcade-Stick-Down+Arcade-Button-HKick>Arcade-Button-HKick

Description Edit

Executed by pressing Medium Kick, followed by pressing down and Heavy Kick, and then Heavy Kick again, Ibuki delivers a knee strike to her opponent's midsection. Once the attack connects, she turns and sweeps her opponent off of their feet. If the second attack hits, Ibuki stands and finishes the combination with a spinning high kick.

Tactics Edit

This is one of Ibuki's target combos that can hit her opponent from a distance. The second attack of this combo causes a knockdown, since it is Ibuki's sweep. However, if Heavy Kick is pressed after the sweep, the third hit will give Ibuki an air reset.

From there, she can cancel into her Kasumi Gake  command dash to maintain offensive pressure. She can use the Light version of Kasumigake to keep herself in striking distance. Ibuki can also use the Medium version to create a tricky mix-up situation, confusing her opponent and forcing them to guess which side she'll be on. Additionally, she can use the Heavy version of Kasumigake to leap into her opponent as they are landing on the ground, giving herself a cross-up opportunity.

Gogasha can also be used to escape from pressure. After Ibuki hits her opponent with the third attack, she can cancel into the Heavy version of Kasumi Gake and use her Nobusuma to glide out of the corner and reset the neutral game. However, like most of Ibuki's target combos, it is unsafe on block. If her opponent blocks the second hit, Ibuki will be -12 on block. In addition, the third hit will whiff the opponent if they block the sweep.


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