The Gokusatsu Jibakujin (獄殺自爆陣 Gokusatsu Jibakujin?, "Prison Killing Suicide Array") is a special move used by Sawada in the home version of Street Fighter: The Movie.

All appearances Arcade Stick HCB + Arcade Button Punch


Executed by performing a half-circle backward motion and pressing punch, Sawada kneels down and stabs himself (yelling "Hara-kiri!"), spraying an arc of blood around and over top of him. The stronger the punch button used, the longer Sawada will be stunned after the blood-arc disappears. The arc of blood can also stop enemy projectiles.

The EX version turns the blood into fire and increases the speed and damage of the attack; it can also reflect projectiles back at the opponent.


The attack acts primarily as Sawada's overhead attack to counter jumping opponents.


  • Though Sawada does not use this move in the arcade version, the same animation (minus the blood) is used when he loses by time over.



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