This is a list of quotes used by Gouken. Note that a lot of this information is applicable to every version of the game.

Street Fighter IV series Edit

Street Fighter IV Edit

General Quotes Edit

Intro Edit

  • "Ahh, you shall make an interesting opponent."

Round Win Edit

  • "I cannot lose until I face the one I seek."
  • "Concentrate not on destroying your foe, but on attaining your own victory."
  • "I may be old, but my time is far from over!"
  • "You have much training ahead of you."

Round Lose Edit

  • "Whaagggghhh!" (Normal)
  • "Noooooo!" (Light Attack/Focus Crumple)

Arcade Mode Edit

Prologue Edit

Gouken: "Damn. Never imagined it would take this long to regain consciousness. Ryu and Ken must presume me to be dead... It matters not. Their path is a righteous one. How I look forward to our reunion!"

Character Specific Win Quotes Edit

  • "The time will soon come when you must raise your fists in the call of justice."
  • "Neither man nor demon. You are but a deluded fool, Akuma! Nothing more!"
  • "No matter one's appearance, if the heart is pure, the path to a truth is open."
  • "Listen not to the voices of the future or the past. Look within for answers."
  • "You know in your heart that anger only impedes on your journey, child."
  • "Only one who lacks discipline would soil the ring with weaponry."
  • "Until you rid your heart of anger, your growth will remain forever stunted."
  • "Your heart is pure and your path righteous."
  • "Look inside yourself. Action with no heart behind it is mere violence."
  • "True power is derived not from the adoration of your fans, but from your heart."
  • "No one can escape the opus of their sins. You have much to answer for."
  • "The netherworld tries to fool my eyes with illusions. Yet I remain steadfast.""
  • "All the power in the world cannot expunge your grief."
  • "Those fists of yours are weapons, Ken. Engrave my words into your heart."
  • "Let your heart guide you and listen not to the temptations of power."
  • "You hide your weakness with your sharp tongue, but it is still visible to you."
  • "You have done well to continue your training, but you are not yet finished."
  • "Long have I wanted to trade blows with you. I see now why they call you "king.""
  • "Until you acknowledge the soul within, you cannot use your power for good."
  • "Do not get lost in your cause. Show allegiance in yourself over your country."

Recovery from "Continue?" screen Edit

  • "Hah! Time to get serious!"

Ending Edit

Ryu: "The power of nothingness... Master!"

Gouken: "So, you've sensed the Satsui No Hado. Eh, brother?"

Versus Mode Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  1. "A true warrior lets his opponent live to fight another day."
  2. "Continue along your path and you shall reach your goal."
  3. "If you seek only to harm your opponent, you deny the way of the warrior."
  4. "Listen to your heart. Understand its language and you will be unstoppable."
  5. "Satsui no Hado can consume one from the inside out. Self-awareness is the key."
  6. "Simply relying on your fists is not enough. The mind holds true power."
  7. "Some power cannot be gained through training alone..."
  8. "This fight should continue another day... You are not yet ready."
  9. "You are not yet ready..."
  10. "You are your own best teacher. Stop and listen to the voice within."
  11. "You must unite your mind and body if you hope to unlock your true potential!"

Personal Action Edit

  1. "Come on, then!"
  2. "Trust your instincts."
  3. "I grow weary."
  4. "Fight!"
  5. "Don't hold back!"
  6. "Is that all you have?"
  7. "Disappointing."
  8. "Watch and learn."
  9. "Fool!"
  10. "Ooooooh."

Super Street Fighter IV Edit

Arcade Mode Edit

As a Secret Boss Edit

  • "No illusion is safe when bathed in the pure light of the moon. Now is the time to test your strength!"

Prologue Edit

"Ryu is completely dedicated to his journey of self-improvement. Ken shows great flexibility in his dealings with what comes his way. Their personalities could not be more different, yet they got along so swimmingly during their training. After so many years, their relationship remains strong. Yet I draw no satisfaction from simply observing them. How I long to engage them in the ring once again. It is time to go. I've heard tell of the myriad of young fighters emerging these days. And I also hear that a tournament is being held to assemble the world's greatest. Perhaps this will give me a chance to see how far my dear pupils have advanced. I shall test their strength myself."

Battle Banter Edit

(Triggered when the player get the first attack in Arcade Mode)

  • "I expect much from you!"
  • "Now, it's your turn!"
  • "Let's fight!"
  • "Not bad."
  • "That's the spirit!"
  • "This will be fun!"

Rival Cutscenes Edit

vs. Ryu Edit
  • Gouken: "Ryu?"
  • Ryu: "Master!"
vs. Evil Ryu (unused) Edit
  • Gouken: "I always feared this would come to pass."
  • Evil Ryu: "I no longer need a master! I'll grind your bones to dust!"
  • Gouken: "Failure or not, you are my pupil. It is time for me to take responsibility and put an end to this!"

Rival Battle Quotes Edit

vs.Ryu Edit
  • Match Start: Ryu: "Master..." Gouken: "What's the matter, child?"
  • "That should get it started." (Ryu gets the first attack)
  • "Show me what you have learned." (Gouken gets the first attack)
  • "It's been a long time, Master." (Ryu ends the round normally)
  • "Still not ready."(Gouken ends the round normally)
  • "So young, so naive." (Gouken hits a level 3 focus attack)
  • "One attack is all it'll take!" (Ryu's revenge gauge is filled)
  • "Perhaps this will finish you..." (Gouken's revenge gauge is filled)
  • Gouken: "You can do better than that!" (Ryu gets stunned)
  • Ryu: "It's not over!" (Gouken gets stunned)
  • "Grrrrr..!" (Ryu recovers from stun)
  • Gouken: "You need more training!" (When Ryu is on low health)
  • Ryu: "Ready for more?!" (When Gouken is on low health)
  • "Here I go!" (Ryu activates Ultra)
  • "Push the limit!" (Gouken activates Ultra)
  • "I will never forget what you've taught me, master!" (Ryu gets an Ultra combo finish)
  • "I have nothing left to teach you." (Gouken gets an Ultra combo finish)
  • "The road from here on out must be traveled alone." (Gouken gets a Super combo finish):
  • (Other general chatter):
  • Gouken: "Like THIS!"
  • Gouken: "You've grown a bit!"
  • Gouken: "Ready to give up?"
  • Gouken: "Bit rough around the edges."
  • Gouken: "I'm not getting any younger."
  • Gouken: "It's been a long time!"
  • Ryu: "Can't find an opening..."
  • Ryu: "Gotta finish this..."
  • Ryu: "We're just getting started!"
  • Ryu: "Concentrate..."
  • Ryu: "I'm on my game today."

Other Rival Dialogue Edit

Vs. Oni (normal win round): "An ending... suitable for a demon."

Vs. Oni (if Gouken gets the first hit): "Words cannot hear the one who has a heart of stone."

Vs. Oni: "I'll sacrifice myself, if needed"

Vs. Oni: "Foul demon!"

Vs. Oni (if Oni blocks / gets hit by Gouken's attacks consecutively): "What hesitation!"

Vs. Evil Ryu: "You are no pupil of mine."

Ultra Activation vs. Evil Ryu: "Well, that's will awake you from your slumber!"

Ultra Activation vs. Oni: "Fall from my fist!"

Match Start vs. Evil Ryu: "Never thought you would fall to this."

Match Start vs. Oni: "Never thought I would come this far to stop you."

Revenge Gauge Filled vs. Oni: "The time has come."

Low on health vs. Oni: "Musn't give up..."

Ultra finish vs. Oni: "See you in hell!"

Ending Edit

Ken: "Master! Master Gouken! I know you can hear me, Master! Just slow down, will ya? Give us a break, Master! Trying to just disappear without saying goodbye again? Tell him, Ryu!"
Ryu: "O... OK. It was good to see you again, Master."
Ken: "Aw, man!"
Gouken: "Why do you call me that? You're both grown men now. You hardly need a master. Or would you rather I order you to the well to gather water?"
Ryu: "Ha ha ha ha! Yeah, that was hard work!"
Ken: "Aha ha ha! That's not funny!"
Gouken: "Ha ha ha ha ha!"

Win Quotes (Versus Mode) Edit

  1. "All men will walk their path alone one day. Our training is preparation for that."
  2. "Don't think that strength alone defines you as a person. It could destroy you."
  3. "I bring my faith in Ansatsuken to a new generation! Witness my power!"
  4. "Even Satsui no Hado can be defeated with the right training and technique."
  5. "We are all our own worst enemy. But also our best teacher."
  6. "This battle is over."
  7. "Fights like this make me glad I have returned to the ring!"
  8. "When you understand the source of your power, the meaning of battle follows."
  9. "The caliber of fighters has decreased considerably in my absence."
  10. "That was an enjoyable battle!"
  11. "You must defeat me to stand a chance!"

Character Specific Win Quotes Edit

  • "You possess the courage to face the truth. It will serve you well."
  • "I know exactly of what you are capable. That is precisely why I must stop you!"
  • "If only your soul were as strong as your fists."
  • "I know not for what you fight, but your skills are unquestionable."
  • "You will not improve as long as you allow anger to fester in your heart."
  • "Quiet your heart and truly listen and you will be surprised what you hear."
  • "It has been a long time since battle has brought me such joy! Let us meet again!"
  • "Be it fighting or cooking, you must first master the basics, my friend."
  • "The boundary between life and death is comprised of a very fine line indeed."
  • "You rely too much on brute strength to truly call yourself an artisan."
  • "There is a time for childish antics, but do not neglect your studies for long."
  • "In your eyes, I see a terror that is nearly indestructible."
  • "Your boastful words are not enough to hide your insecurities from me."
  • "May you continue to blossom into a strong and sturdy flower, young lass."
  • "Do not lose your way, friend of nature, for your path is righteous and good."
  • "You're still quite naive. Did you think mindlessly attacking would work?"
  • "Fighting is about more than just the fundamentals. Remember that."

Ultra Street Fighter IV Edit

  • "I sense not an ounce of evil in your kicks. May you grow even stronger!"
  • "Waving your fists about like a petulant child is no way to win a fight."
  • "You have chosen your own path. Keep moving, and you will know yourself."
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