Grabs, also referring to interchangeably as throws, are attacks available to each character in the Street Fighter series.



Gif animation of Chun-Li using her Koshuto on Karin.

Introduced in Street Fighter II, each character has a normal grab/throw attack; the input depends on the game. Normal throws can be performed either forward/neutral or backward. In addition, certain characters can use throws in midair. Still other characters have special attacks that use grabs and throws, referred to as command grabs and throws respectively.

Most characters have at least a forward throw, and either a backward or air throw. In later games, including the Street Fighter IV games, characters would possess both forward and backward throws by default. In Street Fighter V, a few characters even have throws targeting the crouching opponent.


Forward throws will often knock or throw the foe away from the user, making them useful when cornered, and act as the "default". Backward throws often cause the user to "switch" with the foe in the process; this re-positioning makes it even more useful for escaping corners and setting up combos. Some Grabs (Like the Brain Buster or the Head Bomber) will not throw the opponent but instead deal rapid prolong damage to the grappled foe. A few throws may even work as 'graps' (a combination of a grab and a grapple) which a user deals one or more hits followed by a 'final' blow which either pushes or throws the opponent away (T. Hawk's Neck Hanging Tree and Yun's Gekitei Futai in the Street Fighter IV series works like a grap).

While a character cannot quick stand after being grabbed or thrown prior to Street Fighter V, they can escape if caught in a normal grab by performing one at or near the same time.

In addition, the spacing of the grab and/or the specific type of attack performed (and thus its strategical uses) varies with each character.

Character-specific tacticsEdit

Ryu's forward throw in the Street Fighter III series leaves a brief window for attack; one of his trials in 3rd Strike requires him to follow a forward throw on Dudley with a Shin Shoryuken.

Gouken's Amaoroshi has him simply lift and toss the opponent straight upward, causing no damage if they land on the ground afterward; it is the only move of its type to function in this way. As such, it provides a perfect opportunity for juggles and other attacks, such as the Tatsumaki Gorasen or his Super and Ultra Combos.

In Street Fighter X Tekken Rufus's forward throw was the only forward throw that could be comboed out of, however Rufus couldn't combo himself or Switch Cancel and this was only possible during Cross Assault or Scramble Battle by his partner.

Grab specific properties Edit

In some games grabs received their own properties. In Street Fighter V for example throws can not be back teched, meaning after a grab there is only one way to quickrise. In Street Fighter X Tekken a throw takes away all Provisional Damage alongside doing it's own damage after the 2013 patch.

List of Normal Grabs/ThrowsEdit

Note: Attacks with the ^ note were replaced or renamed in the Street Fighter IV games. Attacks with the * note were replaced or renamed in the Street Fighter V games. Attacks with the + note were only used as air throws in the Street Fighter Alpha series.

User Forward Throw Backward Throw Air Throw
Abigail Red Leaf (レッドリーフ Reddorīfu?) Hit And Run (ヒットアンドラン Hittoandoran?) None
Abel Drop Throw (内股投げ Uchimata Nage?) Pincer Throw (体落とし投げ ​Taiotoshi Nage?) None
Adon Jaguar Carry (ジャガーキャリー Jagākyarī?) Jaguar Slam (ジャガースラム Jagāsuramu?) Jaguar Stab [forward] (ジャガースタブ Jagāsutabu?)+
Jaguar Throw [backward] (ジャガースルー Jagāsurū?)+
Akuma Shoulder Throw (背負い投げ Seoi Nage?)^
Goshoha (豪衝破?)
Somersault Throw (巴投げ Tomoe Nage?)^
Shuretsuzan (朱裂刀?)
Hell Wheel (地獄車 Jigoku Guruma?)+
Alex Body Slam (ボディスラム Bodisuramu?)*,
Face-Crush Chop (フェイスクラッシュチョップ Feisukurasshuchoppu?)
Leg Tomahawk (レッグトマホーク Reggutomahōku?) None


Neck Hanging Tree (ネック吊り木 Nekku tsuri ki?) Shoulder Throw None
Balrog Head Bomber (ヘッドボマー Heddo bomā?)*,
Dirty Bomber (ダーティーボマー Dātībomā?)
Lever Break (レバーブレイク Rebābureiku?)*,
Dirty Shot (ダーティーショット Dātīshotto?)
Head Bomber+
Birdie Bull Spike (ブルスパイク Burusupaiku?)*,
Bad Skull (バッドヘッド Baddo heddo?)
Bad Throw (バッドスルー Baddosurū?)*,
Bad Chain (バッドチェーン Baddochēn?)
Bad Scrap (バッドスクラップ Baddosukurappu?)
Blade Neck Hanging Tree Shoulder Throw None
Blanka Wild Fang (ワイルドファング Wairudo Fangu?) Jungle Wheel (ジャングルホイール Janguru Hoīru?) Jungle Slam+
Wild Shoot+
C. Viper Ab Fitness (アブフィットネス Abufittonesu?) Temple Massage (テンプルマッサージ Tenpurumassāji?) None
Cammy Hooligan Suplex (フーリガンスープレックス Fūrigansūpurekkusu?)*, Gyro Clipper (ジャイロクリッパー Jairokurippā?) Frankensteiner (フランケンシュタイナー Furankenshutainā?)*,
Delta Through (デルタスルー Derutasurū?)
Flying Neck Hunt (フライングネックハント Furaingunekkuhanto?)/Flying Neck Breaker*
Neck Spiral
Charlie Dragon Suplex (ドラゴンスープレックス Doragonsūpurekkusu?) Knee Gatling (ニーガトリング Nīgatoringu?)*,
Target Down (ターゲット・ダウン Tāgetto daun?)
Flying Buster Drop (フライングバスタードロップ Furaingubasutādoroppu?) (forward)*,
Air Jack (エアジャック Eajakku?) (backward)
Chun-Li Koshuto (虎襲倒 Koshuu Tou?) Kirinshu (麒麟蹴 Kirinshuu?)Tenshin Shushu Ryuseiraku (龍星落 Ryuusei Raku?)
Cody Prisoner Throw (プリズナースルー Purizunāsurū?)*, Trash Out (トラッシュアウト Torasshuauto?), Secret Work (シークレットワーク Shīkuretto wāku?, V-Trigger only) Bad Stamp^/Bad Stomp (バッドスタンプ Baddosutanpu?)*, Crime Throw (クライムスルー Kuraimusurū?) Guilty Stamp (ギルティースタンプ Girutīsutanpu?)*+
Dan Shoulder Throw^
Gado Thrust (我道突き Gadou Tsuki?)
Saikyo Haraigoshi (サイキョー払腰 Saikyō Haraigoshi?) Otoko Nage (漢投げ?)+
Decapre Shadow Suplex (シャドウスープレックス Shadousūpurekkusu?) Frankensteiner Flying Neck Hunt
Dee Jay Funky Shout Throw (ファンキーシャウトスルー Fankī Shauto Surū?)^
Swing Over Launch (スイングオーバーランチ Suingu Ōbā Ranchi?)
Monkey Flip (モンキーフリップ Monkīfurippu?)^
Flip Throw
Monkey Flip+
Dhalsim Yoga Smash (ヨガスマッシュ Yogasumasshu?)*,
Yoga Rocket (ヨガロケット Yogaroketto?)
Yoga Throw (ヨガスルー Yogasurū?)*,
Yoga Hoop (ヨガフープ Yogafūpu?)
Yoga Trip (ヨガ旅行 Yoga ryokō?)+
Dudley Kidney Crusher (レバークラッシャー Rebā Kurasshā?) Dynamite Throw (ダイナマイトスルー Dainamaito Surū?) None
Eagle Fool On Pile (フールオンパイル Fūru On Pairu?) Percussion Fool (パーカッションフール Pākasshonfūru?) Unnamed
E. Honda Saba Ori^
Sabaori (さば折り Sabaori?)
Tawara Nage^
Rice Bale Throw (俵投げ Tawara Nage?)
Tsuryani Nage (吊り屋根投げ Tsuri Yane Nage?)+
Ed Psycho Blow (サイコブロー Saikoburō?) Cheat & Smash (チート&スマッシュ Chīto ando sumasshu?) None
Elena Leg Lift Throw (レッグリフトスルー Reggurifutosurū?)

Body Slam^/Leg Hook (レッグフック Reggufukku?)

El Fuerte Tepache Bomb (テパッチェ・ボム Tepacche Bomu?) Chili Mexicano (チレ・メヒカーノ Chire Mehikāno?) Sky Sorpressa Drop (スカイ・ソルプレッサ・トラップ Sukai Sorupuressa Torappu?)
Evil Ryu Shoulder Throw Somersault Throw Shoulder Throw+
F7 Neck Hanging Tree Shoulder Throw None
Falke Wirbel Wind (ヴィルベルヴィント Vu iruberuvu into?) Luftstrom (ルフトシュトローム Rufutoshutorōmu?) Windstoss (ヴィントシュトース Vu intoshutōsu?)
F.A.N.G Shimonshu (死悶蹴?) Kyoshitsugeki (驚膝撃?) None
Fei Long Seichuu Renten Geki (正中連点撃?)^
Shushugai (襲首刈 Shuushugai?)
Shuu Kubi Kari (シュウクビカリ?)^
Tenshou Tousaikyaku (天昇頭砕脚?)
Shuu Kubi Raku (襲首落 Shuushuraku?)+
G Violence President (バイオレンスプレジデント Baiorensu purejidento?), Shining President (シャイニングプレジデント Shainingu purejidento?) Destroy President (デストロイプレジデント Desutoroi purejidento?) None
Gen Juraku (囚掠?)^/Shuraku (シュラク?) Hozen (封前 Houzen?) Shuuga (首臥?)+
Gill Impact Claw (インパクトクロー Inpakutokurō?) Guilty Bomb (ギルティーボム Girutībomu?) None
Gouken Raikotokyaku (雷光投脚?) Amaoroshi (天颪?) None
Guile Dragon Suplex Judo Throw (ジュードースルー?) Flying Mare (フライングメイヤー Furaingumeiyā?) (forward)
Flying Buster Chop (backward)
Guy Tsukami Nage^/Grab Throw (グラブ投げる Gurabu nageru?) Shoulder Throw Izuna Otoshi (イズナ落とし?)+
Hakan Hakan Throw (ハカンスルー Hakansurū?) Hakan Reverse (ハカンリバース Hakanribāsu?) Hakan Stomp (ハカンスタンプ Hakansutanpu?)
Hugo Neck Hanging Tree

Body Slam

Ibuki Yamikazura (闇葛 Yami kazura?) Uki Yami (浮き闇 Uki yami?)*,

Kubi Ori (首折り?)

Tobizaru (翔び猿 Tobi zaru?)
Ingrid Suncrack (サンクラック Sankurakku?) Light Punish (ライトバニッシュ Raito Banisshu?) Unnamed
Juli Hooligan Suplex Frankensteiner Frankensteiner (backward)
Flying Neck Hunt
Juni Hooligan Suplex Frankensteiner Frankensteiner (backward)
Flying Neck Hunt
Juri Karen Kick (苛連脚 Karen Kyaku?)*',
Chisenkyaku (蜘穿脚?)
Assatsu Kick (圧殺脚 Assatsu Kyaku?)*,
Kaeikyaku (苛影脚?)
Zankasen (斬架閃?)
Kage Shoulder Throw Somersault Throw None
Karin Yashiro Kuzushi (社崩し Yashiro kuzushi?)*,
Hajotsui (破城槌?)
Homura-geri (焔投げ Homura nage?)*,
Arakuma Inashi (荒熊いなし?)
Abise Yashiro Kuzushi (浴びせ社崩し Abise yashiro kuzushi?)+

Tsukami Nage (つかみネージ?)^/ Knee Bash (つかみ膝蹴り Tsukami hizageri?), Shoulder Throw*

Hell Wheel (地獄車 Jigoku guruma?) Hell Windwheel (地獄風車 Jigoku Fuusha?)
Khyber Neck Hanging Tree Shoulder Throw None
Kolin Pressure Ridge (プレッシャーリッジ Puresshā rijji?) Sublimation (サブリメーション Saburimēshon?) Avalanche Lock (アバランシュロック Abaranshurokku?)
Laura Seoi Throw (セオイスルー Seoi surū?) Pullback Hold (プルバックホールド Purubakkuhōrudo?) None
Lucia German Suplex Back-Carry Throw None
Maki Shishigari (猪狩 Igari?) Hiza Kamashi (膝かまし Hiza kamashi?) Head Bomber

M. Bison

Deadly Throw (デッドリースルー Deddorīsurū?)*,
Psycho Impact (サイコインパクト Saiko Inpakuto?)
Death Tower (デスタワー Desutawā?)*,
Psycho Fall (サイコフォール Saikofōru?)
Psycho Fall+
Makoto Head Butt (引き寄せ頭突き・塔頭 Hikiyose Zutsuki Tacchuu?) Triple Threat (肘落とし三連突き・荒磯 Hijiotoshi Sanren Tsuki Araiso?) None
Menat Overflowing Nile (ナイルの氾濫 Nairu no Hanran?) Pyramid Hopscotch (オーバーザピラミッド Ōbā za piramiddo?) None
Necalli Soul Sealer (魂の刻印 Tamashī no Kokuin?) Soul Discriminator (魂の選別 Tamashī no Senbetsu?) None

Shoulder Attack (ショルダーアタック Shorudā Atakku?),

German Suplex (ジャーマンスープレックス Jāman sūpurekkusu?) (Back-turned)

Frankenstiener None
Oni Ragoshoha (羅豪双破?) Shuretto (朱裂刀?) None
Oro Kubi-jime Kataguruma (首絞め肩車?) Somersault Throw Kuuchuu Jigoku Guruma (空中地獄車?)
Poison Slap Shot (スラップショット Surappushotto?) Frankensteiner None

Painful Strike (捕獲及び膝部を用いた痛打(仮) Hokaku oyobi Shitsubu wo mochiita Tsūda (kari)?)

Vicious Impact (捕獲及び投擲による墜落衝撃(仮) Hokaku oyobi Tōteki niyoru Tsuiraku Shōgeki (kari)?) None
R. Mika German Suplex*, Daydream Headlock (デイドリームヘッドロック Deidorīmuheddorokku?),
Dream Driver (ドリームドライバー Dorīmudoraibā?)
Brain Buster (ブレーンバスター Burēn basutā?)*, Headbutt (ヘッドバット Heddobatto?)*,
Sell Down (セルダウト Serudauto?)
Hip Buster (ヒップバスター Hippu basutā?)+, Neck Breaker (ネックブリーカー Nekku burīkā?)+
Rashid Riding Glider (ライディング・グライド Raidingu guraido?) Rising Sun (ライジング・サン Raijingu san?) None
Remy Crazed Like Waltz (ヴァルスのように狂おしく Valse no you ni Kuruoshiku?) Disturbed Sleep Outline (眠りを乱すコントゥール Nemuri wo Midasu Contour?) None
Rolento Colonel Carrier (カーネルキャリア Kāneru kyaria?) Deadly Package (デッドリーパッケージ Deddorī pakkēji?) Fatality Package (フェイタリティーパッケージ Feitaritī pakkēji?)+
Rose Soul Drain (ソウルドレイン Souru dorein?)^/Soul Fall (ソウルフォール Souru fōru?) Soul Loop (ソウルループ Souru rūpu?) Soul Fade (ソウルフェイド Souru feido?)+
Rufus Head Bazooka (ヘッドバズーカ Heddo bazūka?) Hand Machinegun (ハンドマシンガン Hando mashingan?) None
Ryu Shoulder Throw Somersault Throw

Shoulder Throw+

Sagat Tiger Rage (タイガーレイジ Taigā reiji?)*, Tiger Hang (タイガーハング Taigāhangu?) Tiger Carry (タイガーキャリー Taigā kyarī?)/ Tiger Swing

Tiger Carry+

Sakura Sailor Shoot (セーラーシュート Sērā shūto?)^/Sailor Shot*,
Hanakaze (花風?)
Sakura-jime (さくら絞め?)^
Choba Throw (跳馬投げ Chōba nage?)*,
Sakura Shoulder Throw (さくら背負い Sakura Seoi?)
Sailor Fly (セーラーフライ Sērā furai?)+*,
Sailor Hop (セーラーホップ Sērāhoppu?)
Sawada Face Punch (フェイスパンチ Feisupanchi?) (Arcade), Shoulder Throw (Console) Back Slam (バックスラム Bakkusuramu?) (Arcade),

Shoulder Throw (Console)

Sean Soei Throw (セオイスルー Seoisurō?) Tomoe Throw (トモエスロー Tomoesurō?) None
Seth Genocide Shot (ジェノサイドシュート Jenosaido shūto?)
Death Throw
Death Throw (デススルー Desu surū?) None
Sodom Shogun Throw (ショウグンスルー Shōgun surū?) Shogun Throw Daimyo Throw (ダイミョウスルー Daimyō surū?)
T. Hawk Elbow Stomping (エルボーストンピング Erubōsutonpingu?)^/Neck Hanging Tree Mexican Throw (メキシカンスルー Mekishikansurū?) Condor Hunting (コンドルハンティング Kondoruhantingu?)+
Twelve H.U.G., F.L.G. T.R.W. None
Vega Rainbow Suplex (レインボースプレックス Reinbōsupurekkusu?) Crescent Line (クレセントライン Kuresentorain?) Crescent Line+
Stardust Drop (スターダストドロップ Sutādasutodoroppu?)*, Stardust Shot (スターダストショット Sutādasutoshotto?)

Violent Ken

Shoulder Throw, Knee Bash

Hell Wheel

Hell Windwheel

Urien Destroy Claw (デストロイクロー Desutoroikurō?)*,
Spartan Bomb
Spartan Bomb (スパルタンボム Suparutanbomu?) None
Yang Hiza Geri (膝蹴り?)^
Youhon Shiun (鷹翻飛雲?)
Monkey Flip^/

Ento Shugeki (猿頭蹴撃?)

Monkey Flip+
Yun Hiza Geri^
Gekitei Futai (戟躰風颱?)
Monkey Flip^/

Ento Shugeki

Monkey Flip+
Zangief Back Drop (バックドロップ Bakku doroppu?)^, Stomach Claw (ストマッククロー Sutomakku Kurō?)^,

Body Slam*, Atomic Drop (アトミックドロップ Atomikkudoroppu?), Horosho Chokeslam (ハラショーチョークスラム Harashōchōkusuramu?)

Kamitsuki (噛み付き?)^, Piledriver (パイルドライバー Pairudoraibā?)^,

Brain Buster*, Captured (キャプチュード Kyapuchūdo?)

Zeku (Old) Tsurigane Otoshi (釣鐘落とし?) Mikoshi (神輿?) None
Zeku (Young) Tesso (鉄鼠?) Raiju (雷獣?) None


For the full sprite gallery, see Grabs and Throws/Sprites.

RyuThrow 1RyuThrow 2



  • Guile is the only character in Street Fighter V to not only have two aerial throws, but also the only character to have four throws.
  • As of Street Fighter V, there are throws that affects crouched opponents. The first ones to have such trait were R. Mika and Zangief. Later, as of Arcade Edition, G also gained a throw that affects crouched targets.
  • Since Street Fighter Alpha 3, throws are done by pressing (Arcade-Stick-Left or Arcade-Stick-Right) + (Arcade-Button-2xPunch or Arcade Button 2xKick). In 3rd Strike, this was changed to pressing (Arcade-Stick-Left or Arcade-Stick-Right) + Arcade-Button-LPunch + Arcade-Button-LKick. This has been carried over to new Street Fighter games.
  • Some Street Fighter games, such as Street Fighter Alpha 3, had throw animations have been made to animate relative to the command direction pressed at the time the command was pulled off. This meant that throw animations looked more fluid and realistic, rather than look static from merely being flipped in a blink of an eye. This is most evident with Ryu's shoulder (or punch) throw serving as a comparison from Alpha 2 and Alpha 3. This trend has been carried over to newer games, especially in 2.5D/3D graphics such as Street Fighter IV and beyond.
  • Both Gill and his brother, Urien, have the same grabs but different names, reflecting each of their personalities. This trait is also seen with Ryu and Ken.
  • Q's grabs (like most of his moves) are roughly translated and shortened from the original Japanese manual.
  • Ibuki's Raida is the only throw that has a strike hitbox but has the followup properties of a throw.
  • Makoto is the only character that has a regular throw that doesn't knock down the opponent.
  • Gouken is the only character in the Street Fighter IV series that has a regular throw that doesn't deal damage (his back throw, as mentioned earlier on).
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