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For the similarly-named status used in Street Fighter Alpha 3, see Guard Crush.

The Guard Break (Hard Attack in Japan), is a type of attack exclusive to the Street Fighter EX series.

Appearance Function Input
Street Fighter EX
Street Fighter EX2
Guard Break Arcade Button Punch + Arcade Button Kick of the same strength
Street Fighter EX3 Surprise Blow Arcade-Button-MPunch + Arcade-Button-MKick


Executed by pressing two punch and kick buttons of the same level (i.e. light punch and light kick), the user executes a guard-crushing attack that costs one level of a filled Super Combo Gauge. An opponent hit by this move will be temporarily stunned and vulnerable to further damage. Landing a Guard Break on an airbone foe will launch them up in the air.

Each Guard Break attack is considered a unique attack, and is listed as such in the command lists. Several Guard Break moves are based on unique attacks and special attacks from other games. For example, Ryu's is the Collarbone Breaker, Ken's is the Inazuma Kick, Chun-Li's is the Sen'enshu and Sakura's is the Flower Kick.

Street Fighter EX2 introduced the Cancel Break, which allows special attacks and Super Combos to be canceled into a Guard Break. If the Cancel Break is comboed into and hits, it will knock the opponent down. If it hits a blocking opponent, it will stun them for a brief period, though it won't last as long as a normal Guard Break.

In Street Fighter EX3, the Guard Break is replaced with the Surprise Blow, which functions similarly via similar special effects, only it no longer has a meter cost, can be blocked high, and only stuns crouching opponents, essentially being an universal overhead. It also counts as a special move as it inflicts chip damage if blocked.

This mechanic is similar to the Focus Attack of the Street Fighter IV games, and may have been a precursor.

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