Guardian of the Sun is one of Menat's special attacks in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade Stick S+Arcade Button Kick



Menat suspending Cammy on her crystal ball using Guardian of the Sun.

Executed by performing a "Shoryuken" motion (forward, downward then down-forward) and pressing kick while holding the crystal ball, Menat jumps into the air with her hand open. If she touches the airborne opponent, Menat thrusts the crystal ball into their chest as they both descend to the ground. Holding the orb with both hands above the back of her head, she suspends her opponent's midsection on top of the crystal ball while charging it with Soul Power. When enough energy has been gathered, Menat presses and throws the orb upward. Her opponent is shoved off of the crystal ball and falls on their back.


Guardian of the Sun is a decent anti-air attack. It's main purpose is to end juggle combos. This move can only be performed if Menat has the crystal ball in her possession. Also, Guardian of the Sun only hits if her opponent is airborne. Using this attack on a grounded opponent causes Menat to whiff and jump over them, leaving her vulnerable on the recovery. Hitting the opponent with Guardian of the Sun results in a knockdown. It also leaves them fairly close to her. This allows her to either dash forward or use Light Soul Sphere to maintain pressure.

The strength of the kick button pressed determines the move's startup, range, and damage inflicted. The Light version has the fastest startup of 6 frames. It also cover about 1/4 of the screen. However, it inflicts the least amount of damage. The Medium version may have a slightly slower startup than the Light version, but it deals more damage and covers 1/2 of the screen. The Heavy version travels the furthest distance and inflicts the most damage. However, it has the slowest startup. Using the Heavy version to anti-air her opponent requires a hard read and fast reactions.

The EX version has the same, fast startup as the Light version. It also travels the same distance as the Medium version. On the other hand, it inflicts slightly more damage than the Heavy version. While it costs one bar of meter to perform, this is one of Menat's best anti-air attacks. Unlike the regular versions, she is fully invincible during the startup frames of the move.



  • While doing a regular (non EX) version, Menat says "Soul Throw" which is a similar attack of Rose.
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