Guile's Golden Stance is a glitch found in early arcade versions of Street Fighter II. While this glitch has no general use, it can be used to perform other more complex glitches.

Start Arcade Stick CB.pngArcade-Button-HKick.png+Arcade-Stick-Right.pngPunch.png
Finish Charge downward then upward + Kick (Flash Kick Motion)

Description[edit | edit source]

Guile performing the Golden Stance next to Ken. The blue and green boxes represent Guile's tangible and intangible hurt-boxes, respectively. Note the lack of blue boxes on the bottom portion of the standing leg show that he is invincible in this part of his body.

To do the glitch, one must charge back on the joystick, then press the roundhouse button. Guile will flip upside-down and will perform a kick. During the attack's animation, one and presses any punch button to perform a Sonic Boom. Instead of performing a Sonic Boom after the kick, Guile will freeze near the end of the animation. If a round ends when Guile is in this stance, the game will not proceed unless he stops holding the pose.

To stop holding the pose, one must either input a Flash Kick or get hit in the areas with tangible hurt-boxes. The standing leg lacks tangible hurt-boxes from his knee down to his foot when in the Golden Stance, rendering him completely invincible to low attacks.

If done against a CPU opponent, depending on the character, some opponents will respond in a strange manner. For example:

  • Vega will repeatedly perform slide kicks in which, due to Guile's leg being intangible, will only push Guile towards a corner of the stage.
  • Zangief will repeatedly perform Double Lariats or crouching normal attacks, with both of these attacks being just out of range.
  • Ken will use his Shoryuken just out of range. Inputting a Flash Kick to get out of the Golden Stance is optimal, since the Flash Kick doubles as a setup for an invisible throw or two.
  • M. Bison will use will his crouching heavy kick once, which is too low to harm Guile, much like Vega's slide kicks. Only after that will Bison attack Guile out of his Golden Stance.

Invisible Throw and Handcuff Glitches from Golden Stance[edit | edit source]

Two of Guile's other glitches, the Invisible Throw and the Handcuff Glitch can be performed after getting into the Golden Stance. As with the Golden Stance glitch itself, these glitches are crucial when it comes to performing more complex glitches.

Stance + Throw Arcade Stick CDB.pngArcade Stick DHCF.png (+Arcade-Stick-UL.png for Back)+Arcade-Button-HKick.png+Arcade-Button-HPunch.png

To perform a magic throw after the Golden Stance, one must use an input similar to that of a normal invisible throw, but modified to include a Flash Kick. This means charging down-backward, then performing a Tiger Knee motion, and then pressing the roundhouse and fierce buttons at almost the same time in that order, as with a normal Invisible Throw if throwing forward. To perform a backward Invisible Throw from the Golden Stance, one must charge down-backward, rolling the joystick from there to up-backward in a counter-clockwise motion, and then pressing fierce and roundhouse in that same fashion.

To perform the Handcuff glitch, perform the same input as it would be done normally. Execute it by charging down, then perform a strong throw interrupted by a Flash Kick. Also like the normal glitch, the only way to undo the glitch is to perform an Invisible Throw, either normally or from the Golden Stance.

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