Gunloc, known as Lucky Colt (ラッキー・コルト Rakkī Koruto?) in Japan, is a main character from the Slam Masters series of wrestling games.



Nicknamed the "Florida Wild Horse", Gunloc grew as a street fighter in the slums. He trained under Mike Haggar along with his friend/rival and fellow wrestler Biff Slamkovich, and they became famous CWA wrestlers together.[1] Gunloc had once tried to put the moves on Haggar's daughter Jessica, but after she had ignored him, Cody had gotten into a serious fight against him because of it. He later did the same thing again, to which Haggar himself was not personally amused by any of this and that the entire situation had soon led to both Haggar and Gunloc getting involved against each other in a serious fight of their own.[3]

Gunloc's Slam Masters bio states that he is "rumored to be related to a famous street fighter", which is largely hinted to be Guile due to their similar fighting techniques in their appearances.[2]

Other appearancesEdit

The Hyper Cannons, Biff and Gunloc's tag team, was mentioned in Hugo's ending in Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact if either Ryu, Necro or Gill is fought as the final boss.

Gunloc has yet to make an appearance in the mainline Street Fighter games, but a character relations chart in Street Fighter V: A Visionary Book lists him as part of the CWA alongside Biff.[4]


  • In Blade's ending in Street Fighter: The Movie, he is revealed to actually be Gunloc acting as a deep cover agent in Shadaloo. After defeating Shadaloo, Gunloc is stated to have returned to his wrestling career. With Blade's incorporation into the main Street Fighter canon due to his Street Fighter V profile, his official stats were listed, with his height, weight, and likes being identical to Gunloc's, but whether or not the two are explicitly one and the same in Street Fighter series canon or if the stats were just a nod to the original backstory of the character is unknown.
  • Unlike the other characters from the Slam Masters series, it's uncertain on what wrestler he's actually based on and inspired by, though he does share some similarities to the real-life retired WWE/WCW wrestler Lex Luger (most notably in terms of his ring attire).



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