"Now time to finish this! No holds barred! Now for the finale! (そろそろ決めるぜ! ド派手にな! こいつで最後だ! Sorosoro kimeru ze! Dohade ni na! Koitsu de saigoda!?)"
Ken (Street Fighter V)

The Guren Enjinkyaku (紅蓮炎迅脚 Guren Enjinkyaku?, "Crimson Lotus Flame Swift Leg") is Ken's Critical Art in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Quarter-circle forwardQuarter-circle forward+Kick

Description[edit | edit source]

Ken using Guren Enjinkyaku against Cammy.

Executed by performing two quarter-circle forward motions and pressing kick, Ken begins with a jumping kick that, if successful in hitting the opponent, begins the attack combination where he jumps off the opponent with the other foot, spinning on the ground backwards before he runs back up and hits the opponent with a furious upward-flying flaming Tatsumaki that ends with a final, slightly prolonged kick going straight across the opponent's face.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Since the full attack only initiates if the first hit lands, it is imperative that the attack is only used in a situation where it is guaranteed to hit the opponent, otherwise they can block the attack and punish the user.

The attack can be connected coming out of the Heat Rush's initial dash, allowing Ken to hit the opponent as they are falling away from him.

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