The Guren Ken (紅蓮拳 Crimson Lotus Fist?) is one of Karin's special attacks, introduced along with her in Street Fighter Alpha 3. In Street Fighter V, Karin gains this special attack when her first V-Trigger is activated.

All appearances Arcade Stick QCF+Arcade Button Punch(+Arcade Button Punch or Arcade Button Kick for varied follow-ups)



Executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing punch, Karin steps forward while launching up to three palm strikes; the motions must be buffered to obtain the maximum amount of hits.

After any of the first two strikes, the player can choose one of these followups:

  • Guren Kyoho (紅蓮虚歩? Crimson Lotus Hollow Walk): For Arcade Button Kick, Karin back dashes away from her opponent.
  • Guren Hou Shou: For Arcade Stick Right and Arcade Button Punch (or simply Arcade Button Punch after the second hit), Karin performs a version of her Hou Shou, which is a palm strike that knocks the opponent back.
  • Guren Senha: For Arcade-Stick-Up and Arcade Button Punch, Karin attacks with her Ressen Ha, leaping and spinning in an arc towards her opponent, and swinging her arms downward.
  • Guren Resshu: (紅蓮烈蹴? Crimson Lotus Violent Kick): For Arcade-Stick-Up and Arcade Button Kick, Karin attacks with her Senha Resshu, somersaulting toward her opponent. When she is close enough, Karin performs a handstand on top of the opponent's head. She then lands with both of her knees into the opponent's head, driving them toward the ground..
  • Guren Kusabi (紅蓮楔 Crimson Lotus Wedge?): For Arcade-Stick-Down and Arcade Button Kick, Karin follows with a low-hitting sliding kick, with both legs pushed forward on a side-stand.
  • Guren Chochu (紅蓮頂肘 Guren Chouchuu?, Crimson Lotus Peak Elbow): For Arcade-Stick-Down and Arcade Button Punch, Karin attacks with an elbow strike upward to her chin-level. It can be followed-up with another elbow strike with the opposite arm.
  • Guren Hochu (紅蓮崩肘 Guren Houchuu?, Crimson Lotus Crumbling Elbow): For Arcade-Stick-Down and Arcade Button Punch after Guren Chochu, Karin spins around her opponent and delivers an elbow strike to their backside.
  • For Arcade Button Kick, Karin does a Mujin Kyaku;
  • For Arcade Stick DR and Arcade Button Punch, Karin executes a Ressen Chou (up to 2 times if Arcade Button Punch is pressed twice);
  • For Arcade-Stick-Up and Arcade Button Kick, Karin attacks with a Ressen Ha
  • For Arcade Stick Left and Arcade Button Punch or Arcade Button Kick, Karin stops dead on her tracks with a Yasha Gaeshi (upper or lower, depending on the button pressed);

In Capcom Fighting Evolution, an alternate version called the Guren Ken: Kai (紅蓮拳・改 Crimson Lotus Fist: Revise?) is done with a half-circle forward motion and any punch button (Arcade Stick HCF+Arcade Button Punch).


The horizontal distance covered in each step is determined by the strength of the punch button pressed during the move startup. The Light version travels the shortest distance, while the Heavy version covers a greater distance. Additionally, the huge plethora of follow-up attacks that allows Karin to perform several kinds of fancy combos, create escape routes and retort safely against all kinds of enemy attacks (with the except for projectiles, which Karin must evade against). However, despite the simplicity of the extra inputs, these setups must be precisely entered and timed properly, as Karin may whiff her move(s), leaving her vulnerable for a counterattack.

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