This is a list of quotes used by Guy.

Street Fighter Alpha series Edit

Street Fighter Alpha Edit

In Battle Edit

  • "No hard feelings" 「悪く思うな」 ('Waruku omou na')
  • "This is Bushinryu" 「これは武神流」 ('Kore wa Bushinryu')

Win Quotes Edit

  • "You are so outclassed."
  • "Don't worry, everyone loses to me!"
  • "You can't beat what you can't touch!"
  • "Shouldn't you be crawling to a hospital about now?"

Rival Dialogue Edit

Vs M. BisonEdit

Bison: A new enemy? Why have you come here?

Guy: There is great evil within you. I will not let you succeed!

Bison: You are a fool and soon you will be gone!

Street Fighter Alpha 2 Edit

Rival Dialogues Edit

Vs RoseEdit

Rose: I see there is a hole in your mind.

Guy: There is nothing in my mind.

Rose: So strong, yet so stupid.

Guy: Can't you see, this will be your final fight.

Vs M. BisonEdit

Bison: Bushin-style Ninjas are no match for Shadaloo soldiers.

Guy: I've fought your soldiers. Now I've come for you.

Bison: My soldiers are skilled, but I am supreme.

Guy: Yea, a supreme fat-head!

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Edit

Rival Dialogues Edit

Vs. Gen Edit

Gen: Wait, lad! Are you searching for the villain named Bison?

Guy: Yes... What do you know of him?

Gen: Whether that man lives or dies is completely inconsequential, but you risk interfering in my quest for the man of "Ten." You will not interfere with the "death match" I have planned! I will kill you before I allow that to happen!

Post-battle Edit

Guy: I can't imagine how dreadful the man called Bison must be. Master Zeku predicted that I'd fight with Bison someday, but there is still much I have to learn about Bushin Style...

Vs. Karin Edit

Karin: Are you the legitimate successor of Bushin Style; Guy? My father forbids me to fight, but I can't resist the call! The Kanzuki family detests any unearned victories.

Guy: I'm afraid I don't understand... Do you intend to fight me? If this is true, then I will fight with all my strength!


Karin: I underestimated you, Guy! Your skills are amazing!

Guy: And what do you know of Bushin Style?

Karin: When a threat to the world rises so will the shadow of Bushin. This is a great opportunity to fight beside one such as you!

Guy: This "threat to the world." Do you know who this man is?

Karin: Yes, if I remember correctly, his present name is BISON.

Vs. M. BisonEdit

Bison: Bushin Style... Ah. Now I recall what I've heard about that name. Bushin is a threat to my Psycho Power. It must be exterminated. You are disrupting our work... Leave here at once.

Guy: I can't. You are the "threat to the world" I was warned of.

Bison: I have gone by many different names throughout history, but each has always been marked by fear and despair. Get ready... the legitimate successor of Bushin Style!

Win Quotes Edit

  • "What a cool move... Your style possesses some worthy qualities."
  • "There's something you should get to know better. Your limits."
  • "There is a great burden behind the fighting skill of Bushin!"
  • "The eyes of a Bushin... No movement can escape them!"
  • "The Bushin style tends to overwhelm an opponent..."
  • "Senseless killing does not appeal to me. Leave my presence!"
  • "Perhaps you lack the discipline necessary for you to win."
  • "You know what...!? I've you on a chain!! Ha! HA! HA!"

Win Quotes (Japanese) Edit

  • "A man who misunderstands the truth cannot hold the cause!"「真理を見誤る者に 大義はつかめぬでこざる! 」
  • "A far-reaching farce! Give it a try! "「茶番極まれり ! 鍛え直してまいれい ! 」
  • "The beast...but the warrior was impressed!"「野獣 ・・・・・・ されど戦士 感服いたした ! 」
  • "Shadoloo is sneaky to play with the human heart and manipulate the infant!"「人心を弄び幼子を操るとは シャドルー、 卑劣なり ! 」
  • "Fight for righteousness, but this is also a battle... forgive me!"「義のための戦いご苦労でござるが これも勝負 ・・・・・・ 許せ ! 」
  • "…... I don’t care, only live as you believe"「・・・・・ あえては問わぬ 信するままに生きるのみ」
  • "Unfortunately, I have no interest in tropical dance." 「せっしゃあいにく 南国舞踏に興味はござらん」
  • "I made a simple choice whether to move back or move forward."「退くか進むか単純な 択一でこざった」
  • "... Where are you going? The enemy is inside you!"「・・・・・何処へ行く? 敵は、おぬしの中に居るッ!!」
  • "Do your best! There is still not enough energy!" 「精進いたせ! まだまだ気の練りが足りぬ!」
  • "All people die, so respect life!" 「人は皆死ぬ ゆえに生を尊ぶべし!」
  • "It's a puppet... It's outrageous!"「傀儡(くぐつ)か・・・・・非道なり!」
  • "Only when you are torn and defeated are your weak points exposed" 「裂かれ、敗れてこそ 弱点は露呈するもの」
  • "The fire of the dragon is nothing but a calm still water " 「龍のことき炎も 止水のに静まるほかなし」
  • "A star that disturbs the law of the human world...! 「人の世の律を乱す星 ・・・・・ ! 武神の名にごけ成敗いたす ! 」
  • "Answer! What is the Bushinryu style?"「問う ! 武神流とは何ぞや !
  • "Ominous ..... I can see a black shadow behind you...!"「不吉 ・・・・・・ おぬしの背後に 黒い影がかいま見える ・・・・・!
  • "Positive ideas must be pleasant."「ポジテブーな考えというのは 気持ちのいいものでこざるな」
  • "I want to use my fists until I can feel my heart."「おぬしとはいすれ心ゆくまで 拳を交えたいでこざるな」
  • "Your eyes are cloudy! " 「おぬしの眼 、 墨っておる ! 」
  • "That innocent fighting spirit... you must not lose sight of it."「その清廉なる闘志 ・・・・・ 見失ってはならぬぞ」
  • "It is impossible to defeat an enemy with just being robust." 「堅牢なだけでは 敵を打ち破ることはできぬ」
  • "It would be possible to save one country if you were a master"「おぬしほどの豪傑ならば 一国を救うも可能であろうな」

Final Fight Revenge Edit

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Capcom Fighting Evolution Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "This is the power of Bushinryuu."
  • "Like the transient wind... I blow through ranks of foes and disappear."
  • "The ninja is most at home on the battlefield."
  • "With that, I bid you farewell."
  • "Now you understand the gap between your power and mine..."
  • "Realize that you are but a grain of sand on the beach called the universe."
  • "Do not confuse a heart of stone with indifference."
  • "Devotion to training is key."

Super Street Fighter IV Edit

Intro Edit

"Hm... What a shame that a beautiful moonlit night must play host to this feeling of unease. The heroes of this city vanish one by one. In their place crop up dealers of weapons and immoral creatures to prey on the innocents. It pains me to think of the victims of this nightmare city, those who will never be accounted for, never missed. Their stories will never be told. Yet, when viewed from the lens of history, our struggle is so tiny as to be meaningless. However, I cannot stand idly by and watch as the good suffer and the evil prevail. It is up to me to ensure that our small chapter of history be written by a just and steady hand. The power of Bushin-ryu shall be my quill!"

Rival Dialogues Edit

Vs. Rose Edit

Rose: I must hurry! It's you!

Guy: Being prepared to die in battle is not the same as offering yourself to death willingly. Rose, tell me - Do you intend to die today?

Rose: Guy, I- Just let me pass!

Ending Edit

Guy: Bison! I won't allow you to do any more damage! Put the girl down... Put her down and I'll let you walk away!

Bison: What was that?

Guy: Don't you dare try anything, or I'll use my ninja blades to make short work of you and your vehicle!

Bison: What insolence!

Guy: Wake up! Don't you dare give in to the specter of death! I won't let you die here! The world needs you, Rose! It's vulnerable without your protection! Rose!

Rose: Nghh... Nghhhh...

Defeat Edit

  • "Profound sadness..."

Personal Actions Edit

  • "Sorry, but I'm obligated to defeat you."
  • "I recommend fasting."
  • "I await you."
  • "Rin! Pyoh! Toh! Sha! Kai! Jin! Retsu! Zai! Zen!"
  • "You have more potential than you give yourself credit for."
  • "Come at me with everything you have."
  • "Mmmmmm... Yeah!"
  • "You lack the spirit necessary to take me on."
  • "Your strength is to be commended."
  • "There is nothing you can do that I cannot counter!"

Prefight Edit

  • "Hiiiiyah!"

Win Quotes Edit

  • "This is Bushin-ryu!"
  • "Sneakers are well-suited to swift-footed techniques!"
  • "This fight is over! Leave this place at once!"
  • "Bushin-ryu allows me to pierce the sky and split the earth with my blows!"
  • "May the power of Bushin-ryu be etched forever into your retinas!"
  • "Sayonara!"
  • "Most fighters could not have lasted as long as you did."
  • "I am not your enemy! You must overcome yourself before you take on others!"
  • "A restless spirit is no good in battle. Always meditate in preparation for war."
  • "Never attempt the same move after you have been once thwarted!"
  • "What good is your defense if you cannot keep up with my speed?"

Arcade Mode Edit

  • "If you truly wish to uncover the truth you seek, you must grow in strength."
  • "You have forgotten who made you what you are! You have nothing to teach me."
  • "Throwing your humanity away to gain power is nothing to boast of!"
  • "If I'd lost to you, I'd be too ashamed to show my face."
  • "I have seen many fighting styles in my day, but yours is truly unique."
  • "You need not fight this battle alone. You have allies, do you not?"
  • "I have no intention of interfering with your investigation. Please carry on."
  • "Every man must walk his own path. Are you certain you have found yours, Cody?"
  • "Your simple gadgets are useless in the face of a true ninja!"
  • "Why does fighting you always seem to throw off my pace?"
  • "The music I am familiar with is quite different from yours, I'm afraid."
  • "Your legendary reputation precedes you, my Indian friend."
  • "Thank you for allowing me to sample the best of the West's fighting techniques."
  • "What a strange flavor. This could take quite a while to get accustomed to..."
  • "Is sumo really such a simplistic art?"
  • "The winds of battle have washed over us both."
  • "Life is a most precious gift. When did you forget this simple truth?"
  • "Your moves betray a great deal of training. May I ask your name, sir?"
  • "Your moves are devoid of needless flash and pomp. I respect that."
  • "We ninjas eat traditional vegetarian dishes. I have no use for cooking oil."
  • "You are connected to this disturbance I feel. You must pay for your crimes!"
  • "It seems that we both have a long way to go to reach our full potential."
  • "Evil Bison! You have been vanquished by the Bushin-ryu warrior, Guy! It is over!"
  • "You need only to continue your training to discover your true potential."
  • "It is now time for Bushin-ryu to rid the world of your terrible power!"
  • "Do not underestimate your importance to the world, Rose!"
  • "Your body is large enough to hold many warriors. Draw strength from it."
  • "I should have expected a glorious fight like that from you, Ryu."
  • "It appears as if your heart is free of confusion and you have found your path."
  • "You do not fully appreciate the depth of the evil inherent in your deeds!"
  • "You are quite the warrior! You have earned my respect."
  • "You are welcome to be a narcissist if you choose, but you mustn't cause harm!"
  • "There is no martial art in the world that can compete with Bushinryu!"
  • "Your speed is not enough to keep up with me!"
  • "You fight with a purity of spirit rarely seen."


  • "Such unusual moves. Perhaps dancing is a deeper art than I'd thought."
  • "Your motives are contradict the teachings of Bushinryu."

Street Fighter X Tekken Edit

Character Select Edit

Intro Edit

  • "Prepare for a lesson on the power of Bushinryu."
  • "It would appear this fight cannot be avoided." (with Cody)

Taunt Edit

  • "Sorry, but I must defeat you."

Pandora Mode Edit

  • "I'm overflowing with energy!"

Pandora Sacrifice Edit

Victory Edit

  • "Justice wins. Sorry."

Defeat Edit

  • "Your spirit... is strong..." (Chip KO)

Win Quotes Edit

Versus Mode Edit

Street FighterEdit

  • "I will not waste time on the likes of you! You are beyond reprieve!"
  • "If you are also on a mission for the greater good, then I will allow you to proceed!"
  • "Cody...No, nevermind."
  • "Even if the fires of hell itself were to dance at my feet, my faith in Bushinryu would not waver!"
  • "Always a pleasure to have a good clean fight! I hope we cross paths again someday!"
  • "Rhythm? I don't know much about that, but I am very intrigued."
  • "You and I both have our missions. Now if you will excuse me, I must resume mine."
  • "You have been granted great power. Do you not wish to use it to help others?"
  • "If you wish to become a true ninja, you must train harder! Your concentration skills are especially weak!"
  • "Those who attempt to create chaos are a blight to this world. I will always stand against you!"
  • "It is time you paid for your crimes, Bison!"
  • "A true battle is not something that's for show! How could you say such a thing?"
  • "I will put an end to your evildoings here and now! Prepare yourself!"
  • "You cannot keep up with me with that body. I recommend going on a steady diet."
  • "You just keep pushing yourself to the limits. Don't think I'll let myself fall behind you!"
  • "You have learned much from your defeat. But your journey of enlightenment has just begun."
  • "Bushinryu is faster than the wind. One with clouded eyes such as yourself could never hope to keep up."
  • "As expected from the hero of Russia. To fight for your country is truly admirable."


  • "You must be stopped here and now for the sake of peace and tranquility!"
  • "I shall inform you at once if I should happen across the man you're looking for."
  • "Your attacks have not been dulled by your age... I am very impressed!"
  • "You left yourself wide open. You should increase the intensity of your training."
  • "A mere machine will never stand a chance against Bushinryu!"
  • "No matter how strong the attack is, it is meaningless if it cannot reach its goal."
  • "I do not need to see your face. I learned everything about you during the fight."
  • "Are you what they call a cosplayer? Or did someone rob you of your normal clothes?"
  • "I am in a hurry, so my apologies, but I must depart. If you wish for a rematch, let's do it some other time."
  • "Your skills are impressive, but your attacks are clouded by your arrogance."
  • "A human life is priceless. Despite that, you continue to work as an assassin?"
  • "Fighting to protect the one you love... Yes, that spirit is exactly what the world needs!"


  • "You rely too much on your electrical powers. First, you should focus your mind and spirit."
  • "Are you lost, little kitty? Shall I take you to an animal shelter?"
  • "A helmet... Not a bad idea. Perhaps Bushinryu could also adopt this..."
  • "What sort of evil demon are you? Actually... just, what are you?"
  • "Show yourself, person who is providing the voice of this cat!"
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