"Can you dodge this?"

Hailstorm is one of Kolin's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade Stick S+Arcade Button Punch



Executed by performing a "Shoryuken" motion (forward, downward then down-forward) and pressing punch, Kolin waves her arm upwards, creating an ice ball that falls to the ground.


This move is Kolin's only mid/long range attack to keep her opponent at a distance. While the projectile's speed is subpar, it becomes active in the air, which makes it tricky for other characters to neutralize with their own fireballs. Kolin can use Hailstorm to zone out her opponent.

The strength of the punch button pressed determines the projectile's range. The Light version covers about halfscreen. The Medium version travels about 3/4 of the screen. The Heavy version hits fullscreen. The EX version send two ice balls. The range of the projectiles are also determined by which two punch buttons are pressed. Pressing Light Punch and Medium Punch simultaneously performs the EX Light Hailstorm. Pressing Light Punch and Heavy Punch simultaneously performs the EX Medium Hailstorm. Pressing Medium Punch and Heavy Punch simultaneously performs the EX Heavy Hailstorm.


Aside from zoning, Kolin can also use this attack to end combos. Her waving arm motion not only nullifies a single-hitting projectile, but it also causes a knockdown. While the damage of the strike alone is mediocre, it keeps her opponent on the defensive end. On wake-up, they must respect the projectile descending above them. Getting hit by the ice ball has a decent amount of hitstun, giving Kolin a free combo starter. However, simply blocking the projectile allows Kolin to move freely toward her opponent to maintain pressure. A quickrising opponent is also forced to defend against any mix-up Kolin has in her arsenal, including her overhead, low attacks, throws, etc.


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