This is a list of quotes used by Hakan.

Street Fighter IV series Edit


  • "I'm ready for action!"

Rival DialogueEdit

E. Honda

Hakan: "Well, if it isn't my old friend, Mr. Honda! How are you, Edmond?"

E. Honda: "Fine! Long time no see!"

Hakan: "My goodness! How many years has it been? So, what are you doing out here, anyway?"

E. Honda: "Just trying to spread the word about Sumo! Gotta show people it's the best technique on Earth!"

Hakan: "Oh, yeah? Can't see I agree with you there, friend. The best technique out there is Turkish wrestling! Everybody knows that!"

E. Honda: "Nnngh... Maybe we oughtta put that to the test!"

Hakan: "Sounds good!"

Personal ActionsEdit

  • "Okay, are you ready?"
  •  "Go ahead! Make your move!"
  • "I haven't even begun to fight."
  • "You can't compare to my strength!"
  • "You're going to mess up my hair!"
  • "I don't have time for amateurs!"
  • (Singing) "Nothing beats Hakan's cooking oil!"
  • "Nothing's more comfortable than a kisbet."
  • "Got to keep your kisbet in good shape."


"Hold on just one second there, pal! On whose authority did you drag your sorry self here, huh? Surely, you know this here is the private residence of Hakan, the oil king of Turkey! Aha! You must be some sort of industrial spy, is that it? Don't lie to me! That paper you have is all the proof I need! It may look like an ordinary shopping list, but I wasn't born yesterday! It's written in a secret code! Get some fire near it, and the invisible ink shows up, no? You've come to steal my trade secrets so your two-bit employer can dethrone me and take over my market share! I can't believe I was almost violated by a spy like you! If you thought for one second that this would make me give up my dream of winning a tournament with my very own oil, you are sadly mistaken! It's time to go on the offensive! I'll devise an oil so magnificent that no one can hope to copy it! This is it! The time has come to cover the world in my oil!"


Hakan: Grrr... Well then, Mr. Honda. Let us meet again in your homeland!
E. Honda: Grrr... Good fight! Just don't expect me to lose next time!
Hakan: Quite a grip on that one, let me tell you. With a grip like that, he could go far in the world of Turkish wrestling! And that oily topknot! What a character that man is! You know, he made mention of the various oils available in the Land of the Rising Sun. Hmm? Ah, there you are! Make preparations at once! We need to go to Japan! It is a fascinating and oily place populated by sumo wrestlers! This is the first step on my way to becoming the oil king of a new land! (laughs)

Damage TakenEdit

  • "You will pay!"
  • "Why, you!"

Thriffed ThrowEdit

  • "Seriously?"


  • "Out...of...oil..." (Chip KO)

Win QuotesEdit

Round WinEdit

  • "You can't beat virgin olive oil."
  • "Not bad!"
  • "Looks like it's time to oil up!"
  • "I say Turkish wrestling rules!"

Versus ModeEdit

  • Not bad! But you've got plenty of room for improvement!
  • If you like oil, you'll love my brand of cooking oil! Care for a free sample?
  • Sorry about that! You're not hurt, are ya?
  • Don't let it get to you. We all have days like this! You'll feel better soon!
  • I guess victory *slipped* from your grasp, eh? Wah hah ha ha ha!
  • Never fought a Turkish wrestler before? Glad I could enlighten you!
  • Using oil isn't cheating. You're welcome to oil up yourself, you know.
  • Nothing makes me angrier than smokers. Don't they know fire is dangerous?
  • How about some oil?
  • I went easy on ya, amateur. You won't be so lucky next time!
  • No, no! Stay down! Don't get up on my account! Just relax!

Arcade Mode (SSFIV)Edit

  • "Have you had a taste of my cooking oil yet, young man?"
  • "With looks like that and kicks to match, I bet you get a lot of attention!"
  • "I don't know what you did, but I don't associate with criminals!"
  • "So you were using gadgets, were ya? Cheap tricks like that won't work on me!"
  • "You're a strong fighter, but I prefer folk songs to your music."
  • "So that's yoga, is it? I've never seen anything like it!"
  • "Did you see that, Honda? That's the power of Turkish oil wrestling!"
  • "You have a daughter too, do you? Us dads have to stick together!"
  • "It's bad for your health to be so grumpy! How about some aromatic oil?"
  • "You and I have a lot in common, friend! I hope we can meet again!"
  • "You want to restore your family dojo! What a responsible girl you are!"
  • "That was one scary fight! Look, I'm sweating oil because of you!"
  • "You're a powerful fighter, lady! And quite a looker, too!"
  • "You're as strong as they say! I should use you in my commercials!"
  • "How old are you, anyway? This tournament is awfully dangerous for a kid!"
  • "Unlike your weapons, my oil makes the world a better place!"
    • You've gone to great lengths to gain power, but it won't work!
  • "Did you just call yourself beautiful? Have you looked in a mirror lately?"
  • "You'd get more ladies with a tan! How about some of my sunscreen?"

Arcade Mode (USFIV)Edit

  • "Fighting with weapons is actually harder than doing it the old fashioned way."
  • "You're so tall! Are you a model or something?"
  • "Are you sure you're not two guys wrapped up in some kind of man-suit?"
  • "Sponsor, huh? I'll consider it, but you need to gather enough fans first.
  • "Be sure to look me up if your nation is ever need of oil."
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