Hakkei (発勁 Hakkei?, "Fajin/Force Exert") is one of Chun-Li's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. In Street Fighter IV it was reduced to a close proximity normal heavy punch, but in Ultra Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V it was restored to a unique attack.

All appearances Arcade-Stick-Left+Arcade-Button-HPunch

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Executed by pressing back and Heavy Punch at far range, Chun-Li thrusts her palms forward (similar to her Kikosho). The attack can destroy projectiles but is not very useful for anything else due to its short range. In Street Fighter IV it completely loses its projectile negating abilities due to it being changed to a normal technique, but its prowess is restored in Ultra Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V as a projectile negating unique attack.

Tactics Edit

This attack is one of Chun-Li's Crush Counter moves. This is an effective move for setting up meaty situations. It has a fairly quick startup and can link into Chun-Li's light normals for decent combos. While the range of this move is very limited, it can be used to frametrap her opponent to continue offensive pressure. If Chun-Li scores a Crush Counter with this move, it will put her opponent in a juggle state, allowing her to link into Hyakuretsukyaku or Critical Art.

Etymology Edit

The original name of this term is known as "fajin" (発勁) in pinyin, a term used in Chinese martial arts that involves use of internal energies and explosive force. "Hakkei" is the term's on'yomi reading.


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