The Hanagasumi is Ibuki's V-Reversal in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade-Stick-Right+Arcade Button Punch x3 (During guard)

Description Edit

Ibuki Hanagasumi

Ibuki activating Hanagusmi pose.

Executed by pressing forward and all three punches after blocking an attack, Ibuki performs a hand sign before disappearing behind a cloud of smoke. Moments later, a log appears from another cloud of smoke right in front of her opponent. Her opponent is knocked backwards to the ground as she reappears in front of them.

Tactics Edit

Like most V-Reversals, the purpose is to stop opponent's pressure or to get out of tough situations. This move is a solid escape option. If the opponent is constantly pressuring, Ibuki can use this move to create space and reset the neutral game. In addition, this attack can be used to track her opponent, regardless how far apart they are from Ibuki. If they are out of range for the V-Reversal to connect, Ibuki can reappear in front of her opponent. While it won't result in a knockdown, she will be very close to her opponent to maintain offensive pressure.

It is not recommended for the opponent to use this as an anti air reversal, an opponent can simply throw her out of the startup.

Caution also has to be taken against Grappler style characters, as they tend to have fast recovery on normals and can throw Ibuki out of this attack's startup with normal throws, command throws, and when applicable Critical Art throws.


  • Ibuki's V-Reversal is based on a real-life ninja art, kawarimi. It was an ancient ninja art revolving around misdirection and the split-second timing of a switch between a 'body' and a location, or between two or more bodies: A technique utilized by ninja in ancient Japan, involving the ninja and anything that can be mistaken for them, (such as a dummy or a mannequin). As it means "a quick shift in position, or adaptability to changing circumstances", it is also utilized in Sumo. Naturally with ninjutsu techniques, their naming conventions are centered in more poetic meaning for the sake of secrecy and concealment; while kawarimi is more often known as utsusemi ("cicada shell", referring to the molted shells of adult cicadas that are completely intact and are mistaken as live beings), hanagasumi is a more newly made, and considering Ibuki's new age ninja teenage disposition, a more trendy and fashionable way of referring to the technique, in this case meaning "flower mist" (evocative of scintillating and enchanting sakura cherry blossoms in the wind).
  • This move share many similarities to the Body Replacement Technique from Naruto. It is also called the Substitution Jutsu where the ninja replaces their own body with some other object, (generally a block of wood), the moment an attack lands.
  • This is also Ibuki's first blockstun action in any game that only hits once.

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