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Chun-Li handcuffed by Guile (Animated).

The Handcuffs is a special move used by Guile in the arcade version of Street Fighter: The Movie.

All appearances Hold Light Punch, Charge backForward Left motion then right motion and release Light Punch


Guile pulls out a pair of handcuffs and places them on the opponent. The move does no damage but it restrains the opponent for a couple seconds. It is a little awkward to use due to the back charge movement that can take the player out of the range of the opponent.



  • The move is based on Guile's infamous Handcuff Glitch in Street Fighter II.
  • Poison has a similar move in Final Fight Revenge which, different from Guile's does a small amount of damage.
  • This attack may have been the inspiration for future command grabs such as Karakusa that do not do much damage by themselves but enable the user to combo on a successful connection.
  • This attack is the only time Guile has had a command grab.
  • This attack is also the only known charge command grab in the series.