The Hanging Chain is one of Birdie's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade Stick QCF+Arcade Button Kick
(Can Punch hold)(Cancel with Arcade Button Punch during button hold)



Birdie slamming Cammy into the ground using Hanging Chain.

Executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing kick, Birdie pulls out his chain and swings it around like a lasso. As long as the kick button is held, Birdie continues swinging the chain. When the kick button is released, Birdie throws his chain toward the opponent. If the hit connects, the chain wraps around the opponent, causing Birdie to swing them back and throw them across the stage. If two kick buttons are pressed, then Birdie slams his opponent on the ground twice.


This move is one of the Birdie's more notable moves in his arsenal. The kick button determines where Birdie throws the chain, as well as the opponent. However, pressing any punch button while Birdie is swinging the chain cancels the move.

Version Effect
Arcade-Button-LKick The chain travels horizontally. In addition, the opponent will bounce off of the wall and land very close to Birdie.
Arcade-Button-MKick The chain travels horizontally. Inflicts more damage than the Light version and results in a knockdown.
Arcade-Button-HKick The chain travels diagonally up. Inflicts more damage than the Medium version and results in a knockdown.
Arcade Button 2xKick The chain travels horizontally. Birdie slams his opponent twice on the ground before releasing them, inflicting the most damage.

The Light version is more effective to punish fireballs from short range. Also, the opponent bounces off of the wall on hit and lands very close to Birdie, allowing him to continue offensive pressure.

The Medium version is his best mid-range tool which contain it all the attributes of the Light version. The difference is that it has more distance and leads to knock down, dealing more damage than the Light version.

The Heavy version is one of Birdie's anti-air attacks. If he reacts fast enough, Birdie can catch an opponent jumping in and inflict a ton of damage at the same time. However, this move only hits airborne opponents. It will whiff if the opponent is grounded. Also, the angle of the Heavy version is very specific. If Birdie misses, then he will be defenseless.

The EX version has the fastest startup and can also go through fireballs, making it a useful tool to punish the opponent at a distance. It also can serve as an anti-air.

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LP version of the attack ALT Angle

Additionally, the Hanging Chain can be used to fool the opponent. By holding the kick button, Birdie can spin the chain around continuously, while waiting for the opponent to make a move. This will make the opponent reconsider drawing close to Birdie since he can either throw the chain horizontally or up in the air, catching them off-guard. In addition, by canceling the move b pressing the punch button, Birdie can use the opponent's hesitation to his advantage, dashing in to bring the pressure to them.

Unfortunately, all versions of the Hanging Chain are unsafe on block; even at max distance.  


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