"Gotta respect the law."

Hard Hit Knee is Lucia's Critical Art in Street Fighter V. It is based on her Super Move that's of the same name from Final Fight 3.

Street Fighter V Arcade Stick QCBArcade Stick QCB+Arcade Button Kick



Lucia kicking Cammy's midsection using Hard Hit Knee.

Executed by performing two quarter-circle backwards motions and pressing kick, Lucia delivers a jumping knee strike, followed by a high spinning kick. If any of the initial two hit connects, Lucia kicks her opponent into the air. She leaps toward her opponent and delivers a flurry of her fiery spin kicks. Lucia performs one more Hurricane Spinner into her opponent's midsection, causing a huge explosion. As Lucia lands on the ground and pumps herself up, her opponent crashes back-first on the canvas.


Like most Critical Arts, this move is used to end combos to deal large amounts of damage to the opponent. The Hard Hit Knee can be cancelled from some of Lucia's special moves such as Flipper Shot, Rough Chase, and Cyclone Spinner. She can cancel the third hit of her Tap-Kick into her Critical Art as well. Lucia is also completely invincible during the startup frames of this move. Additionally, she retains her invincibility until the end of the active frames of Hard Hit Knee. If the opponent is constantly keeping Lucia from a distance with fireballs, she can use this move to go through the projectiles and deal massive damage at the same time. 


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