Haru Arashi (春嵐 Haru Arashi?) is Sakura's first V-Trigger in Street Fighter V.[1]

Street Fighter V Arcade-Button-HPunch+Arcade-Button-HKick


Haru arashi activation

Sakura activating Haru Arashi.

Executed by pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously, Sakura’s fists are enveloped by blue ki energy, thus amplifying her fireball attacks. By pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick during her V-Trigger, she gains access to the Hogasho (萌芽掌 Hōgashō?). Sakura envelops her hands in energy and performs a double palm thrust that bears resemblance to the Hadoken pose.



In addition to inflicting more damage, her fireballs are safer on block. The uncharged Hadoken puts Sakura at +1, while the fully charged version is +10 on block. This improves her pressure game with the additional enhancements to her fireballs. Even after blocking her Hadoken during V-Trigger, Sakura can maintain offensive pressure since she has frame advantage.

While this V-Trigger is active, her Hadoken and Tengyo Hadoken, gains an additional hit. Landing a hit with her projectiles puts the opponent to be put into a juggle state giving players an opportunity to land additional attacks. In other words, her fireballs can serve as combo extenders on hit, allowing Sakura can link into Medium or EX Shouoken for additional damage.

During Haru Arashi, Sakura can use Hogasho to nullify her opponent's projectiles. Similarly to her amplified Hadoken, this move enhances Sakura's pressure game. It is +5 on block and only costs 1/4 of her V-Gauge. While Hogasho does not result in a knockdown, it puts Sakura +9 on hit. This gives her an excellent meaty follow-up on her opponent's wake up. Not only it interrupts most of their reversal attempts, but it can serve as a great combo starter.

While her second V-Trigger enhances Sakura's damage output and wake-up defense, Haru Arashi focuses more on enhancing her zoning and amplifying offensive pressure through improved block strings and fireballs.


  • Sakura's Hogasho works similarly to one of her previous special attacks called the Hadosho.

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