"Ready! (せーの! Seeno!?)"

The Haru Ichiban (春一番? "First Storm of Spring") is Sakura's Super Combo in Street Fighter Alpha series and in Street Fighter IV. It is also used by her "Dark Sakura" form. In Street Fighter V, this move is used as Sakura's V-Reversal, under the difference moniker called Floral Spin.

All appearances Arcade Stick QCBArcade Stick QCB + Arcade Button Kick
Sakura 350


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Sakura performing Haru Ichiban

Executed by performing two quarter-circle backward motions and pressing kick, Sakura will use a series of low, sweeping, spinning kicks followed by a backward-facing kick to the opponent's midsection. The distance she travels while spinning is determined by the kick button used. A short kick makes her travel the same distance as a jump. Medium makes her go a little farther, and Heavy makes her travel the length of screen. The openings on this attack are few and far between. Mostly, a player would have to wait for an opponent to shoot a projectile or make a false step.

Tactics Edit

This can be comboed with a heavy Shunpukyaku immediately after the last hit, as well as a heavy Shouoken and an EX Shunpukyaku if timed right. If Haru Ichiban hits a crumbling opponent after a Focus Attack, the opponent will back flip and only be hit by the first and last kick.

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