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Hayato Nekketsu (熱血 隼人 Nekketsu Hayato) is a fighting game character from the Rival Schools games. Hayato is a physical education teacher at Taiyo High School.



Hayato is said to be Taiyo High's "number one lady-killer" and as hot-blooded as his name implies. He developed his own sense of justice; corporal punishment was also one of his own ideas. His students draw a ferocious, inescapable, unstoppable force from Hayato's own sense of justice. He has feelings for Kyoko Minazuki, despite her connection to Hideo Shimazu.

In Project Justice, he and Hideo were showing their rivalry for Kyoko but they teamed up to rescue her from Kurow Kirishima. He is also a risk taker to fight Kurow allowing Hideo to rescue her. But after the incident, Hayato remained friends with both of them since he let Hideo to be with Kyoko on their upcoming marriage.

In the School Life Mode of Nekketsu Seisyun Nikki 2 and his appearance in the mini-game, Hayato has a near resemblance to Batsu's personality whenever he informs his students during the Beach Overnight. He also dislikes failures particularly if the players failed to participate in every mini-games or his own mini-game. He is also a street-smart person whenever his students had passed or enjoying in every competition they participate.


He has black hair with thick eyebrows (brown in some UDON promotional artwork and official comic art), a long single piece of grass in his mouth, and is dressed in a red track suit with a white shirt and sneakers.


Hayato was designed by Kazuhiko Shimamoto, a noted mangaka (Japanese comic author). Unlike Evil Ryu and Karin (who were both created by Masahiko Nakahira, another well-known mangaka), Capcom does not own Hayato. This is reflected in UDON's Capcom Fighting Tribute artbook as UDON stated that people were not allowed to draw Hayato in the book due to legal issues involving Shimamoto.


Rival Schools: United by FateEdit

Hayato first appears in the PlayStation version of Rival Schools: United by Fate, as a console-exclusive bonus character. Upon hearing and learning of the recent wave of attacks upon the local schools, Hayato became quite very suspicious of the elite academy, Justice High and decides to initiate a personal investigation of his own as he had sought to find and defeat the perpetrators responsible for the entire situation itself.

Project JusticeEdit

In the following sequel, Hayato joins forces with Justice High teachers Hideo Shimazu and Kyoko Minazuki in having to investigate a new threat to the local schools a year later and the trio themselves eventually learn that the one responsible is a deadly ninja assassin named Kurow Kirishima, who had sought to cause tension and distrust upon the schools as a part of his malevolent plan in having to eliminate both the Imawano Family and their respective allies.

After the incident, Hayato and Kyoko later visit both Hideo and Raizo Imawano at the hospital, with Hideo himself being recently hospitalized due to the physical injuries that he had sustained during the fight against Hyo Imawano. Due to his personal feelings for Kyoko, Hayato allows Hideo to be with her and he envies him for being "a lucky man". When Kyoko reminds Hideo about both their upcoming wedding and marriage, Hayato happily congratulates them with tears of joy while laughing happily.


Most of Hayato's techniques involve the use of his shinai (竹刀), the bamboo sword used in kendo training.

Hayato is a very limited character in terms of Rival Schools attributes. He has very limited air-combo capability, and even fewer options for Textbook Combos. The best way for a player to emerge victorious is to have Hayato continuously poke at the opponent with quick double Light Punches or double Light Kicks. Next, the player can go for a throw when the opponent might expect the Textbook Combo to continue. The player can lure an attack so that they can Tardy Counter back. After the Tardy Counter, the player can inflict a good deal of damage. Also, when jumping up, if the player immediately presses Light Kick and then High Kick while falling again, they can catch the opponent off guard.

Hayato's Team-Up Technique (TUT) is semi-quickly initiating. It doesn't do all that much damage, but it works great for countering an opponent's TUT.

Being one of the few characters to wield a weapon, he can deflect certain projectile attacks back to his opponent. His High Air Launcher, which makes use of the shinai, does just that.

He has the weakest damage in some of his special attacks. He can only be damaged when he pulls his combo to the opponent and his Nekketsu Windmill.

Special MovesEdit

  • Nekketsu Shinai (熱血竹刀 Hot-blooded Bamboo Sword) - Hayato swings his shinai three times. The last blow knocks the opponent into the ground. In the air, this attack hits four times. Very damaging, and can be used in a Textbook Combo. Its air version has little recovery time.
  • Guts Kick (Japanese: 気合キック Kiai Kick -- Energy Focus Kick) - Hayato does a rising kick. The direction of this kick depends on the kick button pressed for this move's button combination. It may go at an angle, or perpendicular to the ground.
  • Turning Shinai Smash (Japanese: 回転竹刀落とし Kaiten Shinai Otoshi) - An air-only throw maneuver. It cannot be used in a combo, and can be blocked by the opponent.
  • Double Guidance Kick (Japanese: ダブル指導キック Double Shidou Kick) - Hayato executes a fast drop-kick and lands front-first into the ground, where he has super armor, but not when getting up. While on the ground, opponents may use attacks that can knock him off the ground for a possible combo.
  • Guts Knuckle (Japanese: 気合ナックル Kiai Knuckle -- Energy Focus Knuckle) - Hayato draws back and executes a powerful, fiery downward punch. He has super armor throughout the entire attack, and will continue even if hit. The only moves that can foil this move are throw maneuvers, and Team-Up and Party-Up Techniques.

Burning Vigor AttacksEdit

  • Nekketsu Push-Ups (Japanese: 熱血腕立て伏せ Nekketsu Udetatefuse -- Hot-blooded Push-ups) - Hayato makes the opponent do push-ups before whacking the latter hard with his shinai, sending the opponent some distance away from him.
  • Nekketsu Tolerance (Japanese: 熱血ヤセ我慢 Nekketsu Yase Gaman -- Hot-blooded Tolerance) - Hayato gains super armor for approximately six seconds. It can be done again and again for increased armor time, since the effect is cumulative. The problem with this technique is its long startup delay.
  • Nekketsu Cross Counter (熱血クロスカウンター Hot-blooded Cross Counter) - Hayato does a powerful straight punch. This attack can be done for up to six seconds before being executed. The longer the charge time, the more powerful this attack becomes. Furthermore, Hayato has super armor throughout the entire move. A very good choice for a Tardy Counter, and can be used against moves which normally cannot be countered. Sidestepping the charged form of this attack is futile; once Hayato starts charging power, he automatically locks on to his target.
  • Nekketsu Windmill (Japanese: 熱血風車 Nekketsu Fuusha -- Hot-blooded Windmill) - Hayato propels himself towards the opponent in a drill-like manner.

Team-Up TechniqueEdit

  • Nekketsu Guts Cannon (Japanese: 熱血気合砲 Nekketsu Kiaihou -- Hot-blooded Energy Focus Cannon) - Hayato repeatedly whacks the active character's back with his shinai, unleashing the latter's hidden power in the form of an energy beam aimed towards the opponent. After the attack, the active character can be seen bowing towards Hayato, with his/her back towards the opponent.

Party-Up TechniqueEdit

  • Hayato does the Horse Riding Smash.


  • His last name, Nekketsu (熱血), literally means "hot-blooded" in Japanese.
  • His official epithet is "Burning Red Jersey".
  • The following details on Hayato's life is as described:
    • As per Taiyo High rules, Hayato does not have a part-time job to supplement his teaching job.
    • He dislikes teaching puzzling school subjects (e.g. Math or Philosophy).
  • As with the case of Ran Hibiki, Hayato is not playable at all in either of the two potential Taiyo High storylines in Project Justice; he is playable only in the Justice High arc.
  • It is to be noted that Hayato shares his first name with Hayato Kanzaki, the main protagonist of the Star Gladiator series (another Capcom fighting game franchise). Coincidentally, both Hayatos are expert swordsmen, with Nekketsu using a traditional Japanese shinai while Kanzaki uses a lightsaber-esque plasma sword.
  • In the manga, anime, and live-action series Gokusen, the main protagonist, Kumiko "Yankumi" Yamagutchi wears Hayato's red track suit and sneakers as her primary attire being as the Class 2-4's homeroom teacher in all men's Shirokin High.


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