Chun-Li using Hazan Hishokyaku against Ibuki.

Hazan Hishou Kyaku (覇山飛翔脚) is one of Chun-Li's Mighty Combos, introduced in Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix.

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Executed by performing two quarter-circle forward motions and pressing kick, Chun-Li will perform the Hishou Kyaku, only a much more powerful version. The Hazan Hishou Kyaku deals more hits and goes higher than the Hishou Kyaku.

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Hazan Hishokyaku

Full Sequence.

This Mighty Combo can be used to punish the opponent in the air or on the ground, then makes it better to use it in combos. It is perfect for use as anti-air. It can be used to grab enemies in the middle of the attacks. It is also perfect to take the gems of the opponent, leaving the strongest attacks.

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