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The Hazan Tenshokyaku (覇山天翔脚 Hazan Tenshou Kyaku?, "Supreme Mountain Heaven Flying Legs") is one of Chun-Li's Super Combos.

Appearance Function Input
Street Fighter Alpha series
Capcom vs. SNK
Super Combo Charge down-backwardDelta motion + Kick
Street Fighter EX series Super Combo Quarter-circle backwardQuarter-circle backward + Kick
X-Men vs. Street Fighter Hyper Combo Quarter-circle backward + 2 kick buttons
Marvel vs. Capcom series Hyper Combo Shoryuken motion + 2 kick buttons
SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos Exceed Charge down-backwardDelta motion + 2 kick buttons


Executed by charging down-backward then performing a "delta" motion (down-forward, down-backward and up-forward) and pressing kick, Chun-Li launches a series of Tenshokyakus in rapid succession, with the amount depending on the level of the Super Combo. The activation for the Super Combo is somewhat complex; however, the move itself is quite powerful. In Street Fighter Alpha series, the maximum level reaches the top of the screen. In crossover games, the Hazan Tenshokyaku has increased range, damage, and maximum hit count.


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