Head Bazooka

Rufus hitting Ling Xiaoyu with Head Bazooka in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Head Bazooka is Rufus's forward throw in Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter X Tekken.


Rufus grabs his opponent and using the reach of his arms he pulls his opponent in while pulling back his physical body. He then proceeds to use the space created to deliver a powerful headbutt to his opponent that send them flying back.


Street Fighter IV Edit


Rufus delivering Head Bazooka to Cammy in Street Fighter IV.

Head Bazooka is part of Rufus's overall gameplan. Despite not being a Grappler and not having a Command Grab, like most Dive Kick characters throws are a very important. Falcon Kick despite being an aerial attack can be blocked standing or crouching and Vulture Kick, while being a true Overhead, isn't very useful due to low damage and needing a Counter Hit to combo out of.

Falcon Kick enables Rufus to create confusing situations where he might be attempting Resets and make the opponent focus on just blocking, leaving them vulnerable to this throw. Rufus can also back jump Falcon Kick and quickly throw to further confuse the opponent. The positioning of the opponent is similar to regular and EX Galactic Tornado, leaving Rufus players with a familiar situation that his regular combo ender provides. Before the Ultra update, this throw was infamous for it's abnormally high damage for a regular throw.

Rufus preparing Ling Xiaoyu for a Head Bazooka.

Street Fighter X TekkenEdit

In this game, since Falcon Kick's descent, frame data, and added Height Restriction in the 2013 patch. The overall utility of setups for Head Bazooka have diminished buy a noticeable margin. Furthermore, throws are still slower than their main series counterparts, as they have 3-frame startup.

Head Bazooka still can be used from Tick Throw situations. Falcon Kick is still an effective way to set up Head Bazooka on knockdown situations. Rufus can actually set up corner situations to guarantee a forward throw in the corner if the opponent rolls or continue to be in their face if they do not. Upon a successfully connected Head Bazooka Rufus can forward Jump for a Safe Jump situation and possibly Option Select into sweep, EX Galactic Tornado for characters with reversals that run out of invincibility before the attacks come out such as Christie, or crouching LK to stop Kazuya's wake up Electric Wind God Fist.

A unique trait of this throw is that is can actually be comboed out of by Rufus's partner in Cross Assault or Scramble Mode. In Scramble Rufus's ally can get a full Cross Art after Head Bazooka and it will be unscaled in damage.


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