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The Heart Raid is one of Poison's special attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade Stick QCB.png+Arcade Button Punch.png (Can Hold)
(Cancel with
Punch during Hold)



Executed by performing a quarter-circle back motion and pressing punch, Poison uncoils her whip and twists her body to face the opposite direction. As long as the punch button is held, Poison will remain in that position. By pressing either forward or back, Poison skips toward or away her opponent while maintaining the same position. When the punch button is released, Poison completes the rotation and lashes her whip at her opponent.

The strength of the punch button pressed determines where Poison attacks her opponent.

  • Poison lashes low at her opponent's legs during Light Heart Raid. Pressing Light Punch and Medium Punch simultaneously performs the EX Light Heart Raid. During the EX Light version, Poison delivers a second lash at her opponent's legs to pop them up in the air.
  • The Medium version has Poison lashing her whip horizontally at her opponent's body. Pressing Light Punch and Heavy Punch simultaneously performs the EX Medium Heart Raid. During the EX Medium version, Poison delivers a second lash at her opponent's body to bring them closer to her.
  • During the Heavy version, Poison whips at an upward angle to bring her airborne opponent back to the ground. Pressing Medium Punch and Heavy Punch simultaneously performs the EX Heavy Heart Raid. During the EX Medium version, Poison delivers a second lash at her upward to capture her airborne opponent and bring them back down to the ground.


This move is one of the most complex attacks in Poison's arsenal. It also replaces Whip of Love, which was one of her special moves prior to Street Fighter V. It is treated similarly to C. Viper's Seismic Hammer feint cancel. It can be cancelled from most of Poison's normals. However, it is best to cancel Heart Raid from her Standing Heavy Punch since it has the furthest range and the pushback leaves her safe on block. By visually confirming if Standing Heavy Punch is blocked or hits the opponent, Poison can safely cancel the attack or cancel straight into Heart Raid for some decent damage, as well as damage potential. Each version can also be linked into her Critical Art

The Light version has good range and inflicts more damage than all of her Light special moves. While it is unsafe on block, it can be difficult for her opponent to punish if properly spaced. This attack also hits low. Poison can surprise her opponent by cancelling into Light Heart Raid and catch them off-guard if they're blocking while standing. The EX Light version also becomes less punishable on block. It hits low on the opponent twice, which means it inflicts more damage. Additionally, if the second attack hits, it launches her opponent into the air, allowing Poison to cancel the second hit into Light Shocking Heel. She can also cancel the first hit of Light Heart Raid into her V-Trigger to extend combos or give herself excellent frame advantage on block.

Heart Raid.jpg

The Medium version has the best range out of the three versions. It shares similar properties as the Light version. The only difference is that it inflicts more damage. The EX Medium version is one of Poison's most useful tools in her arsenal. Unlike the EX Light Heart Raid, this version gives Poison frame advantage on hit and on block. She is +2 on hit and on block and puts her opponent in a standing reset, giving Poison an opportunity to put them in a mix-up situation. After hitting them with the EX Medium Heart Raid, she is in range to either go for a throw, continue pressure with one of her stronger normals, or use shimmies to open up her opponent.

The Heavy version serves primarily as an anti-air attack. She can hold her position to bait her opponent to jump over the supposed Light or Medium version, only to spring Heavy Heart Raid to inflict solid damage. Not only it knocks them out of the air, but Poison also uses her whip to pull her opponent back toward her, giving her good okizeme. Unfortunately, this version won't hit grounded opponents.

While the punch button is held, Poison can move toward or away her opponent while maintaining her stance. This can potentially keep her opponent on the heels since they have no idea which version she's about to perform. However, what makes Heart Raid unique is that Poison can cancel out the whip to link into one of her normals, such as Crouching Medium Punch. This opens up new combo opportunities and damage potential. Also, if her opponent blocks the cancelled normal as she's about to perform Heart Raid, pressing any Kick button can turn a potentially punishable move into one that's more safe on block.


  • Poison's stance when holding Heart Raid is similar to her animation when Super Charging Aeolus Edge in Street Fighter X Tekken.