"Now for the finale! You can't escape! The end! (これで終わりだ/Kore de owari da!You can't escape!)"

Heavy Hammer (ヘビーハンマー Hebī Hanmā?) is Alex's Critical Art in Street Fighter V.

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Alex spiking Cammy into the ground at the end of his Critical Art.

Alex's aura surrounds him as he performs a Flash Chop that spins his opponent around on hit. Alex follows up with a leaping Power Bomb, rolling over his opponent upon impact. With his opponent still on his shoulder, Alex launches into the air and dives diagonally downwards with a crucifix variant of his Power Bomb, slamming his opponent into the ground headfirst.

If this move results in a round victory, the opponent will be left with their legs pointing upwards out of the ground in a comical fashion. If the opponent blocks the move, or if the Critical Art doesn't hit, Alex performs three consecutive Flash Chops for guaranteed chip damage.



Street Fighter 5 - Alex's Critical Art Super

Street Fighter 5 - Alex's Critical Art Super


  • The diving Crucifix Powerbomb used at the end is based off the real-life move used by the WCW/WWE wrestler Scott Hall (Razor Ramon). Stephen Farrelly (better known as WWE's Sheamus) also utilised a running version of this move as well.
  • Alex's Heavy Hammer is the third Critical Art where the opponent's legs are sticking out of the ground if the move results in a knockout. The other's include Zangief's Bolshoi Russian Suplex and Birdie's Skip To My Chain.
    • Coincidentally, all three mentioned above uses wrestling as part of their fighting style.
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