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"In my way! (じゃまだ! Jama da!?)"
Seth, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition (Light)
"Useless struggle! (無駄ながきだ! Mudana gakida!?)"
—Seth, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition (Medium)
"Hecatoncheires! (ヘカトンケイル Hekatonkeiru!?)"
—Seth, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition (Hard)

Hecatoncheires (ヘカトンケイル Hekatonkeiru?) is one of Seth's special attacks in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade Stick QCF+Arcade Button Punch



Executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing punch, Seth attacks with a barrage of punches coming from around his body while he poses. The EX Special version has Seth follow up with a tackle similar to that of his Focus Attack and Urien's Chariot Tackle.


Hecatoncheires is one of Seth's more versatile moves. Like most special attacks, this one is can be used to end combos. The startup, range, and damage output is determined by the strength of the punch button pressed. The Light version has the faster startup, but has the least damage and shortest range. Even though it is -4 on block, Seth can safely space out this move using Light normals to push his opponent back. The Heavy version's 25-frame startup can potentially be interrupted, but it inflicts the most damage and has longer range. Heavy Hecatoncheires also has the better frame advantage, compared to the other versions. It is -2 on block, making it somewhat safe. However, it is +3 on hit, allowing Seth to link with Crouching Light Punch for a follow-up. Either version can be cancelled into Seth's Critical Art.

The EX version's tackle gives Seth a good amount of corner carry and is useful in juggles. It has a faster startup than the Light version, but inflicts more damage than the Heavy version. On top of this, the ending tackle can be cancelled into Install Arts, allowing Seth to improve corner carry and okizeme, and build V-Gauge. Unlike the regular versions, EX Hecatoncheires results in a knockdown. However, the tackle won't be performed if the EX version is blocked.

In other cases, Hecatoncheires can continue juggle combos or extend combos. This attack's recovery can also be cancelled into Tanden Engine Install Art such as Cammy's Spiral Arrow, Kage's Ryusokyaku or Cody's Zonk Knuckle. While it requires Seth to hit his opponent with his first V-Skill and successfully absorb and use special attack once, this gives him an added layer to his offense. Depending on the character match-up and the special attack Seth is equipped with, ending combos with certain moves can make some of his unsafe moves more difficult to punish on block.

If equipped with his second V-Skill, then performing the same inputs during the dash allows Seth to deliver a running version of this attack called the Hecatoncheires Glide. If his first V-Trigger is active, Seth can cancel Hecatoncheires into Titanomachy; where he reappears behind his opponent and knocks them down with an uppercut that is visually similar to G's G Smash Over.


  • The name comes from the powerful hundred-handed giants in Greek mythology. Their immense strength was used by Zeus in the battle against the Titans known as the Titanomachy, the namesake of the special move's follow-up during Tanden Ignition.
  • Hecatoncheires behavior and animation appears to be an homage to Jotaro Kujo's "Ora Ora!" and DIO's "Muda Muda!" rush punch attacks from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, specifically referencing the Capcom-developed JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future fighting game. This homage extends to other attacks derived from Hecatoncheires:
    • EX Hecatoncheires' finisher has Seth performing a lunging punch similar to Jotaro's Star Breaker super move, with Seth yelling "Ora ora ora!", the battle cry of Jotaro's stand, Star Platinum.
    • Hecatoncheires Glide, the Tanden Booster-enhanced variant, resembles the "Ora Ora!" when Star Platinum is activated, in which Jotaro advances while punching.
    • Titanomachy resembles "Mudaa!", DIO's teleporting gut punch special move. After performing the move, Seth performs DIO's iconic "WRYYYY!" pose, which bears a stronger resemblance to the Capcom sprite than the original manga panel. When performed from EX Hecatoncheires, Seth yells "Useless!", with a modulated voice similar to DIO's in that game.
    • The Medium Hecatoncheires has Seth yell "Useless struggle!", referencing DIO's battle cry.