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Hell 3000 (ヘル3000 Heru Sanzen?), fully known as Shadaloo Battle Armor "Hell 3000" (シャドルーバトルアーマー「ヘル3000」 Shadorū Batoru Āmā "Heru Sanzen"?), is a remotely controlled combat mech developed by Shadaloo. It is based off of a robot that appeared in the western Street Fighter animated series in the episode "The Strongest Woman in the World".



Hell 3000 is a large green-colored bipedal robot with two silver blade-like appendages attached to its back, resembling wings. The upper body of the robot has numerous red decals adorned across it, and scratches can be seen on its finish, likely from combat. Hell 3000's head features two extensions on either side of its face that resemble the mandibles of an insect, and it has two wrist-mounted guns on both of its arms. Additionally, the robot's legs are bulky and green, and feature red and yellow construction stripes on the upper rim of the lower leg near where the joint connects to the upper leg.



Hell 3000 is a battle armor M. Bison has secretly been developing overseas, and an unknown organization has been working with Shadaloo to run test operations with the robot. It is remotely controlled, and is stationed at a base in China. The robot's main job is working security for the base and removing intruders.

The blade weapon attached to the robot's back is known as the Hell Blade (ヘルブレード Heru Burēdo?), and moves in a slicing motion to attack. Additionally, the robot is equipped two other weapons known as the Destro Vulcan (デストロバルカン Desutoro Barukan?) and the Psycho Beam Gun (サイコビームガン Saiko Bīmu Gan?), and also contains a self-destruct device. However, the robot is apparently weak against projectile attacks.[1]