The High Roller Casino is a DLC stage in Street Fighter V. It is a reimagining of the Las Vegas stage from the Street Fighter II games. However, the changes made to the stage is the neon sign in the background that used to say "Golden Nugget: Nin-Nin Ball" was changed to "Golden Bullion: Shadaloo Ball". Some of the other neon signs from the original version are absent.


The stage is set in a red road with the text "Las Vegas!" in front of a casino owned by Shadaloo. A "Super Silver" sign resembling Shadaloo's mark is also present in the building, but it is difficult to view due to its position. Several persons watch the fight in the casino's entrance, including Don Sauvage and Max. To the right of the casino there is a Western Club neon sign resembling the Vegas Vic, a "Welcome Restaurant and Bar Las Vegas" sign based on the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, and a Ferris Wheel. The stage also contains a mall.


Trivia Edit

  • There is an assault rifle in another one of Capcom's games, Resident Evil: Revelations, as well as its sequel, that shares the same exact name as the casino; it's known as the AR-High Roller.
  • While the casino got renamed as the Golden Bullion, the marque of the sign still remain the same design of the old Golden Nugget sign. The change of the name might be to prevent trademark issues with the real-life casino.
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