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"Saikyō style ougi... dan dan dan dan dan dan dan dan da! Hissho... buraiken! WHO WANTS SOME MORE?!/This is Saikyō Style! Better remember that!"
Dan, Street Fighter V
"Victory is mine! Take that! (必勝!…無頼けーーーん! Hisshou!...Buraikeeeen!?)"
Dan, Street Fighter IV

Dan finishing his opponent with the final hit of Hissho Buraiken.

The Hissho Buraiken (必勝無頼拳 Hisshō Buraiken?, "Certain Victory Independent Fist"), is a powerful Super Combo belonging to Dan. Its input and other details have changed over the course of the series. It is also his Critical Art in Street Fighter V.

In the same vein of Dan's character, the Hissho Buraiken is a parody of a super move utilized by Kyokugen Karate practitioners from the SNK fighting games; specifically, the move is closer in style to Ryo Sakazaki's Ryuuko Ranbu. The parody mainly lies in the fact that the Hissho Buraiken is stationary, unlike the Ryuuko Ranbu, in which the character rushes forward upon the startup of the combo.

Appearance Function Input
Street Fighter Alpha series
SNK vs. Capcom series
Super Combo Quarter-circle backwardQuarter-circle backward + Kick
Street Fighter IV series Super Combo Quarter-circle forwardQuarter-circle forward + Punch
Marvel vs. Capcom series Hyper Combo Quarter-circle backward + 2 kick buttons
Street Fighter V Critical Art Quarter-circle forwardQuarter-circle forward+Punch
Dan 350


Street Fighter Alpha series[]

The Hissho Buraiken makes its debut in the Street Fighter Alpha series. In this short ranged Super Combo, Dan flashes and holds his arms back for a few seconds, and then unleashes a very fast barrage of punches and kicks to the foe unfortunate enough to be within the range of this attack, ending with a Koryuken.

This attack has extremely low range, barely stretching just in front of Dan. Though his most powerful attack, it is often unreliable, as if the Dan player is short even the slightest inch, the foe will be completely unaffected (unless they are within the range of the Koryuken at the end) or even pushed out of the attack's range. However, any hit during the attack will hold the opponent in place so that the subsequent hits of the move can connect, especially during the near-ending blows which have a pulling effect on hit.

Street Fighter IV series[]

The Hissho Buraiken returns as Dan's Super Combo in the Street Fighter IV series. It is executed differently than in the Alpha series, i.e. by performing two quarter-circle forward motions and pressing punch. Dan unleashes a flurry of punches, kicks, knees and chops, finishing with a Koryuken. Like Ken's Shinryuken, the attack works only at extreme close range, and several hits (if not the entire move) will miss if performed at any distance. It is a 19-hit combo if performed correctly.

A more powerful version, the Shisso Buraiken, appears as Dan's first Ultra Combo.

Street Fighter V series[]

Dan kicking Cammy's midsection during Hissho Buraiken.

The Hissho Buraiken returns as Dan's first Critical Art in the Street Fighter V series.

It is now properly updated into having Dan rushes towards his opponents first. Once the rush is hit, Dan will perform a knee strike at his foe's opposing knee, a left punch, a right punch, use his right hand to grab hold of the target's right pulse and lift his arm, a left punch at the enemy's right side of abdomen, a right kick, still holding the foe's right pulse, use the holded hand to hit the target's face with it, spinning counter clockwise and hitting the opponent's face with his left upper arm, a straight right punch at the foe's face, followed by a right kick in the knee, causing the target to lose balance, allowing Dan to do the second right kick in the face, spinning clockwise to deliver a heel kick at the enemy's stomach and finishing with a 2-hit Koryuken. If the Critical Art results in a knockout, Dan strikes a pose after connecting with the Koryuken. The move does 14 hit in total.


Street Fighter Alpha series, against KenStreet Fighter Alpha series (animation only)SvC Chaos: SNK vs. Capcom



  • Dan's initial rush animation in Street Fighter V is based on his dash animation in the SNK vs. Capcom series.