The Hiten Souryujin (飛天双龍陣, Hiten Souryuujin, "Flying Heaven Twin Dragon Array") is one of Yun's Super Combos in Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper/MAX and Capcom vs. SNK 2.

All appearances Arcade Modifier Air Arcade Stick QCBArcade Stick QCB + Arcade Button Kick


Executed by performing two quarter-circle backward? motions and pressing kick while in the air, Yun will perform a fiercer version of his Raigeki Shu. If it connects, Yang will appear behind the opponent, and the two attack in synchronous coordination. After launching the opponent, both will backflip before delivering a final flying kick that will strike the launched foe in tandem while crossing each other in opposite directions.

If the attack is blocked, Yun will flip backwards, away from the foe.


  • It is the only known attack that requires both Yun and Yang to perform, and shows them fighting alongside each other.
  • This move does not appear at all in the GBA version of Alpha 3, despite it showing up in Yun's ending.



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