Holly Wood (ハリウッド Hariuddo?) is a character from the Final Fight series. He is one of the Mad Gear Gang's resident knife-wielders, and appears as an enemy in the original Final Fight.

Biography Edit

Appearance Edit

Holly Wood is a tall, thin man, sporting an orange jumpsuit and beanie. He has knives strapped all over his body, with four strapped on both sides of his waist and one strapped to his back. He appears to be bald, although this may not be the case due to his head being often covered by a beanie.

In his Street Fighter V artwork, Holly Wood wears two green leg-wrap throwing knife sheathes, as well as a larger sheath wrapping around his torso and shoulders. He has two larger knives strapped to his back as well. Holly Wood's sleeves are now shorter, with his arms adorned with black wristbands. He now displays prominent scars across his face and arms.

Personality Edit

Holly Wood is described as being very cruel and sadistic, with murder being his "art". He is very skilled at handling knives, and his fights often end in a bloodbath. Despite his cruel nature, he is surprisingly talented at singing and dancing, which is where he gets his nickname from.[1] Holly Wood maintains a good relationship with fellow Mad Gear member and knife nut El Gado, and the two regularly compete in knife-throwing contests.[2]

Story Edit

Background Edit

Prior to the events of Final Fight, Holly Wood was sent to prison on murder charges, but escaped and ended up joining the Mad Gear Gang.

Final Fight Edit

Holly Wood appears in Final Fight as a common enemy, working under Belger in his bid to regain control of Metro City from newly-elected Mayor Mike Haggar, attempting to prevent Haggar, Cody, and Guy from rescuing Haggar's daughter, Jessica.

Street Fighter Alpha series Edit

After Belger's defeat and the fall of the Mad Gear Gang, Holly Wood is now working under Rolento, becoming a member of his "army" alongside El Gado. Holly Wood appears in Rolento's "Take No Prisoners" Super Combo, dropping down from above and holding a hook.

Gameplay and fighting style Edit

Holly Wood appears as a regular enemy. His style is akin to El Gado, which relies on slides and gut punches while unarmed. During his idle stance, he can produce a knife and attack with a gut stab, a flying stabbing attack or throw the knife from a far distance.

An alternative version of him wearing a red outfit also appears as a common enemy, brandishing a molotov cocktail. This type of enemy only appears on screen, throws the Molotov and exists the screen, they can be beaten by a single punch as they have the minimal amount of HP among all the enemies in the game.



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References Edit

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