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The Hou Shou (崩掌? "Crumbling Palm") is one of Karin's special attacks, introduced along with her in Street Fighter Alpha 3.

All appearances Arcade Stick S + Arcade Button Punch (or Arcade Stick Right + Arcade Button Punch during Guren Ken)


Executed by performing a Shoryuken motion? and pressing punch (or by pressing forward and punch after any of the Guren Ken's two hits), Karin performs a quick palm strike that knocks the opponent away, withdrawing slightly after.

If done from her Guren Ken as stated above, it is referred to as the Guren Hou Shou (紅蓮崩掌? "Crimson Lotus Crumbling Palm").


The "followup" version has slightly better recovery than the "stand-alone" version, though the latter still deals solid damage. Karin's movements also make it a decent poke and potential punisher; during her Guren Ken, it is possible to avoid punishment with proper spacing and timing.

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