Hunter (ハンター Hantā?) is a character from the Final Fight series, introduced in the game Final Fight 3 (known as Final Fight Tough in Japan). He is one of the common enemies the player characters usually face.

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Hunter is a tall, muscular thug who hunches over when he walks.

He has light skin, and wears a dark blue and white baseball uniform and cap, along with armbands in both of his arms and brown shoes. In Final Fight 3, besides dark blue, he has orange and green clothes variations. Hunter carries a baseball bat on his back, which he uses in his attacks. His face is always hidden under a hockey mask, and is said to be rather handsome in contrast to his menacing image.

Story Edit

A violent and odd member of the Skull Cross Gang, Hunter is considered notorious for his method of fighting, being to sneak up and overwhelm his opponents by bashing them incessantly with his bat. Though he wears sports gear, Hunter is also noted to hate sports with a passion.


Hunter is not a terribly aggressive enemy, but can do severe damage with his baseball bat. He also has a fast punch and a sliding attack. His most frequently used attack, though, is his move with the baseball bat.

Hunter stands between the less effective enemies and the bosses of Final Fight 3. On average, his attacks do more damage than many of the game's other enemies.

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Hunter (FF3) Model

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