The Hurricane Spinner is one of Lucia's special moves in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade Stick S+Arcade Button Kick

Description Edit


Executed by performing a "Shoryuken" motion (forward, downward then down-forward) and pressing kick, Lucia jumps and, while in the air, rotates her leg to kick her opponent twice. During the EX version, Lucia kicks her opponent four times, including an additional spinning roundhouse kick.

Tactics Edit

The move functions primarily as an anti-air. It acts similarly as an ascending Tatsumaki. Hurricane Spinner is solid for catching jump-ins. This is one of Lucia's most reliable anti-air attacks. Because of its invincible properties, this move is Lucia's best wake-up reversal option. However, it is very unsafe on block. During the recovery frames of this attack, Lucia is vulnerable in a Counter Hit state.

Hurricane Spinner is also a solid combo ender. It is one of her more damaging special attacks. It also has a decent startup, which makes it easier for Lucia to link from most of her normals and special attacks. On hit, it leads to a knockdown and creates separation between her opponent. This allows Lucia to follow-up with a meaty Flipper Shot or use her command run to approach her opponent and maintain pressure.

The strength of the kick button determines the startup, damage output, angle of the jump, and invincibility properties.

The Light version has the faster startup with 9-frames. It not only inflicts the least amount of damage, but also has a nearly vertical angle. Lucia is also invincible to midair attacks during the startup frames of Light Hurricane Spinner. This makes it an ideal tool to stop her opponent's jump-in attempts. This version can also be linked from most of Lucia's normals, including her Light attacks.

The Medium version has a slower startup than the Light version, but it inflicts more damage. Lucia's attack also travels upward at a 60° angle. Not only is Lucia invincible to midair attacks during the startup frames of Medium Hurricane Spinner, but she is also invincible to projectiles during the first few active frames. Lucia can use the Medium version to stop her opponent's jump-in attempts when they're at a distance. This version can also be linked from Heavy Fire Spinner if performed in the corner.

The Heavy version has the slowest startup, but inflicts more damage than the aforementioned versions. Lucia's attack ascends upward at a 45° angle during Heavy Hurricane Spinner. This time, Lucia is invincible to both midair attacks and projectiles during the move's startup frames. Because of it's lengthy startup, the Heavy version can only be linked from her Heavy normals or from EX Fire Spinner. Due to the angle of her ascension, the Heavy Hurricane Spinner gives Lucia a decent tool to push her opponent toward the corner.

The EX version has the same startup as the Light version and inflicts more damage than the Heavy version. However, Lucia is fully invincible. This is her primary reversal option if her opponent is putting her under heavy pressure.

While Lucia's first V-Trigger is active, this move becomes amplified, increasing the damage output.


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