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Hybrid Charge is Abigail's second V-Trigger in Street Fighter V.[1]

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Description[edit | edit source]

Abigail using the Metro Crash from within his Hybrid Charge against M. Bison.

Executed by pressing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously, Abigail pumps himself up as his body momentarily turns red. As the color of his skin returns to normal, steam arises from his ears as a symbol of his increase in intensity. While this V-Trigger is active, Abigail has access to an armored, rushing headbutt tackle called Metro Crash, based on his charge attack as a boss in Final Fight.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Similar to his first V-Trigger, Hybrid Charge is a 3-bars, meaning that Abigail has to sacrifice a decent amount of health in order to obtain it. However, unlike Max Power, this V-Trigger can be cancelled from Abigail's special moves, such as Abigail Punch or Dynamite Punch. It becomes a solid combo extender when cancelling from the last hit of Abigail Punch. This gives Abigail an easier way to confirm into his second V-Trigger and converting his combos.

By pressing and holding Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick simultaneously while Hybrid Charge is active, Abigail charges up for his tackle. While he's charging this move, Abigail gains unlimited armor during the startup. This means Abigail can power through his opponent's moves, while launching a counterattack of his own. However, he is vulnerable to throws while charging.

Metro Crash[edit | edit source]

Abigail's Metro Crash in action against Cammy.

When Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick are released, Abigail performs his Metro Crash. It can be cancelled from most of Abigail's normals and special moves, making it an excellent combo ender. It has a high hitbox, which makes it difficult for his opponent to jump over. Also, using his tackle consumes 1/3 of his V-Gauge. Abigail can charge and use this attack up to three times before his V-Gauge is completely depleted.

Both the charged and the uncharged version of this attack results in a knockdown on hit. It also has a decent amount of corner carry. In one combo, Abigail can push his opponent toward the corner while remaining close to them after the attack, allowing him to amplify his offensive pressure. Also, Metro Crash can be cancelled into his Critical Art for optimal damage.

The tackle has three different levels, depending on when Heavy Punch and Heavy Punch are released. It is a good move to use in the neutral game. The uncharged version is quicker to execute. While it inflicts the least amount of damage and stun, this version is used to end combos. Even though it's -2 on block, it can be difficult for his opponent to punish.

Releasing Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick in between frames 29-52 performs the second level of Metro Crash. Although it has a longer startup, it inflicts more damage and stun. It is also +5 on hit, making it easier for Abigail to keep his opponent on their heels. Unfortunately, Abigail loses his armor during the active frames of the uncharged version and second level of Metro Crash. This give his opponent a small window to interrupt the tackle and reset the neutral game.

The fully charged version may have a longer startup, but it inflicts more damage and stun. Unlike the previous versions, Abigail retains his armor during the active frames of Metro Crash. If his opponent tries to block a fully charged tackle, it results in a guard break, giving Abigail a free opportunity. However, the damage scaling after the guard break is very significant. While Abigail can get a free combo after the guard break, the amount of damage he can inflict is minimal.

While his first V-Trigger has more combo potential, Hybrid Charge is just as intimidating. Despite the lower damage output, it still surpasses most other characters' V-Triggers. Abigail's second V-Trigger can lead to other resets to surprise his opponent, thus lead to damaging setups and combos.

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