"Ibuki! On the scene! (いぶき!見参! Ibuki! Kenzan!?)"
—Ibuki (Street Fighter IV series)
Ibuki On The Scene
"I'll finish this in no time! (さっさて終わらせっちゃうよ! Sassate wo owarasecchau yo!?)"
—Ibuki (Street Fighter V)
Ibuki I'll Finish This In No Time

Ibuki (いぶき Ibuki?) is a video game character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing in Street Fighter III: New Generation. She is a young ninja-in-training from an ancient clan that would rather live a normal life of a modern female Japanese teenager.



Ibuki has a curvy, petite, yet athletic build, and her black hair, remarkably divided in three angular bangs at the front, in the back it her twin ponytails are about mid-thigh length and held back tightly in a topknot (though some other media changes this). Unlike most other female characters in the same genre, Ibuki's outfit is a more traditional type of ninja dogi, consisting of a sleeveless black upper garment, baggy pants, arm guards, and a mask that conceals the lower half of her face. Her footwear consists only of cloth bandages that are wrapped around her shins, ankles, and instep, somewhat realistically protecting her from foot related injuries. Her garments are more revealing than normal ninja ones, however.

As seen in one of her win animations in Street Fighter III, Ibuki's normal clothes consist of a white sleeveless loose shirt, blue denim pants, and gray and black sneakers. She also carries a yellow backpack. Her school uniform consist of a light blue sleeveless shirt under a white short sleeve button shirt with a red laced ribbon at the center of her collar, light blue skirt, black panties underneath, white socks, and blue and white sneakers.

In Street Fighter V, she wears her school uniform which is more western styled, in comparison to Sakura's sailor outfit, but also her mask as well as dark brown arm and leg guards with brown straps, matching dark blue long fingerless gloves, knee-high socks beneath the guards and a brown knife holster on her right thigh where she keeps her kunais.

Her first alternate costume is a white sleeveless short dress with a red sling bag at the right side and matching white lined heels.

Her second alternate costume consist of a purple sleeveless side-tie dress with light pink flower designs at the left side, a red trim with a matching pink obi, a large ribbon on her back complete with white knee-high leg guards, black ninja arm guards and brown lower heeled sandals. Her hair is dark brown and tied in a high ponytail in a full fringe.

In her ending in 3rd Strike, she was depicted wearing an outfit similar to her first alternate costume in Street Fighter V but it was shown as her second casual outfit seen in her arcade ending. She wears a salmon pink sleeveless top, gray denim skirt and her white lined heels. She also carries her yellow backpack from her first casual outfit.

Ibuki tends to have ninja themed accessories in some of her casual outfits. Her 2nd alternate in Street Fighter IV has a chain of miniaturized toy kunais and a shurikien belt buckle, and has added ninja elements to two of her uniforms and her school swimsuit.


Likely in the wake of the era which Street Fighter III debuted in, specifically that of the 1990s and the Lost Decade era of Japan, Ibuki comes to represent the youth generation gap within Japanese society, a tomboyish teenage ninja divided between traditional Japanese devotion to duty and the rise of a global liberated and outgoing youth culture in the wake of the rise of modern Information Age infrastructure. Even though Ibuki is a well-trained ninja, she displays traits typical a normal teenage girl in modern day society, stating on several occasions that she finds her ninja garments ugly and her daily training strange, while focusing more on enjoying life and being baffled at those who devote themselves to what they do. Despite this, she performs her role out of at least respect and to hopefully leave the way of the ninja peacefully in hopes of having a normal life. In turn, while she is with a sense of duty and responsibility and with striving determination for her own future, she comes across as somewhat shallow, vapid, and youthfully ignorant, with plenty of people noting she lacks focus as a ninja stemming from her not taking her role seriously, and with her not respecting at full what she was born into, the ways of the ninja included.

She has a typical interest in boys; in several of her win quotes in Super Street Fighter IV, she evaluates her opponents based on their looks, behavior, and clothing, as well as their fighting performance. She regards Guy in particular as quite a hunk, though she also complains about his non-traditional ninja garb. She has also shown slight interest in others like Blanka and Fei Long. Ibuki is also very conscious about her weight, as mentioned in her Street Fighter × Tekken winquote against Bob and her Arcade mode ending in Street Fighter V.

Ibuki seems to be well in touch with modern pop culture and self awareness. In Street Fighter × Tekken her winning quotes against some characters, especially those who come from Tekken, seem to reference memes or even her own faults. She references "Ninjas vs. Pirates" when defeating Jack-X, hints at Naruto when she defeats Lili, referencing hairstyles when defeating Paul Phoenix, and lastly references her own low stamina when defeating Marshall Law. Most recently keeping with the trend with sport outfits, with Sgt. Ashida from the Shadaloo C.R.I. commenting on this. Ibuki also seems to be familiar with live streaming, as her reaction when defeating G has her more surprised she wasn't told their fight was being streamed rather than the fact that it was streamed itself.

In Street Fighter V, Ibuki seems to take her ninja training more seriously (although her mirror match quote suggests she still finds it irksome), but still makes mistakes (such as almost falling off a cliff while talking on her cellphone, for example) and has many moments of not using her head. She is also glad to return home when her story mode is completed. She also seems to have a little bit more maturity and battle sense than her SF4 era self, as she can call out some characters like Sagat, although she still usually has her own bubbly win quotes. Her win quote against Kage displays some more serious and relatable insight to her outlook on her life, hoping to find a new path as a ninja than the more fatalistic traditions of being devoted living and dying by their ways that ninja are attributed to.

Noticeably in V, Ibuki has become less cutesy and smiles significantly less in battle. In IV Ibuki would smile during her regular stance and most attacks such as Neckbreaker and Yoroitoshi, however in V she only smiles during her taunt and Idle Pose. This is most notable in attacks she has in both IV and V. Most of Ibuki's smiling and looking bubbly facial expressions have been replaced with her looking more serious and determined during her attacks.

In the Street Fighter III series, Alex is the only "boy" Ibuki has shown anything resembling a hint of attraction to; however, though she calls him a "macho stud" in a win quote, she is mainly expressing her disappointment in his loss of "power instinct".

In-universe, it seems she is not taken too seriously as a fighter (although not to the extent of Dan). Many characters tend to mention how she lacks some attributes. Characters like Chun-Li and Ken saying she needs to focus more, Kolin talks about how not worth remembering her fights are with her, Balrog not taking her seriously pre and post fight, and Kazuya Mishima straight up telling her that she is the worst ninja he has ever faced. The only characters who do not verbally accost her are characters who are among the nicer end like Menat, or pre-established friends like Elena and Karin. One of the most notable might be Seth, who in both his appearances considers nothing of Ibuki's moveset to be useful.

Character RelationshipsEdit



Sakura calling Ibuki

Ibuki seems to have begun a friendship with Sakura, based on their rival match in SSFIV and their similar background as high school fighters interested in boys (or at least a particular boy, in Sakura's case). Also, when Ibuki defeats Sakura in a round with a Super Combo Finish, she says "We should totally hang out sometime!", with her match victory quote saying "I never meet anyone cool at my school". In Street Fighter V, they are seen having a conversation via their cellphones. It is through Sakura that she became acquainted with Karin. Based on their winquotes it seems they both are quite familiar with each other with Sakura telling Ibuki that Sakura doesn't know of any boys for Ibuki to see and Ibuki's win quote against Sakura, she asks her if she wants to go out and get something to eat.


20181226 163410

Ibuki learning Yoroitoshi in her battle against Oro in Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki.

Ibuki was given the mission in having to fight and battle against Oro as her final task as a ninja. While she was unable to defeat him, she is one of the few to wound him. He even thought she would ask him out on a date. In Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki, it is shown that Ibuki had learned both her Raida and Yoroitoshi attacks during their battle against each other. Though this is non-canon and Ibuki has these skills as early as Street Fighter IV in the main games, which pre-date the III series.



Ibuki meets Karin after the latter stops Birdie from further harassing Ibuki.

When Sakura calls Ibuki to fill in for the event Karin is hosting, Ibuki accepts. Ibuki heads to the Kanzuki Estate and after brawling with Birdie, meets Karin. Karin politely greets Ibuki and challenges her to a match. Afterwards, Ibuki watches a match between two teams composed of R. Mika and Zangief taking on Laura and Alex. During the match, Karin's screen goes out. Ibuki helps Karin as she angrily leaves, with the latter eventually hiring Ibuki in due time. The next day, Ibuki and R. Mika go with Karin to the Shadaloo base. After defeating Balrog, they give Karin a chess piece which is connected with Shadaloo's latest plan of world domination, interestingly, Karin specifically told Ibuki she can get into the escape helicopter when t arrived after being attacked buy Abel, implying Karin both cares for Ibuki and has a high degree for Ibuki's rather easily startled personality. Ibuki was last seen with Karin waiting for Ryu, Chun-Li, and Guile to come out of the Shadaloo base.

Karin and Ibuki both also had a battle in Street Fighter Unlimited sidestory "Some Wisdom". However this was Ibuki interacting with the younger Alpha Karin who wanted to fight Ibuki and is non canon. Karin treated Ibuki in a similar way she would treat Sakura in Alpha, which kind of reverses their roles in SFV where Karin is the calm and collected one and Ibuki reacts to everything more easily.

R. MikaEdit


Ibuki and R. Mika in disagreement

Though they never fought, R. Mika and Ibuki usually argue when they see each other, as seen in the latter's character story. R. Mika consider Ibuki to be rude for not listening to her "wonderful" speech about "muscle spirit". On the other hand, Ibuki considers R. Mika to be bossy because what she says is demanding and boring. In SFV, they seem to have developed a sister-like bonding with R. Mika treating Ibuki as a younger sister of sorts. When Ibuki saves R. Mika from an attacking soldier, R. Mika steps in front of Ibuki without hesitation to take the full brunt of the hit. Whenever Ibuki sees R. Mika bragging about how awesome Zangief is, she thinks that it is gross, despite the fact that Ibuki herself often seeks romance.



Ibuki and Rolento as a team in Street Fighter X Tekken

In Street Fighter X Tekken, Ibuki does not get along well with Rolento due to his constant orders, which she follows reluctantly, and the military titles he bestows on her during their story. Rolento also seems to be one of the few people she was not previously acquainted with who does not has a low opinion of her fighting skill, as even in Street Fighter IV, both of their win quotes against each other still suggest the possibility of Ibuki joining his army due to her skills.



Ibuki with Guy.

The two seem to be rivals of sorts. In Pocket Fighter, Ibuki refers to Guy as being from "a rival ninja clan". In her win quotes against Guy, Ibuki displays fondness to Guy but complains about his looks, telling that his outfit does not look like that of a ninja.

In Super Street Fighter IV they both appear together in a promotional trailer.



Ibuki meeting Zeku

When Ibuki first meets Zeku in his younger form, she found him to be handsome. He offers her a chance to join his group. After fighting Zeku, he shows his elderly form, much to Ibuki's disappointment, and she turns down his offer.

In Zeku's arcade ending he defeats Karin and she agrees to join his new ninja group along with some of her employs, Ibuki included. It is shown that Birdie and Karin have both become ninjas with weapons, while Ibuki was already a ninja and her weapon still remained a Kunai. It is currently unknown how this allegiance affects her standing with the Glade of Ninjas.


Ibuki's relationship with Birdie is a little hard to pinpoint. They had a rather hostile first meeting, with Birdie attacking her due to her coming in a suspicious manner. After their fight, Ibuki seemed not to take lightly when Birdie commented that "someone like her" does not get invited to Karin's party.


Ibuki and Biride's first interaction, Birdie attacked her due to her running on the top of building and thought she was suspicious.

During the events of A Shadow Falls, Ibuki and Birdie seem to be able to at least work together in a professional workplace. In their scenes together, they are shown to be at least highly tolerant of each other, Ibuki herself seeming more irritated that she found the party boring rather than having to be with Birdie, and both being with each other in Karin's helicopter. It should be noted that only Ibuki and Birdie found the concept of being ninjas for Zeku ridiculous in his Arcade ending.

Both of their win quotes against each other still suggest animosity, with Ibuki telling him to work on his table manners due to the way that he eats (which is ironic in a way as Ibuki's own skill is said to be big eater), and Birdie commenting his intention to tie her up for seemingly no reason. Though in Biride's win quote against Zeku, he says that Ibuki has shown him some of her ninja gear (specifically her field rations, which he doesn't like), something that she rarely does based on her win quotes against other characters.


20190105 123153

Makoto helping Ibuki out of the ring after Ibuki lost to Ryu in Street Fighter Super Combo Edition

While in the main games Makoto and Ibuki both have had limited interaction, they tend to have more interaction in the non-canonical side media. In Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki Both become friends and Makoto helps Ibuki fight off the evil Geki clan. In Street Fighter Unlimited both girls tend to hang out frequently with Elena. It is possible that Ibuki is closer to Makoto than Elena as only Makoto is shown helping an injured Ibuki get out of the ring after Ibuki and Ryu's fight. It is consistently shown that Ibuki is willing to tease Makoto for her less sociable skills, such as when Makoto initially is too shy to dance to Dee Jay's song and only joining in after being called a "wall flower", likewise Makoto tends to commonly point out Ibuki's faults, such as when Ibuki couldn't hit Elena or when Ibuki fell for the Subaru University trick mostly because of a "Cute Boy"

Elena Edit

20190107 180213

Ibuki taking a "stealfie" with Elena

Similarly to Makoto, most of Ibuki's interaction with Elena comes from side media. In the games their only one on one interaction is in Second Impact where in their rival battles Ibuki comments on Elena's long legs.

In the comics, although are non-canon, Elena seems to be an older sister figure to Ibuki, helping her train and giving her moral support. This was most evident when Ibuki was feeling sad after finding out she had to defeat Oro one on one. Elena also tries to keep Makoto from taking her criticism of Ibuki's faults too far. Elena also seems to be very tolerant of Ibuki's playful antics. While Makoto doesn't take kindly to Ibuki's ninja antics Elena is shown to not get angry at antics like the "Stealfie" (Ibuki appearing out of nowhere to take a selfie while the person she also has in frame has no time to react).

Q Edit

Case Closed Smash

Q attempting to smash Ibuki into the ground.

As shown in Street Fighter III era supplemental non-canon story "Case Closed" Q interfered in a retrieval job assigned to Ibuki. Ibuki was assigned to retrieve a briefcase with potential (yet unnamed) sensitive information, and Q was able to run away with the briefcase after Ibuki accidentally broke the handcuff holding the briefcase and carrier together with a Kasumi Suzaku Kunai.

Afterwards Ibuki's Grade Point Average (G.P.A.) was lowered by the Glade of Ninjas and she was also assigned to recover the briefcase's contents by the Glade.



Ibuki is a young girl from Japan who lives in a village entirely composed of ninjas, hidden from society's watchful eyes, where she has trained in the deadly art of ninjutsu since childhood. After doing the same routine everyday and attending a school for ninjas, she wishes to live like a normal schoolgirl. Her best friend is her classmate, Sarai. Ibuki also has a pet tanuki named Don.

Super Street Fighter IVEdit


Ibuki in her SSF4 prologue.

Ibuki sneaks away from her clan's summer training camp to compete in S.I.N's tournament, in order to meet cool and handsome guys. When the tournament is over, she realizes that she is going to be late for camp and attempts to sneak back in as if nothing had happened. However, she is caught by one of the camp's instructors.[5]

Street Fighter VEdit


Ibuki as she appears in SFV.

On October 2015, a datamining of Street Fighter V's PC beta test revealed fighter data and character meshes of Ibuki, Dhalsim, Juri, Urien, Alex, Guile and Balrog.[6][7] Ibuki and the rest of the characters (except for Dhalsim, who was confirmed earlier as a default fighter) were confirmed on December 5th, 2015 at the PlayStation Experience.

On May 29th, 2016, Ibuki's official trailer was released.[8]

Character storyEdit

Prologue - 'The World Is My Oyster!'


Ibuki receives the invitation to Karin's party

In her character story, Ibuki has finally finished her ninja assignment and receives a call from Sakura, whom she met and befriended in Super Street Fighter IV. She informs Ibuki of a party invitation sent from her rival, Karin Kanzuki. Ibuki replies that she hasn't read it yet, because she almost fell through a roof while she was getting home to the ninja village, so Sakura tells her to travel to the Kanzuki Estate by plane. Before hanging up, Sakura tells Ibuki that she can't come due to a scheduling conflict. Ibuki reflects on what she should wear to the party and how she's never met Karin before.


In Chapter two Ibuki arrives to Karin's party via rooftops before being attacked by Birdie

After arriving at the Kanzuki Estate, Ibuki is excited to get to the party. However, she is ambushed by Birdie and forced to fight him. After defeating Birdie, Ibuki tells him that she also has an invitation to the party. Karin intervenes and scolds Birdie for his rudeness to her guest. Karin and Ibuki introduce themselves, and both have heard of the other from Sakura's stories. Karin then engages Ibuki in a fight, telling her this will be her introduction. After the fight, Karin informs Ibuki that she is interested in working with Ibuki's ninja clan, and that she had invited her as per the clan's recommendation. Karin states that the contract has already been approved by the Glade of Ninjas, and while Ibuki initially refuses to sign it, she is enticed by Karin's promise that her parties always attract handsome men.


Ibuki returning home after her work with Karin is over.

After the party, Ibuki reflects on all the people she has encountered since leaving her village, notably among them her argument with R. Mika. She is seen conversing on the phone with her friend, Sarai, as she returns home to her village, satisfied with her experiences.

Other story appearances:Edit

  • Ibuki appears in the end of R. Mika's character story, in which she rejects R. Mika's offer of "muscle training", stating that she can't learn anything from someone who is overly passionate and bossy. This angers R. Mika, who asks if she had listened to anything she said; Ibuki responds by saying she was shouting too much so she tuned her out. Mika says Ibuki is arrogant, and Ibuki refutes this by saying she has worked with the Kanzuki family for longer than Mika. The argument between the two continues as the story ends. Part of this interaction also appears on Ibuki's own story mode.
  • In Abigail's character story, Ibuki encounters Abigail and mistakes his car noises for a fart. She is so disgusted that she fights Abigail, though Abigail wins, referring to Ibuki as a "Compact car with a little tank"(which could be a reference to her status as a smaller fighter with low health throughout her SF existence).
  • In Zeku's character story, Ibuki meets Zeku, in his younger form, who is promoting the arts of Bushinryu. Ibuki mistakes Zeku for a salesman, but Zeku corrects her and offers her a chance to to join his group. After being defeated by Zeku, he shows his present form as an elderly ninja, much to Ibuki's disappointment. She turns down his offer.
  • Ibuki appears as part of a picture in E. Honda's story mode with alongside other SFV female characters in his spa.

A Shadow FallsEdit

Ibuki PING

Ibuki is seen at the Kanzuki Estate with Birdie, watching a tag team match between Zangief and R. Mika against Alex and Laura. The screen suddenly shuts off, a result of the electromagnetic pulse caused by Shadaloo's Black Moons. Karin decides to travel to New York to find out who is responsible for the activation of the Black Moons, and Ibuki goes with her.

After returning to the Kanzuki Estate, Ibuki is seen having an argument with R. Mika, while Karin and Cammy discuss the plan to stop Shadaloo. The estate is suddenly attacked by Shadaloo agents, among them Decapre and Marz. After defeating them, Karin threatens Ibuki and Mika with the same punishment unless they stop fighting.

During the first infiltration of the Shadaloo base, Ibuki and R. Mika continue to argue, until they are confronted by Balrog and Ed, who managed to get one of the chess pieces that control the Black Moons from Zangief. Ibuki is the first to fight Balrog, her ninjutsu skills are not sufficient to beat him. Mika then engages him, but she also fails. The two then team up and succeed in overpowering him. Ed tries to use his Psycho Power to stop them, and Ibuki uses a smoke bomb to distract both of them. She and Mika take the chess piece and escape, finally being reunited with Karin and her butler, Shibasaki. Karin takes the chess piece and goes on ahead, while Ibuki and R. Mika wait for the rescue helicopter to arrive. Karin returns with Chun-Li, and both are being chased by Abel, who has been brainwashed by Bison's Psycho Power. Zangief appears and knocks Abel out with a Spinning Piledriver, then proudly flexes his muscles. Ibuki is disgusted, yet Mika is amazed.

In the final assault against Shadaloo, Ibuki is hesitant about jumping out of a helicopter, as she is afraid of heights. Nevertheless, Dhalsim pushes her out. During the mission, Ibuki and Mika fight off Shadaloo soldiers, and they watch Zangief's fight against Satsuki. Ibuki becomes worried and tells Zangief to watch out for Satsuki's sword, but to her surprise, the blade shatters when it hits Zangief's muscles. Ibuki is last seen with the other fighters, watching Shadaloo's destruction.

Street Fighter III seriesEdit

2nd ImpactEdit

Later in 2nd Impact, Ibuki was sent by her clan to procure documents from Gill's organization. These documents concern the "G-File" project, which was responsible for creating Necro (before he ran away from the organization) and Twelve. Gill voluntarily gave Ibuki the documents after she defeated him, though the project was already underway by that point.


Ibuki in her 2nd impact ending.

In her ending, Ibuki and Don are laying on the grass, the former thinks about the time she was given the G-Files by Gill. Ibuki suddenly sense someone's presence and throws her kunais at the person, who turns out to be just Sarai, who blocks it with her school bag. Sarai scolds Ibuki for ruining her school bag, Ibuki apologizes.

3rd StrikeEdit

In 3rd Strike, Ibuki tracks down Oro to fight him for her ninja graduation exam. She fights well enough to pass, and moves on to go to a university.


Ibuki in her Third Strike ending.

In her ending, Ibuki is excited to make it in Sarusuberi University after a lifetime of training. She explores the campuses, meeting new friends as well as the cool upperclassman in college who convinces her to join his club. However, much to her dismay, the club that she joins turns out to be a hard and dangerous ninja training club. The upperclassman holds her at kunai-point as he warns Ibuki about her carelessness and laughs at her "love and excitement" of studying Ninjutsu, much to Ibuki's disappointment.

Crossover appearancesEdit

Super Gem Fighter Mini MixEdit


Ibuki battling Ryu in Gem Fighter. Here she has one of the standard evil disguises that most characters in the game use during some of their attacks.

Ibuki appeared as a playable character in Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix (also known as Pocket Fighter). Ibuki decides to leave her village for a while, and quietly departs for a trip to a big city, and along the way, she challenges Sakura for the knowledge of the closest ice cream shop. After learning the location of the closest ice cream shop from Sakura after their battle, Ibuki while musing happily about what she wanted to get next, she spots Guy, thinking that he is a spy from another clan, and declares a challenge from him. Guy then tells her to calm down for a second, and gives Ibuki a baked potato. While Ibuki is distracted by the baked potato, Guy tells her that he has errands to run for his master and sneaks away, as Ibuki had now forgotten what she was going to do.

Street Fighter X TekkenEdit


Ibuki in Street Fighter X Tekken.

Ibuki appeared as a playable character in Street Fighter X Tekken where she is partnered with Rolento, who had sent a request to her village for someone skilled in fighting and infiltration in his search for the Pandora artifact. Due to Rolento's constant orders which she follows reluctantly, Ibuki does not particularly get along well with her new partner, despite the military titles he bestows on her as their story progresses. It is later revealed that Rolento was able to extend his contract to have Ibuki work for him without her knowing about it.

HDPVRPRO60 20190831 190700 001

Asuka Kazama's Swap Costume Bio states she is learning how to be a ninja from Ibuki

The Swap Costume of Tekken character Asuka Kazama is based on Ibuki's design. The in game explanation is that Asuka decided to learn how to be a ninja and Ibuki became her teacher, which, is a contradiction of sorts considering Asuka's win quote against Ibuki herself.

The outfit itself is a more revealing version of Ibuki's default, exposing Asuka's midriff as well as a top portion of her breast. Like Ibuki's version Asuka's also shows it's wearer's hips (though to a less degree than Ibuki's). Asuka has much longer bands than Ibuki on her arms and similar glove style. Asuka's bottoms of her ninja out cut out earlier than Ibuki's and has banding similar to her arms with her ankles wrapped up for protection just like Ibuki's. Asuka's color scheme is much brighter with a blue main focus (mirroring her own default outfit scheme) compared to Ibuki's clay brown, though this would make Asuka's outfit much less practical for actual missions compared to Ibuki's. Lastly, Asuka's forehead is wrapped up, possibly to imitate Ibuki's hairstyle, which isn't that long around her head, and Asuka wears a mask similar to Ibuki. Asuka doesn't remove this mask during any time she is wearing it, while Ibuki removes hers during some actions.


UDON comicsEdit

Street Fighter Legends: IbukiEdit

UDON Entertainment released a four-volume mini-series based on Ibuki and her storyline in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, where she is rivals with Makoto. Each volume was also collected into a single book for UDON's Street Fighter Legends series. She appears in volume 3 of this series, preceded by Chun-Li and Sakura.

Street Fighter Super Combo Special Edit

In the Street Fighter Super Combo Special that came out in "Free Comic Book Day", Ibuki appears as part of two fights, one with Crimson Viper and the other with Ryu.

20190112 142041

Ibuki after cutting off C. Viper's ponytail pondering about her own hair before her fight against Ryu.

After C. Viper defeated Guile in an earlier battle, she is seen in a forest saying that she (Viper) has lost track of her opponent. Her opponent turns out to be Ibuki after the ninja throws a Kunai that disables most of Viper's more advanced weaponry. During the battle Viper is having trouble locating her more nimble opponent and almost strikes Don-chan, who Ibuki used as a distraction to strike Viper from behind. After Ibuki proclaims that "ninjas get to use every dirty trick in the book" she teases cutting Viper from point blank range with her Kunai but instead proceeds to cut off Viper's ponytail, somewhat ironically mentioning how ponytails are a liability and she should cut her own before leaving for her next battle.

Ibuki's next battle is against the more experienced Ryu. Ibuki states that she hasn't been able to get a hit on Ryu and all she has been able to do is avoid his attacks. Ryu does a Hadouken that was meant to miss but open Ibuki for a kick to the head. After Ibuki is knocked out and helped out of the ring by Makoto Ryu proclaims that he doesn't usually use Hadouken against a young fighter but he couldn't find a way to hit her otherwise. The comic ends after Ken in the same ring challenges Ryu in a battle that the winner is not shown.

Street Fighter Unlimited Edit

Ibuki appears in volume 3 and 7 of Street Fighter Unlimited. Her appearances are mostly inconsequential and more for comedy and entertainment. She appears on Gill's island with Elena and Makoto as they both fight against Gill to foil his plains of world domination with many other fighters.

Some Wisdom Edit

20190110 170904

Ibuki battling Karin in Some Wisdom.

Ibuki appears in the Street Fighter Unlimited issue three side story titled "Some Wisdom". Karin Kanzuki wants to prove her family's fighting style and skill against Ibuki because of the latter's upbringing in the Glade of Ninjas. Ibuki explains to the determined Kain that a single fight would not prove anything in terms of who is overall superior combatant and admits Karin is probably the superior fighter.

Their fight goes into traffic with both girls jumping on car roof tops, even on one situation going inside cars through their open windows. The fight ends after Karin heeds Ibuki's words and suggest that the best way to root out any possibility of luck is for them to fight an absurd number of times in a row, much to Ibuki's annoyance, ending the mini series.

Street Fighter Unlimited Volume #7 Edit

20190114 130431

In volume number seven Elena is shown battling Dee Jay, while they both engaging in dialog about their dancing styles Ibuki jumped on Elena's back for a "Stealfie", a ninja selfie. Ibuki and Makoto ask Elena if they could also battle Dee Jay, Elena agrees but looks a little visibly disappointed. In this scene Ibuki is wearing a re-colored version of her Street Fighter IV casual outfit rather than her usual ninja garb or her schoolgirl outfit in "Some Wisdom"

Dee Jay then proclaims "fighting?, I won't have none of that" and instead sets up speakers and plays music, Elena and Ibuki both start dancing immediately while Makoto initially refuses until she is called a "wall flower" by Ibuki. Later Yun and Yang are seen passing by and Ibuki challenges them by calling them "Double Dragons" and telling them to show everyone their dance moves. They are eventually joined by other characters such as Zangief, Rufus, Karin, and E. Honda.


Fighting styleEdit

As a ninja, Ibuki is skilled in ninjutsu; specifically its curriculum of martial arts. Unlike Guy, her style emphasizes a more traditional depiction, like that of ninjutsu found in the regions of Iga and Koga, utilizing kicks, grabs, speed, agility and accuracy for an aggressive and deadly approach. Somewhat interestingly, Ibuki is the only playable character who uses pure ninjutsu (as others such as Vega use only elements of the art).

Ibuki has many mobility options and pre-SFV had many anti projectile options like EX Neckbreaker. She tends to have many multi hitting attacks. While she generally does below average damage a player with good execution can do multiple 1 frame in a combo to match most of the cast. Her Raida tends to have unique properties, being immune to command throws in the IV series, being the only 2 frame non super special in Street Fighter X Tekken, and having anti back technical mechanics of command grabs despite it's hitbox being classified as a strike.

As a tradeoff for her advantages she has been a rather frail character throughout her Street Fighter existance. She is usually around the 900 HP mark, 100 less than average.


Ibuki's fighting style is characterized by her speed and agility. Several of her special moves are useful in both closing distance and evading her foe and/or their attacks: her Hien, for example, is capable of letting her jump over most projectiles while following up with a vaulting kick, and her Kasumi Gake can allow her to pass through opponents entirely, giving her the potential to set up confusing cross-ups (or the potential to just confuse in general). While she may not be as strong as other characters, Ibuki's attacks hit fast, and like other characters from the Street Fighter III series, she possesses Target Combos which allow her to chain several normal moves in less than seconds.

These combos are really not easy to perform though, especially her punch combos, where she has very low range in. Her speed and agility also often can be rather confusing for the one who actually plays her. Some of her special moves like the Tsuijigoe basically do no damage alone and put the player into situations where she becomes extremely vulnerable, and these moves have very similar input commands as some of her others, but are only good for totally different situations. Other specials also require good timing and aiming to actually hit something, instead of attacks which just go straight forward. This means to play effectively with her, the player really must be able to play very controlled and have very good reflexes, otherwise the player won't have much success with her.

In Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix, Ibuki retains all of her Street Fighter III moves and some of her special attacks like the Kunai and her Kasumi Suzaku Super Combo when she diguises as Rolento. Her unique special attack is when she smacks her opponent in two kicks. She has the most disguise forms than the rest of the characters with a total of seven disguises (Eg. Kendo student, a Japanese marker where she could paint the opponent in black, a Bushido, Traditional Japanese singer, a Japanese magician to make a tornado spin on her opponents, a penguin suit and cosplaying as Rolento). One of her Mighty Combos has her disguise as a Bushido to slash her opponent in one strike to deal heavy damage. If her opponents are obliterated with this move an ocean wave background will be seen. She also wears her casual outfit from one of her Street Fighter III win animations but it was a short sleeved shirt than a sleeveless shirt from her ending while meeting with Guy.

In Street Fighter V, she uses a number of new tools, including (among many others) a sort of kite-based float which she uses for flight, bombs, and what appears to be a counter. She can also teleport to dodge her opponent's attack or to countering them with her moves. Unlike in her previous appearances, she can throw a multiple of five kunais to her opponent rather than a single kunai as her projectile even in mid-air. Therefore, she has a limiter to her kunais when using them and she cannot use this ability again once it is emptied, she restores it for another round. Her Kazekiri now has additional damage during her EX special in which she throws an explosive kunai to blow her opponents after execution. Her V-Skill is the Tenrai which Ibuki builds up a blue energy and blasts her opponent with her left palm. Her V-Trigger is the Isshaku Horokudama which Ibuki throws a bomb with Don's face or a pirate skull similar to one of Doctrine Dark's special attacks which it explodes in seconds. She uses this as her tactic move where she gives her a chance to make a combo once her bomb is briefly delayed in timing to explode or quickly exploded on her opponent. Her Critical Art is the Kachofugetsu as she trips her opponent with a low sweep while launching them in mid air with a straight kick similar to her Hashinsho Ultra Combo as she teleports while doing ninja hand signs to culminate a burst of blue energy on her left palm similar to her Yoroitoshi Super Art to wipe out her opponent's skull in a deadly explosion.


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  • The other ninjas in Ibuki's clan include Sarai, Sanjou, Enjou, Genda, Raion and Homura Yuuta. Enjou is often mistaken for Geki from the original Street Fighter game.
  • In Pocket Fighter, when Ibuki throws her kunai, her outfit changes to that of Rolento from Final Fight, referencing his Stinger. Also, what she throws during her Kasumi Suzaku Super Combo depends on what level it is at. She will throw a kunai (lvl. 1), a shuriken (lvl. 2), or a tanuki statue (lvl. 3).
  • Ibuki's storyline in Super Street Fighter IV appears to be derived from her appearance in Pocket Fighter, where she sneaks away from her ninja training to look for an ice cream shop. She also encounters Sakura in her rival battle and asks for directions.
    • Furthermore, her win quote against Sakura in Street Fighter V has Ibuki asking Sakura if they can get a dessert. Possibly a reference to Pocket Fighter also.
  • Ibuki's 2nd alternate costume for Super Street Fighter IV is based on the clothes she wears during a certain win pose in the Street Fighter III games.[11]
  • In both 2nd Impact and her ending in 3rd Strike, Ibuki's fighting style is mispelled as Ninjitsu but in Super Street Fighter IV and onwards, it spells correctly as Ninjutsu.
  • Her purple side-tie dress from her second alternate costume in Street Fighter V bears a resemblance to Kunimitsu's outfit in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.
    • Yoshimitsu also confuses Ibuki for Kunimitsu when he defeats her in Street Fighter X Tekken.
      • Furthermore Kunimitsu's signature weapon is also a Kunai.
  • The fifteenth color palette[12] of Ibuki's story outfit in Street Fighter V is based on and inspired by Roll from the Mega Man series. This trait is also shared with Karin's second color pallet of her own Story Outfit.
    • It also has a resemblance to Jessica from the Final Fight series.
  • Her Street Fighter V character artwork is her first official individual character artwork since Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike that does not feature Don-Chan.
  • Street Fighter III: New Generation, and by extension Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact, since they both use the same story, are the only games where the player can battle Ibuki as part of a one on one rival battle. In all her other appearances she has either had no one face her as a rival, and in Street Fighter X Tekken She is faced alongside Rolento when the player uses King and Marduk.
  • Ibuki's 15h color pallete[13] of her battle outfit is based off Sakura Haruno from the Naruto manga and anime franchise.
  • Ibuki is so far the only playable non-mentor type character who uses one hand for her projectiles.
    • Though in the non-canon Street Fighter X Tekken according to Asuka Kazama's swap costume story Asuka is learning how to be a ninja from Ibuki, technically making her a mentor.
  • Ibuki's 9th[14] color pallet of her default outfit in Street Fighter IV is a reference to Naruto Uzumaki, the lead character of the Naruto series.
  • At the time Ibuki was released, Ibuki's battle against Birdie in her Story Mode was the first time in the Street Fighter series of games that the then lightest female character battled the heaviest playable male character in the game in canon. It should be noted that since then both Sakura and Falke have lower stated weights than Ibuki while Abigail has a higher stated weight than Birdie.
    • Furthermore Ibuki's battle with Abigail in his Story Mode features the biggest gap in height between two combatants in any canon fight with a 2'9 height difference.
    • When taking into account non playable boss characters Ibuki vs. Gill has the biggest weight difference of any canon fight, as Ibuki's stated weight in the Street Fighter III series is approximately 101 pounds, the weight difference is 644 pounds.
    • Ibuki also has the biggest height and weight difference in a rival battle when compared to one of her two rivals, Craig Marduk, in Street Fighter X Tekken.
  • Ibuki is the only playable character who uses pure Ninjutsu as a fight style, other playable ninja characters usually use it as a subsection of their fightstyle.
  • Based on her generic win quotes, Ibuki's favorite junk food is cake.
  • Ibuki's default swimsuit color palette is a reference to Strider.
  • She has the most Target Combos out of any character in the Street Fighter IV games.
    • Furthermore, with the Addition of Target Combo 10 in Arcade Edition, Ibuki is the first (and so far only) character who has reached double digit number of usable Target Combos.
    • While many Tekken characters have more sequence attacks than Ibuki in Street Fighter X Tekken, those are not Target Combos, making Ibuki the character with the most Target Combos in said game too.
    • Ibuki is also the character who lost the most Target Combos in the transition between IV and V
  • Despite Seth being a "compilation" character who is has a high number of specials, Ibuki actually has more than him in Street Fighter IV.
  • In Street Fighter X Tekken Ibuki is the only Street Fighter character that both of her normal throws left the opponent laying face down.
  • Sakura is the only character Ibuki has a positive reaction to in her win quote in SFXTK everyone else she is either neutral to or gets irritated by. This also means Ibuki has no positive reaction towards any Tekken character.
  • Ibuki is the only Street Fighter III character to have a game made for her in the online only Tamaya.
  • Ibuki is the only character in Street Fighter where an outfit she wore in a cutscene became an in-game alternate then became her default outfit.
  • Ibuki is the only character with an Ultra grab that has become a strike hitbox in a later game.
  • None of the characters who Ibuki has defeated in canon in Street Fighter V showed any battle damage afterwards.
    • Ibuki also had to be saved from two enemies she has "defeated".
      • Somewhat ironically, the only enemy who has ever shown battle damage/fatigue against Ibuki is Gill, one of the strongest characters in Street Fighter lore.
  • Ibuki is the lightest character of the Street Fighter III series.
    • Furthermore, Ibuki was the lightest character in Street Fighter V despite the 20 pound increase at 121, since then Sakura and Falke have been lighter than her.
  • Probably because of her infamous "train harder" quote, Ibuki appears in the menu background in Street Fighter X Tekken when "Training Mode" is selected. This is also rather strange, as Capcom usually tries to put as many characters together in crossover games.
    • Furthermore this makes Ibuki the only Street Fighter character to have a screen to herself in Street Fighter X Tekken.
      • She shares the distinction of having a screen to herself with Tekken's Nina Williams, who is the only character in the "options" menu.
  • Ibuki's Win Quote against Blanka in Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V are direct contradictions of each other.
  • Despite the Lair of the Four Kings information given, Ibuki's character model is shorter than the 5'2 Sakura and the equally tall Karin.
  • Ibuki's Tobizaru has had the most glitches associated with it than any other air throw in the series.
  • Ibuki is the only character who has lost the Super Jump ability from the transition of IV to V
  • Ibuki is the second Capcom ninja who has an attack with a horizontal "slash" effect.
    • She is also the first female Capcom ninja who has such an attack.
    • Ibuki is also the first Capcom Ninja who does the effect without a weapon.
  • Ibuki is the first character who has a cinematic attack that uses both weapons and Ki in the main series, followed by Falke's critical art, however Ibuki remains the only character who uses them separately at different stages of her attack.
  • Ibuki's hairstyle in her Battle Outfit is visually similar to the Smash Ultimate incarnation of Zelda.
  • In Street Fighter V Ibuki's hair is better programmed not to "clip" through her body, this can result in seeing one of her two long ponytails actually getting stuck on her shoulders in game. Her alternate hairstyles such as her Battle Outfit isn't programmed in such a way and noticeably goes through her face in her win screen and can also happen when Necalli lifts her in his win screen.
  • Street Fighter V is her first appearance where she has an Idle Pose
  • Ibuki's team with Rolento in Street Fighter X Tekken is the only team where both characters have below 1000 HP and the team isn't composed of two females.
    • Though this fact is only true after the 2013 patch, where before Rolento had 1000 health points similarly to most male characters in the game.
    • As a converse to the above fact, Pre-2013, the only male and female team that both had at least a 2000 HP total was the team of Julia Chang and Bob Richards (though Bob actually has 1050 in the game Julia had 1000 but has been reduced in the final version).
    • The team of Ibuki and Rolento also has a combined health total of 1830, a unique total among all default teams.
  • Ibuki is one of three characters who is carried by their partner in her Unique Tag Introduction.
    • She is also the smallest character in this category.
    • Rolento is also the shortest "carrier".
    • Ibuki is also the only female that isn't seated.
    • Ibuki is the only "carried" character who isn't standing or sitting on their partner directly, rather she stands on Rolento's staff (or plunger in his third outfit).
    • Ibuki is also the only "carried" character who end up on their own feet at the end of her tag introduction, as she jumps off and stays on her feet at the end when Rolento starts swinging his staff, Poison remains seated on Hugo, and Bryan stays standing on Jack-X.
  • Ibuki is the only character to have a menu screen to herself in Street Fighter X Tekken, a menu screen in Street Fighter 3d Edition, but not in any of the console SFIV series.
  • Ibuki is one of two characters to have her kick blocked in her rival battle cut scene. (the other being Tekken's Lili)
    • She is also the only Street Fighter character to have her kick blocked.
  • Also as part of her Unique Tag Introduction, Ibuki is the only character who breaks the fourth wall, looking at the player when she is doubtful of her team with Rolento.
    • Ibuki shares the distinction of appealing to the player due to the actions of her partner with Julia Chang, who also looks at the player as part of her rival battle.
  • Ibuki is one of two characters in Street Fighter X Tekken who wears a mask and removes it in between battles.
  • Ibuki's official character select sprite in Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix has an error where she has two strands of hair on the front of her head and three ponytails when it is usually the other way around. This error isn't present in battle however.
  • Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix is also Ibuki's only appearance where Yamikazura isn't part of her throws.
  • Ibuki is one of two characters in A Shadow Falls that wears two outfits over the course of the story, the other being Karin.
  • Super Gem Fighter: Mini Mix is Ibuki's only appearance where Ibuki and Chun-Li both appear in the same game and Ibuki has more outfits (in the game's disguises).
  • Ibuki's Story Mode in Street Fighter V has her speaking to more people on the phone (Sakura, Sarai) than anyone else in their own story mode.
  • In Super Gem Fighter Ibuki had no representation in the title logo of the Japanese version "Pocket Fighter". Ibuki would have her logo represented alongside others in the remade logo with the Kunai holding the "Mini Mix" portion of the title.
  • Gem Fighter is the only game Ibuki is selectable alongside Darkstalker characters.
  • 2nd Impact is the only game that has original artwork for Ibuki and she is shown angry (the second time she isn't smiling is her SFIV era artwork where she has a neutral expression.) She is usually shown smiling in the Character Select screen in games she is available.
  • Ibuki is the only playable character in her own comic that has no known blood relative.
    • Ibuki also currently has the least HP out of all playable characters who appear in her comics as of the final game that has them together. Ibuki has 900 HP, Makoto and Elena both have 950 and Dan has 1000.
  • In Felicia's Capcom Fighting Evolution ending where she has many Capcom females in the background for visual appeal, Ibuki appears to be dressed as a Tanuki while the other background girls have jackets and top hats.
  • Her troubles as a teenage girl and being divided between tradition and modernity are not exclusive to her; other characters with a similar backstory are Nanase and Lisa Kusanami of Last Bronx. Even Hattori Hanzo from Samurai Shodown finds difficulty accepting the fact that ninja are fated to "live and die in the shadows".
  • Ibuki's both endings in the III series are contradictions of each other, the 2nd impact version shows how her ninja occupation could make her too "alert" to normal situations attacking Sarai just for coming, the Third Strike version shows how Ibuki lets her guard down too easily for a ninja. Although the latter was exploited by her interest in boys.
  • Ibuki's schoolgirl outfit in "Some Wisdom" is inconsistent with the other appearances of the outfit. In every other outfit (including the modified SFV incarnation) it is shown to have a blue vest and a white undershirt with the skirt being separate from the vest and shirt. In Some Wisdom the vest and skirt appear to be one piece of clothing, appearing more of a dress than a shirt and skirt combo.
    • In artwork included with one of her official figures it shows that underneath her shirt, vest, and skirt, she wears a one piece dress (can be seen in top right of picture). However the dress can't be seen under her skirt in either "Some Wisdom" or any of her game appearances where she wears the outfit.
      • This means Ibuki has 4 versions of the very same outfit.
  • Asuka Kazama's swap costume description is the only Tekken character description that isn't based on "word" or "rumor" meaning Ibuki is the only SF character who has a Tekken character that the reason they are dressed as her is 100% clear.
  • If one is to take into account non-canon games. Ibuki's most common rival archetype are wrestlers.
  • Ibuki has the fastest special attack in Street Fighter X Tekken with Raida.
  • Birdie's win quote against Zeku is the only time Ibuki is specifically mentioned in a win quote when she isn't part of the battle.
  • Ibuki twice has had her story reused from canon to non-canon material with different context.
    • Specifically Ibuki's Gem Fighter story was reused even to the point of meeting Sakura to ask her for something. Later her 2nd Impact ending was used in her comic but her status with Sarai differed from the game to the comic.
  • Ibuki's back throw has been different in each of her main series appearances to date.
    • Specifically in the III games her back throw was a reused Yamikazura, in IV it was Uki Yami, and finally in V it re purposes her Neck Breaker animation.
      • Furthermore her back throws in both of her non canon fighting game appearances Gem Fighter and SFXT are different. In Gem Fighter she didn't have one and in SFXT she reuses Uki Yami from IV.
  • Ibuki's cell phone appears to be a little anachronistic, in her comic which takes place during the SFIII arc her phone is portrayed as a pink flip phone but in her SFV story mode which takes place before the III arc her phone is a smart phone.
  • Despite them not being associated in any way before teaming in SFXT, Ibuki and Rolento both have called their opponent "Namby Pamby" in at least one game. In Ibuki's case she can do it via one of her taunts in SFIV while Rolento has a chance to say it in X Tekken if he gets the first hit on his opponent.
  • Three of Ibuki's character introductions utilize smoke bombs, In Third Strike, Street Fighter X Tekken, and Street Fighter V specifically. though strangely her smoke bombs are never shown to be lit before they explode.

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