This is a list of quotes used by Ibuki.

Street Fighter III series Edit

Street Fighter III: 2nd ImpactEdit

Win QuotesEdit

  • "It was my destiny to win."
  • "Now let's go on to the next!"
  • "There's no second chance in the real fight!"
  • "Remember! This is Ibuki!!! Please don't forget me!"
  • "Devote yourself to your training!"
  • "I am just an ordinary girl, you know!"
  • "Phew... I need a hot shower... now..."

Super Arts Quotes Edit


  • "My super move can break your heart! ...Just kidding! Tee-hee!"
  • "It's my super-fast Hashin Shou! I know you could feel it!"

Kasumi SuzakuEdit

  • "Ninjitsu Kasumi Suzaku!"

Yoroi DoushiEdit

  • "This is my ultimate move, the Yoroi Doushi!"

Rival DialoguesEdit

Vs. ElenaEdit

Elena: Such strange clothes.... Where are you from?

Ibuki: Japan.... Why? What do you want? I'm on an important mission!

Vs. GillEdit

Ibuki: You have something that doesn't belong to you. Hand it over!

Gill: Of course. But only in exchange for your life, Shinobi girl....

Win Quotes (character specific) Edit

  • "Hm. I think I saw you somewhere before... Ah, a Chinese guardian dog!"
  • "You don't have to exert your strength all of the time. Try a different way next time."
  • "The rules you fight by limit your chance for victory!"
  • "What long legs you have... I'm not envious of you! I'm happy of myself!"
  • "You are far from unstoppable... Have I proven that?"
  • "No matter how big you are, your weak points are the same as always..."
  • "My Ninjitsu is at least a little superior to yours... right?"
  • "You were a handsome guy just a minute ago... Was it because of me? Sorry!"
  • "Your electromagnetic power is interesting!! My dagger sticks to it!"
  • "...Hey you... Are you... alive?"
  • "Looking for a strong opponent? Shall I introduce my master?"
  • "You still want to fight? Not today, I have things to do! Bye bye!"
  • "Well... it's embarrassing... I don't know... where to look..."
  • "Compete with your speed? A Ninja need not worry about the likes of you!"
  • "A Ninja mustn't have personal feelings, but if you insult me, I won't forgive you!"

3rd StrikeEdit


  • "Behold Ibuki!"
  • "I'll win!"


  • "Like...this!"

Rival DialoguesEdit

Vs. OroEdit

Ibuki: Excuse me, are you a Sennin?

Oro: That's right. I'm the great Sennin! What do you want, girl?

Ibuki: (He's as old as they get, but he is also a master fighter, I guess...) Well, I know it's unusual, but I'm in the middle of a graduation exam. They won't allow me to pass unless I defeat you in 5 minutes... So... Fight with me!

Oro: What?! I thought you wanted to go on a date with me! I'm disappointed!

Win QuotesEdit

  • "That wasn't the most efficient way to knock you out, but it worked!"
  • "Please don't look, I have to change outfits and I'm out of bombs..."
  • "What a crazy graduation exam! Being a Shinobi isn't easy!"
  • "I don't think you'd last long at all if you were in my village..."
  • "Hey, I'll tell everyone you put up a good fight, okay?"
  • "I have clothes that are much more fashionable than this! Believe me!"
  • "I'm sorry it went so quickly! A girl's gotta have fun, you know!"
  • "I can't let anyone know that I wasted my time on a loser like you!"

Pocket Fighter Edit

Rival DialoguesEdit

Vs. SakuraEdit

Ibuki: Excuse me! Do you know where I can find the ice cream shop in Harajuku?

Sakura: Wow! You must be a Ninja! Way cool!

Ibuki: Oh no! You saw through my disguise with a mere glance! Now I must silence you to conceal my identity!

Sakura: I think almost anyone could tell you're a Ninja... But I accept your challenge if it's a fight you want!

Win QuotesEdit

  • "You have to match my Ninja speed if you want to beat me!"
  • "Wow! It really is dangerous here in the big city!"
  • "With moves like yours, it's no wonder you lost!"
  • "Train harder if you wish to overcome my Ninja skills!"

Super Street Fighter IV Edit


  • "Ibuki! On the scene!"

Personal Actions:Edit

  • "Namby-pamby."
  • "Let's see what you've got."
  • "I really thought you'd be tougher than this."
  • "I'm ready for anything."
  • "Alright! Let's do this!"
  • *Yawn*
  • "Pay attention!"
  • "This is way too easy".
  • "Want me to go "easy" on you?"
  • "Try harder than that."


  • "Don-chaaaaan!!"
  • "Guess I...need" (Chip KO)


  • "Aww... You gotta be kidding me! I was so looking forward to training camp, and now they tell us we can only choose between a boring mountain and an even more boring forest!? The only people out there are ghosts! This sucks! I mean, a girl only gets one chance at her youth! I have a right to get out there and meet cool guys! Hey! I've got an idea! I'll just make like I'm headed off to camp, but slip out and have a little fun! This is the best idea ever! Sarai? Yeah, listen, I'm gonna be late for camp. I'll meet up with you partway, though. OK? Cover for me, will you? Yeah, just say whatever you think they'll wanna hear. Please, Sarai? Awesome! I'll grab you a souvenir, OK? I promise! Look out, all you handsome guys! Here I come!"

Rival CutsceneEdit

Sakura: "Oh!"

Ibuki: "Ack!"

Sakura: "Oh, sorry. I wasn't payin' attention."

Ibuki: "Hey, are you a fighter too?"

Sakura: "Um, yeah. Why?"

Ibuki: "Listen, if I beat you in a match, will you introduce me to some cool boys?"

Sakura: "That's kind of a weird request...Okay! I think I know just the guy!"

Ibuki: "Really? Awesome!"

Other Rival Dialogue:Edit

Sakura (Pre-fight) Edit

Sakura: "The name is Sakura Kasugano!"

Ibuki: "I'm Ibuki, nice to meet you!"

  • "You look pretty strong!" (During First Attack)
  • "Yeah!" (When activaing an Ultra)
  • "Tell me about this guy, is he handsome?" (When Sakura is defeated with an Ultra)
  • "So, we should totally hang out sometime!" (When Sakura is defeated with a Super Combo)
  • "Just as I planned." (During Focus Attack)
  • "Here goes nothing..."
  • "I saw that one..."
  • "Whoah... I'm starving!" (When Sakura is defeated with a special attack)
  • "Was that on purpose?" (When Sakura is stunned)

Sakura: "I hope you're ready!"

  • "Uhm... Hey are you a ninja?" (During First Attack)
  • "Gotta concentrate..."
  • Wooo (when Ibuki is stunned)
  • Let me tell you Ryu is so dreamy ( When Ibuki is defeated with an Ultra)
  • Oh My Gosh, I really gotta be somewhere (When Ibuki is defeated with a special attack)


Ibuki: I'm super late! I gotta get moving! Oh, crap. Looks like the morning meeting's already started! I guess it's time to put my ninja skills to work. Trainer: So, that's the plan for today - practicing throwing off pursuers utilizing rivers, followed by nighttime drills without the aid of blades or explosives. You'll all need to check over your equipment first and... Over there! Sarai: Aaaah! Ibuki: Not again!

Round Win:Edit

  • "Alright!"
  • "No problem!"
  • "Train harder!"
  • "You were wide open."

Versus Mode:Edit

  • "Ninjas used to be cool, but now everyone is into pirates and robots and stuff."
  • "You're pretty strong! That was really fun!"
  • "I'm starved! What's a girl hafta do to get some cake around here?"
  • "Train harder!"
  • "If that's the best you can do, you might wanna hire an after-school tutor."
  • "I'm starving!"
  • "You should probably head home now. You really don't look so good."
  • "You've never seen a kunai throwing knife before? You've gotta be kidding me!"
  • "No sweat! That was nothing compared to the tests at my school!"
  • "No rematch today! I'm in a hurry! Hit me up next time!"
  • "You'd flunk outta my ninja school in about 5 minutes..."

Arcade Mode:Edit

  • "You're not a bad-looking guy, but would it kill you to smile once in a while?"
  • "He finally shut up... Geez, I thought he'd never stop!"
  • "What happened? Did you make a funny face and it froze in place?"
  • "I knew when I laid eyes on you that you'd be a pushover. Lame!"
  • "I like your outfit! It looks nice and cool. My threads are kinda stifling."
  • "You're a cop, right? Do you think that's more fun than being a ninja?"
  • "I do like bad boys. Those handcuffs are overkill, though. Wait - Are they real!?"
  • "We ninjas are good at keeping our weapons concealed, too! See?"
  • "Um, are you OK? Hello? Can you hear me? Oh, geez. He's out cold..."
  • "That was fun! Felt more like a dance than a real fight, but whatever..."
  • "Ninjas can teleport like that, too! Are you an Indian ninja?"
  • "Sorry, but ninjas make their own rules!"
  • "Do sumo wrestlers always have to wear kimonos? That's kinda boring."
  • "Thanks, but no thanks. I ate on the way here. Not hungry at all. Totally full."
  • "Maybe you've been studying too hard. Don't overdo it next time!"
  • "I guess you're kinda cute, but you're just not what I'm looking for."
  • "Old dudes are all the same. They're nice and all, but they drone on and on and..."
  • "Don't look down on me 'cuz I'm still in training! Ninjas have high standards!"
  • "Quite a hunk, but the outfit needs to go. You don't look like a ninja at all!"
  • "Does that oil have some kind of magical properties or something?"
  • "I can't lose to an out-of-control, crazy chick like you! No way!"
  • "You're pretty hot, but you're apparently also pretty weak, so never mind..."
  • "Training is fun, but dontcha have any other hobbies?"
  • "You should take those shoulder things off. They make you look über-lame."
  • "Don't you get tired from being so tense all the time? Chill out!"
  • "I guess if you're gonna let yourself go, you may as well go all the way, right?"
  • "I don't know anything about true strength! I'm too busy having fun!"
  • "I never get to meet anyone cool at my school."
  • "Oh no! I'm gonna be late! I'd better get back!"
  • "You're looking for your girlfriend? Is she cute? Have you been together long?"
  • "Just so you know, girls hate guys that are self-obsessed like that."
  • "Ah ha ha! Those bangs of yours reminds me of Don-chan!"
  • "Nothing personal. I'm just faster than you."
  • "You're pretty slow, but it's still scary when you come at me like that!"


  • "I'm supposed to cover my face, too. But it's so hot. How do you handle it?"
  • "You've got an older brother? Is he cute? Got a picture?"
  • "You want to be number one? I'd say your size already has you in that category."
  • "I'll never serve in your army. Unless there are cute guys there, that is..."

Street Fighter X Tekken Edit


Character SelectEdit

  • "I’m on a job!"
  • "Alright, ready, steady, go!"

Teaming with RolentoEdit

  • "If You Do Something Do it Right!"
    Ibuki If you do something do it right
  • "You're so embarrasing"
    Ibuki You're so embarrasing.

Round VictoryEdit

  • "Like I'd really lose."
    Ibuki Like i'd really lose
  • "Train harder!"
    Ibuki Train Harder sfxt


  • "Don-chan!"
    Ibuki Don-Chan
  • "Not...good enough..."
    Ibuki Not good enough

Match StartEdit

  • "Ibuki! On the scene!"
    Ibuki On The Scene

Pandora ActivationEdit

  • "I can't control it!"
    Ibuki I can't control it

Pandora SacrificeEdit

  • "So tired..."
    Ibuki So Tired


  • "Yyyiah!"
    Ibuki Forward Throw Quote
  • "Take It!"
    Ibuki Take It
     (Uki Yami)
  • "Whoops!"
    Ibuki Whoops!
     (When regular throws, air throw, or Raida whiff).

Taking DamageEdit


  • Ibuki low damage 1
  • Ibuki low damage 2
  • Ibuki Low Damage 3


  • Ibuki Medium Damage 1
    Ibuki Medium Damage 2
  • "Ouch!"
    Ibuki Ouch Medium Damage 3


  • Ibuki High Damage 1
    Ibuki High Damage 2
    Ibuki High Damage 3

Stabbed by Yoshimitsu's sword.Edit

  • Ibuki stabbed

Unknown CircumstanceEdit

  • Ibuki damage unknown 1
  • "Ouchie!"
    Ibuki Ouchie Unknown 2
  • Ibuki Unknown 3
  • "It Hurts!"
    Ibuki It Hurts Unknown 4


  • "Booooring...!"
    Ibuki taunt

Activating Cross ArtEdit

  • "Let's go!"
    Ibuki Let's go

Cross AssaultEdit

  • "Right Let's Do This!"
    Ibuki Right Let's Do This
    (Rolento Partner)
  • "Let's Take Them Together!"
    Ibuki Let's Take Them Together
    (Generic Partner)
  • "Sweet"
    Ibuki Sweet!
    (Generic Parnter uses Cross Assault)

Quick Standing Edit

  • "Yit!"
    Ibuki Quick Stand Quote

Player chooses to continueEdit

  • "Just warming up"
    Ibuki Just warming up

After partner connects with Cross ArtEdit

  • "I'm on it!"
    Ibuki I'm on it

Successful ReversalEdit

  • "As I thought"
    Ibuki As I thought

Rival Battle Edit

  • "I have a name! Ugh. Yes I see those guys in the weird clothes."
    Ibuki I have a name! ugh. Yes I see the guys in the weird clothes.
  • "It's so nothing personal sorry!" (beating her rival with a Super Art)
    Ibuki It's so nothing personal Sorry!

Versus Mode (Arcade)Edit

  • "You'll have to be faster than that to beat me"
    Ibuki You'll have to be faster than that to beat me
  • "You better focus or you'll get hurt"
    Ibuki You better focus or you'll get hurt.
  • "You fighting for reals?"'
    Ibuki You fighting for reals?
  • "Enough warming up already."
    Ibuki Enough warming up already 01
  • "You'd so flunk out of my ninja school."
    Ibuki You'd so flunk out of my ninja school
  • "That was lame."
    Ibuki That was lame
  • "Get a real job"
    Ibuki Get a real job
  • "That was an easy win"
    Ibuki That was an easy win
  • "Alright"
    Ibuki Alright
  • "Of course!"
    Ibuki Of course
  • "Got it!"
    Ibuki Got It
  • "Ready to kick butt!"
    Ibuki Ready to kick
  • "Time to go for it"
    Ibuki Time to go for it
  • "Here goes nothing"
    Ibuki Here goes nothing
  • "ZING!"
    Ibuki ZING
  • "Easy!"
    Ibuki Easy
  • "Just a bit more to go... right?
    Ibuki Just a bit more to go... Right


  • "I'm exhausted!"
    Ibuki I'm Exhausted!

Win QuotesEdit

Versus ModeEdit

Generic Edit

  • I could really go for some chocolate cake right now... Chocolate cake is the breakfast of champions!

Street FighterEdit

  • "If I find the people you're looking for, I'll give you a text! So... What's your number?"
  • "Your face is totally terrifying! You should smile more! ...Um, on second thought, maybe you shouldn't."
  • "You don't need to yell at me! I heard you the first time!"
  • "You can shoot electricity? Wow, that's pretty cool! Have you thought about becoming a ninja?"
  • "You're a cop?! Well then... I'm outta here!"
  • "I dunno if dressing like that is supposed to make you look "hard", but if you're not careful, someone's gonna arrest you!"
  • "No fair, hitting me from so far away! That's cheating! Eh, but I won anyway, so whatever, I guess."
  • "Don't you ever take those gloves off? What about when you're eating or when you have to go to the bathroom?"
  • "Yeah, I know. I'll get back to my studies... Like, tomorrow, OK?"
  • "Do all guys in the military have to get that haircut? That's really weird."
  • "Look, I have my way of being a ninja, and you have yours. I don't mind sneakers, but red is so last year."
  • "I guess bigger isn't always better. I mean, your footwork was all over the place."
  • "Hey, I'm a lot stronger than that! If you wanna impersonate me, at least get it right!"
  • "Not really sure why you attacked me. I was just minding my own business and stuff."
  • "Hey, how do you get those flames to come out? They're so cool... I want flaming punches too!"
  • "Talking about world domination... And those clothes? Far-fetched, even for a Saturday morning cartoon."
  • "If you're going to the South Pole, you might want to find some warmer clothes? I guess I should, too, though..."
  • "I told you, my name is IBUKI! Not private, not corporal, and certainly not human shield!"
  • "First you need to diet. Then we'll talk. Maybe."
  • "Don't you burn out if you just train all day? You gotta kick back and relax, too!"
  • "You don't have to be such a sourpuss! Frowning so much gives you wrinkles, y'know."
  • "So you're always running late as well? Ha ha, join the club! Not like we're missing anything important, right?"
  • "You're a narcissist? But aren't narcissists supposed to at least be cute? You're just a creepy old dude."
  • "Man, that was scary... I almost got hugged to death!"


  • "Is this some kind of TV show or something? Cause that girl just shot her hands at me."
  • "It must be so nice for guys to be able to eat all they want and not worry about their weight."
  • "I didn't want to fight against you anyway!"
  • "Eddy? Never heard of him. Is he, like, your boyfriend or something?"
  • "Ah, robots now too? What happened to the good ol' days when we only fought against pirates and stuff?"
  • "You'd be kinda hot if you weren't so gloomy!"
  • "I thought you were a librarian at first. With power like that, I'd better return all my books on time!"
  • "Taking it easy on me because I'm a kid? Well, don't forget that I'm also a ninja!"
  • "You're not a real tiger, are you? That's just a mask, right? Right?"
  • "HEY! Quit trying to eat Don-chan! He's not food!"
  • "And people talk about MY fashion sense! At least my village doesn't make me wear that get-up!"
  • "You're a police officer, too?! Not that I've done anything wrong or anything... but I'm outta here!"
  • "Forehead protector? I don't need one of those... Maybe you should stop watching anime..."
  • "Can you tone it down a few notches? You're making me tired just looking at you!"
  • "Why do all these weirdos keep coming after me?! Do I look like the type who wants this kind of attention?!"
  • "That thing was WAY too strong! Time for a break!"
  • "Dude, I'm not picky about hairstyles, but... Man, I'd hate to sit behind you in a movie."
  • "Not bad for being self-trained, but you still have a ways to go. You are pretty good at shadow clones, though..."
  • "You're kinda my type, but I don't go for guys who are weaker than me."
  • "You're a ninja too?! No way! Cosplayers like you give us REAL ninjas a bad name!"


  • "Electrical powers seem pretty convenient! Hey, do you think you could help me charge my cell phone?"
  • "I almost lost… to a cat. Maybe I have been skipping training too much…"
  • "Wearing the same clothes every day is one thing, but you should at least wash them from time to time."
  • "I wish Don-chan could talk too…"

Street Fighter VEdit

Character Selection Edit

  • "Quickly on the scene!"
    Ibuki Quickly on the scene
  • "Let's get the party started! ...M-Ms. Kanzuki?" (Story Mode)

Intro Edit

  • "I'll finish this in no time!"
    Ibuki I'll Finish This In No Time
  • "Ibuki, On The Scene!"
    Ibuki On The Scene SFV
  • "Okay. Let's fight fairly." (Easy Survival Mode)
    Ibuki Okay let's fight fairly
  • "This is nothing for me." (Normal Survival Mode)
  • "Are you ready?" (Hard Survival Mode)
  • "Ninjutsu Secret Stuff! Watch and learn!" (Extreme Survival Mode)
    Ibuki Ninjutsu secret stuff. Watch and learn


  • "So do you want me to train you?"
    Ibuki So do you want me to train you

V-Skill Edit

  • "Right there!" (uncharged)
    Ibuki Right There
  • "Piercing attack!" (charged)

V-Trigger I Edit

  • "Now let's go!"

V-Trigger II Edit

  • "Fuma Shuriken!"

Critical Art activation Edit

  • "Better get ready! Ougi: Kachofugetsu!"
    Ibuki Critical Art Quote

Round Victory Edit

  • "You should train harder!"
  • "The slightest hesitation could've been fatal." (20% health)

KO Edit

  • "Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!"

Round Loss Edit

Versus Mode (Generic) Edit

  • "I'm missing a kunai. Where did I put it?"
  • "You can't hope that kind of technique to work against ninjas!"
  • "Ow, that hurt! But you managed to hit me. I'm impressed! Congratulations!"
  • "Ah! I forgot my homework! I gotta get back home!"
  • "Keep it up! Focus!"

Versus Mode (Character-Specific) Edit

  • "You really don't need all that power. You must have really bad gas mileage."
  • "There's a creepy statue in my hometown with this freaky face... Looks just like you, actually!
  • "Your table manners need some work! You made me lose my appetite!"
  • "You really gross me out, but there's something kinda cute about you too..."
  • "You like cats? What about raccoons? Wanna cuddle my Don-Chan?"
  • "Why did you join the police? Haven't you ever wanted to do something else?"
  • "I'm loving the whole edgy, bad boy heartthrob mayor thing you got going on! It's kinda hot!"
  • "That fire came from you mouth, right? Do you ever burn your lips?"
  • "Nash, I'm good for being a sumo. I like being able to see my feet."
  • "I mean, you've got the looks, but you seriously gotta work on your conversation skills."
  • "You underestimated me! Neutralizing poison is a basic ninja technique!"
  • "What?! That fight was being streamed?! You could've told me!"
  • "What text? Like a secret scroll or something? Hmm..."
  • "Argh! I went too far this time! I'm really sorry! He looks angry..."
  • "Since you can change into me, how about you go to school in my place?"
  • "Why do you try to hurt people? Find a cute boy and treat him nice!"
  • "A ninja's taught to walk hand in hand with death ...I want to choose a different way."
  • "Hey! You let all that heat out! You want me to catch a cold?"
  • "You have a brother?! How old is he? Is he cute?"
  • "These are kunai, not shuriken. Can't cut a sandwich with a shuriken.'"
  • "Give up on this world domination nonsense already! If you don't, these weird jobs will never end!"
  • "You're handsome, and your voice is pretty cool, but you scare me."
  • "That was scary! I don't even think he understood a thing I said..."
  • "That whip suits you. Not my scene though..."
  • "Don't act all high and mighty just 'cuz you're older than me! I'm a full-fledged ninja!"
  • "Woah! Was that a wind art? Can you use ninjustu too?"
  • "Your sleeves are frayed. Don't they get snagged on stuff?"
  • "Y' know, it's no wonder a ninja took you down. Your "King Style" is all standing, trying to look cool."
  • "Winning,, whatever. Hey, wanna go get some dessert!"
  • "If you just bark orders like that, no one's gonna listen to you."
  • "My curiosity's killing me! Could you show me the face behind that mask?"
  • "Why are you saying you're gonna throw me like it's a good thing!?"
  • "Hey, could you teach me that youth-restoring jutsu? Seems like it'd come in pretty handy someday..."

Character Story ModeEdit

Stage: Kanzuki EstateEdit

Fight 1: BirdieEdit

Pre-Fight InteractionEdit

Birdie: "And just who the hell are you?! Running about on the roof all suspicious. Speak up!"
And just who the hell are you Running about on the roof all suspicious. Speak up
Ibuki: "Urgh, calling me suspicious? Have you seen yourself? Why are you throwing those chains around?"
Ibuki Urgh, calling me suspicious Have you seen yourself Why are you throwing those chains around

Fight 2: KarinEdit

Pre-Fight InteractionEdit

Karin: "This is a much better way for us to get to know each other."
Karin This is a much better way for us to get to know each other.
Ibuki: "This is how you make friends?!"
Ibuki This is how you make friends

A Shadow Falls Edit

  • "Huh? What...?"
  • "Arrogant!? I've been working here longer than you have! And then you come in acting all bossy!"
  • "I'm the one who'd beat you to a pulp!"
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