The Icicle Stamp is one of Kolin's unique attacks, introduced in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Arcade Modifier AirArcade-Stick-Down+Arcade-Button-MKick (During neutral/forward jump)



Executed by pressing down and Medium Kick during a neutral or forward jump, Kolin momentarily lands on a small platform made of ice in midair. Afterwards, she performs a front flip off of the surface as the platform turns into a single icicle that drops to the ground.

Tactics Edit

In order for the move to come out, it must be performed at the peak of the neutral or forward jump. While this move isn't mainly used for offensive, it is an effective way to escape pressure, especially in the corner. The extra jump in midair allows her to stay in the air for a slightly longer period of time. This helps her avoid moves that may supposedly hit her on the descent.


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