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"Punishment time! Here we go! One more Down! (お仕置きタイム! 行っくぞー! 一丁上がり! Oshioki taimu! Ikkuzo! Icchoagari!)"

Inazuma Spin Hold (イナズマスピンホールド Inazuma Supin Hōrudo?, "Lightning Spin Hold") is Laura's Critical Art in Street Fighter V.

Only appearance Quarter-circle forwardQuarter-circle forward+Kick


Laura choking out Cammy at the end of Inazuma Spin Hold.

Executed by performing two quarter-circle forward motions and pressing kick, Laura steps forward to grab her opponent. Should she connect, she jumps into the air with her foe in hand and begins spinning around violently, slamming to the ground in a burst of electricity. Laura then proceeds to slam her opponent into all four corners of the screen, continuing to spin and crackle with electricity as she does so, until finally coming to a stop with her opponent locked in a choke hold.


Inazuma Spin Hold, true to Laura's semi-grappler status, is a command grab, though unlike her normal command grab, she can combo into her Critical Art in a variety of ways. Even when not comboed into, Inazuma Spin Hold has deceptively long range for a grab, making it a decent surprise attack in neutral should one catch their opponent in the middle of a high-commitment normal or special move. As with all command grabs, however, it can be dodged easily by jumping during the screen freeze.

As with her special moves, Laura's Spark Show slightly buffs the power of her Critical Art, though not by very much.

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