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"Fear me! (恐れろ! Osorero!?)"

Indignant Thunder is Urien's second V-Skill in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V Medium punch+Medium kick


Executed by pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick simultaneously, Urien raises his fist as it crackles with lightning to amplify his next Metallic Sphere.


Like his first V-Skill, Indignant Thunder has a 50-frame startup. This powers up his next projectile by increasing its size to hit the opponent three times. After the Light version reaches the halfscreen point, it shrinks down to its regular size only hits the opponent twice. The EX version hits the opponent five times. Regardless, Urien builds both Critical and V-Meter on hit or on block. This enhanced projectile is useful against other zoning characters. Because of its multi-hitting properties, Urien's Metallic Sphere can neutralize his opponent's projectile and still find its mark at the same time.

While using the amplified fireball makes Urien a threat in the neutral game, it becomes more dangerous up close. On block, Urien is +2. By ending combos with the enhanced Metallic Sphere, Urien can maintain offensive pressure with a Light normal to keep his opponent in check. On hit, Urien is +3, giving him a decent combo extender in the corner. The EX amplified Metallic Sphere results in a knockdown on hit. It also launches the opponent slightly up for a juggle combo. On block, Urien is +12. At the cost of 1-bar of meter, Urien can utilize this heavy frame advantage to put his opponent in a guessing situation. He can continue pressure with frame trap combos or break through their defenses with his throws.

Just like his Metallic Sphere, the strength of the punch button pressed determines the trajectory of the projectile.

Version (EX) Effect
Fires it horizontally
Fires it horizontally,
but with a faster speed
Fires it at roughly a 45° angle

In regards to the Heavy version, it launches the opponent higher. This opens up new juggle combo routes from midscreen or in the corner. With his first V-Trigger active, Urien can not only score big damage by juggling his opponent with the mirrors, but he can also put them in a mix-up reset situation. Using his second V-Trigger, Urien has better corner carry combos to amplify his offensive pressure.

Another way to make Urien's second V-Skill strong is by resetting his opponent into the fireball. After putting an airborne opponent in a air reset with Standing Medium Punch, he can use the enhanced Light Metallic Sphere to put them into the fireball. This not only forces them to block the projectile, but it also gives Urien frame advantage while doing so. As they are blocking the Metallic Sphere, Urien can dash forward and get free pressure off of it.

While Urien's first V-Skill gives him pseudo-reversal by adding armor to his charged special attacks, Indignant Thunder powers up a move that is more useful in the neutral game. This helps Urien safely build Critical and V-Meter while ending combos with Metallic Sphere. Even if blocked, it's difficult for his opponent to punish due to the multi-hitting properties and frame advantage that goes along with it.



  • Indignant Thunder is based off of Temporal Thunder, Urien's second Super Art. The sphere shrinks in a similar fashion, and an EX Metallic Sphere does the same number of hits at close range. Urien also calls out "Jupiter Thunder" when he fires the EX version, the Japanese name for the move.