Invisible Ray (不可視光線 Fukashi Kōsen) is one of Decapre's special attacks, exclusive to the OMEGA Mode of Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Description Edit

Executed by performing a quarter-circle forward motion and pressing punch, Decapre launches an invisible projectile towards the opponent, the projectile/fireball cross the screen at the same time it is launched. While Invisible Ray's start-up Improves depending on which button the player use, the recovery will lengthen as a trade-off. The EX version, on the other hand, comes out fast, ground quickly covers, hits twice, and knocks the opponent down.

Tactics Edit

It can be used to erase other projectiles. For being invisible, Decapre can use it to deceive opponents or to distance themselves from it. It can also be used before the Super Combo, Strafe Dagger or before the first Ultra Combo, Psycho Stream.

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Trivia Edit

  • Decapre is the only character to have a projectile of Psycho Power from the entire cast of Ultra Street Fighter IV.
  • Invisible Ray is the only invisible fireball/projectile in all Street Fighter games and the fastest projectile, among all others in Street Fighter games. This is an irony to her first Ultra Combo, Psycho Stream, which is one of the slowest projectiles, among all others.
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