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Ishizaki (石崎?) is a minor character introduced in Street Fighter Alpha 3. He is the Kanzuki family's butler, and acts as Karin Kanzuki's caretaker. He occasionally appears before and after any fights she wins in Street Fighter Alpha 3, and is in the Kanzuki Estate stage in Street Fighter V. During his school days he was part of a judo club, and he is very good at cooking, his specialty being chawanmushi. He is in good terms with Birdie.[1]



Ishizaki is a pudgy, but engaging middle-aged Japanese man with burly arms and a warm, welcoming smile.


He is always willing to do what Karin wishes, such as tending to the opponent's injuries or serving her a cocktail drink, though sometimes he wants to get in on the action and do battle. One of Karin's intro animations in Street Fighter Alpha 3 has him primed to fight, only for Karin to appear and take his place, driving him off.


Ishizaki was assigned the job of baby-sitting/watching over Karin while she traveled the world in search of a rematch with Sakura. The two have a close (albeit rocky) bond, and he seems to be her closest friend in the Kanzuki mansion, as he is very proud of her.



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