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"An honor, to be sure."
—JP (Street Fighter 6)

JP, also known as the Regal Businessman (堂々とした実業家 Dōdō to shita jitsugyōka?)[4], is a fighting game character from the Street Fighter games, appearing as one of the new characters in Street Fighter 6, where he is its primary antagonist, and the leader of a terrorist group known as Amnesia. He uses different aliases in his businessman façade to cover up his illegal activities as a master criminal.



JP is an elderly but well-built man. His primary outfit consists of a pair of orange dress pants with a matching waistcoat, along with a frilled short-sleeved shirt with a blue gem in the center.


While openly polite and refined as the head of Terra Network Partners NGO, JP shows immense cruelty and sadism during battle. This two-faced nature shows in his fighting stance, where he hides his Psycho Power behind his back, and even in his Drive Impact graphic starting with a white flash that gives way into a deep purple. In contrast to M. Bison, JP hides his true intentions, often dismissing concerns from characters such as Kimberly and Cammy, while always planning and focusing on his next moves even on the fly, often being a step ahead of anyone who opposes him.

JP also shows a high degree of nihilism. Even when cornered, he expresses how little any conflict that is occurring actually matters. While Bison enjoyed chaos and reveled in evil, JP's dark side is largely cruel indifference, showing no concern or interest in the pain he causes one way or another. While he doesn't begrudge Shadaloo's fall, he does seem to have some reverence for M. Bison and his ambitions, partly being motivated by wanting to see the world through his eyes with his Psycho Power.

Though beneath his stoicism, JP mainly holds back livelier aspects of his personality that are either only shown when either having an upper hand in battle (prone to sinister laughter), or when not truly accounting for an actual defeat (uttering swears and resentment at his adversary).


The idea for a Bartitsu fighter came from its appearance in the Sherlock Holmes stories, where it was mistakenly referred to as Baritsu. Drama adaptations of Holmes stories inspired the staff to create a character that fought using a cane.[5]

JP's voice and appearance may have been inspired by the late British actor Christopher Lee, who was known for playing elegant and charismatic villains, such as Count Dracula, and the Star Wars franchise's Count Dooku/Darth Tyrannus.

JP's appearance also resembles that of a king from a standard deck of "English pattern" playing cards, particularly the King of Diamonds[6].

His name, former occupation as a financier, and his successful investment affairs may have been partially inspired by JP Morgan, an American financier and investment banker who dominated corporate finance on Wall Street throughout the Gilded Age.

Character Relationships[]





Both initially hostile in their first encounter, where JP trying to pretend to be a legitimate businessman during A.K.I.'s infiltration to meet him in private, and would kill him if her master wants to. However, as A.K.I. saw his façade, and knowing that he is one of formerly M. Bison's loyalist prior to Shadaloo's downfall, and its only member who willfully accepted the dictator's Psycho Power unlike the other vessels (currently Neo Shadaloo members). Upon discovering that A.K.I. wields both kung fu and poison, JP immediately realizes that A.K.I. is F.A.N.G's disciple, before she left with a warning that reviving Shadaloo should be handled by F.A.N.G.


Ken Masters[]

At first, Ken and JP were on good terms, with Ken even complimenting him for establishing an I.T. nation that integrates Nayshall's ancient tradition with modern technology. However, after learning that JP was the one who framed Ken and kidnapped Mel, Ken begins to hate JP, even threatening to kill him if he hurt his son. Framed from Nayshall and thought to be a terrorist by a terrorist group called Amnesia. He remains in low profile and now works for a construction company. He seeks to clear his name and put an end towards his plans. The thoughts of JP still haunt Ken after the incident.

Kimberly Jackson[]

Seeks to find answers for her Uncle who was killed by JP.


JP and Amnesia organization are Cammy's target for answers on Shadaloo's possible remaining existence.


JP encounters the Avatar in World Tour mode, where he is the overarching adversary responsible for the tournament which caused the story's events. Their first meeting tips JP off to a plot by the resistance to place a bomb on the championship belt, and JP then incurs the Avatar's wrath by using that bomb to attempt to kill everyone else in attendance, including themselves, Bosch and Bosch's sister Yua. Later, JP shares information about M. Bison to the Avatar, while giving them Psycho Power.


JP is Bosch's main target and the source of his obsession with strength. Bosch wishes to assassinate JP to end his influence on Nayshall by any means necessary, even allowing his body to be modified by Psycho Power. When in JP's presence, Bosch is barely able to contain his sheer rage. In the end, JP is responsible for Bosch's death -- using the very tool Bosch intended to use to assassinate him to endanger Bosch's friends and family, forcing him to sacrifice himself for their safety.




Little is known about JP and the Amnesia organization. He was in Shadaloo as the head financial manager before it collapsed. While he was there, he was one of the few people to attain the ability to use Psycho Power. After its downfall, he would start conducting business under different aliases, such as a Russian named Johan Petrovic (ヨハン・ペトロヴィッチ Yohan petorovu~itchi?, Russian: Йохан Петрович) (or Johann), or a Frenchman named Jean-Philippe (ジャン・フィリップ Jan Firippu?),[7][8] always going with a "JP" acronym. He also moves to several organizations and develops infrastructure projects with several countries, only to cause chaos.

Street Fighter 6[]

Head of an international NGO responsible for many successful investment projects, and the man behind Nayshall's present prosperity. Has a beloved cat named Cybele. In reality, he is the leader of an international terrorist group known as Amnesia, having been responsible for the incident which frames his former co-operator, Ken Masters at Nayshall.

Days of the Eclipse[]

In Chapter 1, JP (goes by the alias of Russian man named Johan Petrovic (ヨハン・ペトロヴィッチ Yohan petorovu~itchi?, Russian: Йохан Петрович)[9]) meets Ken and his assistant Kalima at the Nayshall martial arts fighting tournament arena. Ken compliments him for having an amazing venue, and for establishing an I.T. nation that integrates Nayshall's ancient tradition with modern technology. While leaving the arena, Kalima informs that some people in Nayshall aren't too happy with the tournament, and JP explains that the political demonstrators have been protesting against the government policies, and asks Kalima to contact the Security Forces and to arrange a route that will avoid the protests.

In Chapter 2, JP asks Kalima the whereabouts of Ken Masters, who's gone missing. Regardless, JP still wants to proceed with the press conference without him. He notes that after the conference, they'll contact the security forces to see if there's anything to find Ken. At the press conference, a group of hacktivists known as Amnesia transmits a message that Ken Masters is associated with terrorists, which shocks everyone including JP. During the chaos, JP notices Kalima and another person leaving the arena.

In Chapter 3, JP informs Luke and his coworkers that while Ken is still missing, their top priority is to protect the people of Nayshall, and while they're not sure if the information that was leaked by Amnesia is true, it will give a perfect excuse for the other countries to intervene, and that in order to avoid an international crisis, the government of Nayshall will issue two statements: that the tournament will occur tomorrow, and that Ken Masters is involved with the terrorists. After Luke offers to take a team of three and to find and bring Ken Masters, shows some concern. Later, JP greets Ken, and reveals how he was able to find Ken and his plan to frame the renowned champion. After Ken tries to attack JP, he reveals to him that he kidnapped his son Mel. He gives Ken is phone back and tells that if he detonates the modified drones, he will save Mel, but the explosives might kill others, and if Ken doesn't cooperate, the drone under Mel's chair will explode. JP makes a speech of how throughout history people have worshiped nationalism, wealth, and human bonds, the same way as they have worshiped any god, being all competing fictions, and when even one's nationality or cultural identity can turn neighbors into enemies, the love is just a fiction that saves people, and that goodness is just a fiction that kills them, believing that what they're doing is right and that they'll justify their own fiction. After that, he leaves and tells Ken that he hopes that he'll make the right choice.

In Chapter 4, JP arrives early at Mount Vashal and talks to an officer about the tournament. Later, JP discovers that Mel Masters escaped and he's disappointed since he saved a VIP seat just for him. At the arena, JP makes a speech to the audience that thousands of years ago stood the legendary kingdom of Nayshall, and now the legend will breathe anew, at Mount Vashal, where people have looked towards Vashal as a sacred pillar, blessed by the gods. And that, in recent years, the recognition of Nayshall's global worthiness has grown, thanks to the country's great history and ancient traditions. He then declares the tournament within the ancient arena now open, and that the first event will be an exhibition match. Ken confronts JP and Luke tries to stop the former champion. Luke advises Ken to stand down and JP mocks him, saying that he's disappointed in Ken and that they'll take good care of his son, and this angers Ken. Kalima tries to stop JP and blames him for everything that happened, and for insulting the traditions and sacred ceremonies of Nayshall. She tries to kill JP with a dagger, but he disarms her and stabs Kalima. She says to JP that his plan won't succeed, since the tournament will be cancelled because of the chaos, but JP explains that he already set up the most important wager: the fallen champion who became a terrorist versus a young peacekeeping agent. JP congratulates Kalima now that Nayshall became a nation of criminals, and it will continue to collect revenues from the online betting, and that as long as Kalima stays in the spotlight, the country's existence is secured. He says that history, tradition, culture, and sacred ceremonies are all for sale as content, until the world gets tired of them, and threatens Kalima that if she quits halfway, it will be the end of everything.

Arcade Mode[]

JP: Nayshall's Suval'hal Tournament[]

In an inner monologue, JP reveals he hosted the tournament in Nayshall as a front for his money laundering operation. While he laments on his throne over the fact that the tournament had attracted a lot of individuals seeking to use him for a variety of reasons, he notices Kimberly spying around the arena and teleports to her. He inquires about why she is there and lays a threat. She responds and asks about what happened to her uncle, which prompts JP to fight her off.

After Kimberly leaves, he returns to his throne and connects his act of hosting tournaments to that of M. Bison. He admits that the tournaments are an illogical way to achieve world domination, but he doesn't seem to resist that hosting them is quite appealing to him. Something which sets him off into a fit of insane laughter.

Kimberly: Chasing the Truth[]
Cammy: The Investigation Continues[]

JP shows up as Cammy's rival in her arcade story. Cammy has been investigating for possible traces of Shadaloo remnants. She eventually finds her way to JP and while questioning JP, she feels the aura of Psycho Power within him and begins trying to interrogate JP what he knows about Psycho Power. This leads in a fight where eventually, JP gets away without revealing anything to her.

Ken: Questions Without Answers[]

JP shows up as Ken's rival in his arcade story. While Ken is working at the SiRN construction site, he ponders over the situation he's been put in by JP. As he's thinking, JP seemingly appears to him and taunts him, attempting to enthrall him towards the road to violence. Though, it is simply dark thoughts going through Ken's mind, which he fights by way of a fight against him in-game. After JP disappears, Ken is left to question whether he tries to kill JP or not.

A.K.I.: Time to Work[]

JP shows up as A.K.I.'s rival in her arcade story. JP asked how A.K.I. got through security into which she responds by tossing the poisoned security guard. A.K.I said that she knew where the money is funneled but asked him what he is planning. JP pretends to not know what she said and that told her that he is a treasurer and distribute funds from the organization to which A.K.I sees that as an excuse. This leads in a fight where A.K.I. tells JP to leave the revival of Shadaloo to her and F.A.N.G. in which JP recognizes her as his apprentice. She then tells her that she can kill him when F.A.N.G. commands her to before leaving JP.

Ed: Neo Shadaloo[]

JP shows up as Ed's rival in his arcade story. As Ed was searching, he encounters JP. He tells Ed that he was in control of Shadaloo's affairs to which Ed sees him to still swear loyalty to Bison after he died. When he asked what he is planning, JP reveals that he and what remains of Shadaloo plans to make Ed as the new leader of Shadaloo. Understandably, this led Ed into fighting JP swearing he will not be anyone's pawn and Ed did win before leaving JP afterwards.

World Tour[]

King of no Country. High-rolling Pretender. Gentlemanly Tyrant. (どこの国の王様。 ハイローリングプリテンダー。 紳士的な暴君。 Doko no kuni no ōsama. Hairōringupuritendā. Shinshi-tekina bōkun.?)

"This I impart unto you: Strength... is meaningless. You must be disappointed. (私があなたに伝えるのは、「強さ…は無意味だ」ということです。 きっとがっかりしたでしょう。 Watashi ga anata ni tsutaeru no wa,`tsuyo-sa… wa muimida' to iu kotodesu. Kitto gakkari shitadeshou.?)"
—JP's advice after completing training & achieving Mastery


Fighting style[]

JP's fighting style is Bartitsu, as he wields his cane in his leading hand while holding the other behind his back charged with Psycho Power. While he normally fights with cane strikes and kicks, he can also use his hidden hand to summon portals, spikes, and specters to do his bidding, even switching his cane to his other hand to do so.


JP's toolset centers entirely around controlling space all around the stage, ensuring that the opponent stays away while he attacks safely from a distance. Triglav attacks from the ground in set positions, similar to a Seismic Hammer. Torbalan summons a specter to swipe forward, attacking with either an overhead, a low, or a mid, while the similar-looking Embrace grabs opponents from fullscreen. From above, JP can use Departure to summon a delayed spike trap that activates either automatically or fired immediately on command. While the Departure is still primed, he can even teleport to its location for a surprise jumping attack. If the opponent closes in, JP can use Amnesia as a risky, but highly rewarding counter that plants a mine in front of them while he retreats. Finally, JP can use Stribog at close ranges to keep the opponent away and end combos.

JP's Level 1 Super Art is Chornobog, a double cane slash that fires a cross-shaped shockwave across the stage. His Level 2, Lovushka, summons four dark clones to attack from all sides of the opponent, granting JP a wide range of possibilities for both mix-ups and combo extensions. His Level 3 Super Art Interdiction sees him warp in front of his opponent with a Psycho Power-infused choke that he detonates with his cane.

Even then, unlike most zoners, JP is tall and not as mobile, meaning he must read ahead of his foe and the player must handle his execution demands in order to pilot him effectively. Once he's pinned down, JP can have an otherwise hard time trying to escape without system mechanics.







  • JP's Japanese voice actor, Tomokazu Sugita, initially auditioned for Luke, only to be asked to audition for JP afterward.[10]
  • Several of JP's attacks are named after deities and creatures of Slavic mythology.
  • JP's alias of "Johann Petrovich" changes from that to "Johan Petrovic" between the 3rd and 4th chapters of the prequel comic. JP is also referred to as Johan in-game.
  • JP's World Tour Legendary Fighter Profile list his Fighting Style as "Baritsu/Psycho Power" using the misspelled version of Bartitsu by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle first seen in the 1903 Sherlock Holmes story "The Adventure of the Empty House".
  • JP's resemblance of a king from a deck of playing cards is complemented by the deck of Antique Playing Cards being his preferred gift in World Tour along with his titles of "King of no Country" and "High-rolling Pretender", the latter which alludes to both high-stakes gambling and bluffing.
  • JP is the only Psycho Power user in the series who does not have any moves with the word "Psycho" in their name.


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