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"Jaguar! Revolver! Eat this! (ジャガ~!リ!ボルバー! こいつを~喰らえぃ! Jagaa! Ri! Borubaa! Koitsu oo kuraei!?)"

The Jaguar Revolver (ジャガーリボルバー Jagaa Riborubaa?) is one of Adon's special attacks, introduced as a Super Combo in the Street Fighter Alpha series and later reappearing as his first Ultra Combo in the Street Fighter IV series.

Appearance Function Input
Street Fighter Alpha series Super Combo Qaurter-cricle forwardQuarter-circle forward + Kick
Street Fighter IV series Ultra Combo I Quarter-circle backwardQuarter-circle backward + All 3 kick buttons
Adon 480


Jaguar Revolver finishes Sagat in Super Street Fighter IV.

Adon jumps forwards and attacks the opponent with a set of two or three Jaguar Kicks while screaming the move's name, depending on the level. In the Street Fighter IV series, if the last kick connects, he continues to strike the opponent with a series of four spinning elbows to the face, with each hit knocking the opponent higher in the air. Finally, Adon finishes off with a brutal knee to the chin.


The move itself is very useful for Adon in terms of getting past projectiles, as it goes over/through them, and the distance of the attack itself is very long. In Super Street Fighter IV, the user can control the distance in which Adon leaps whilst performing the move. Upon activation, if the user holds back, then Adon will leap a short distance; if the user holds forward, Adon will leap almost full screen across. Both input methods can be useful in their own way, depending on the situation.




Super Street Fighter 4 - Adon Ultra 1 Jaguar Revolver

Jaguar Revolver in SSFIV (Japanese voices).


Super Street Fighter IV Adon Ultra Jaguar Revolver

Jaguar Revolver in Training Mode of SSFIV (English voices).